Monday, October 12, 2009

The amazing weekend

It's not every time that I have things planned for the weekend but this time around I'm glad that my weekend turned out the way it did :)

Friday evening
It started out by celebrating some of my colleagues birthday at the office. We usually have this monthly birthday bash and since last month was puasa and raya, we celebrated the birthday for the September and October babies together. As usual there was cake and loads of food. Since I was requested to bring my camera I helped out taking the pictures for the event.

It's amazing how my colleagues love to be in front of the camera and they can take pictures almost the whole evening. Had loads of laughter and fun and it was good to experience the closeness of everyone. Had a dinner appointment in Desa Park city so after cleaning up the office I left to head for my next event of the evening :)

Friday dinner

Was invited to join some friends who are meeting up for our primary school reunion. Some of this people I've never met ever since leaving primary school and I had my doubts but since I knew one or two people who are going I decided to just join since I had nothing else to do anyway. Even though I was late I was the third person there while the rest was even later. Soon one by one they arrived and I didn't even recognise most of them. Then we started looking at our old photos and suddenly faint memories of them returned but very vaguely.

So it was the usual catching up, updating each other on our lives and what we are doing. Glad to know that not everyone is married and some are still enjoying life. At least don't feel so left out and since any jokes that involved age will affect all of us, things werent' so bad. Somehow we started talking about cars, cameras, pr, advertising. Just light stuff but the best part for me was how almost strangers can sit down on the same table and just talk and laugh about stuff. It was nice :) Halfway through dinner got a call from Irene saying that it was a common friends birthday and I was ordered to go there ASAP so just like that I had another venue to be at and the timing couldn't be more perfect :)

The Birthday
I think I can safely say that I was the last one who got there hahaha hey I got the notice quite late also okay. Wished the birthday girl a happy birthday and was introduced to the others that I didn't know. Suprisingly it was a pretty small group, with just 6 or 7 of us. Some faces were familiar because I've seen pictures of them during other group outings but oddly enough the familiar faces were missing hmmmm I thought at least some of those so called regulars would make it a point to celebrate a friend's birthday. Oh well that's something I don't want to dwell into especially right now.

So since I brought along the camera with me, I decided to put it to good use la. So started snapping pictures and then I got tired and sat down and started mingling while Irene took my camera and continued taking pictures. Was talking to Michelle (now I know like 3-4 Michelle's LOL) and realised that she is cheese head and somehow one thing lead to another and I found myself being invited out for dinner next week to wine and dine ... hmmm I'll need to see if the offer still stands or not or was it a spur of the moment thing .. hahahaha

I wasn't planning of ending up being out for so long and wasn't even dressed for the occasion. The freakng shirt I wore was not meant for places with lack proper conditioning and before long I felt myself running around looking for the nearest aircond outlet. I was freaking sweating like crazy hahahaha .. well at least the place was rather quiet and it was just us occupying the space so that gave us a chance to just sit back and relax and have a good time. As usual time flies when you're having a good time so we bid our farewell and I went back home ... tired and exhausted but happy :)

Saturday morning
The family planned a trip to head to PD for the weekend and I couldn't join them for the whole weekend because of a friend's wedding dinner which I cannot miss. So I did the next best thing, followed them there and had fun until the evening where I drove back all the way to KL. I honestly had loads of fun. Didn't know PD could be quite fun especially when you have silly people around :D We ended up going to the ostrich farm where we took loads of pictures and were half afraid to go anywhere near those creatures that were higher than us ... was rather tired after all that but had to rush back to KL.

Saturday evening
Manage to get back in KL on time despite the horrible jam in PD due to the elections. On the way to KL there was this two stupid black cars with Johor plates practically racing on the road, weaving in and out of traffic. About 10-15 mins later there was a sudden crawl and I was hoping that it was them and there was the stupid black camry at the side of the road. Bagus !!!

Rushed home to shower and then rushed back out again to attend a wedding dinner. It was great to meet up familiar faces and catch up with those that I haven't seen in ages. The married couple looked very happy and I'm so happy for the bride for finally finding someone she can spend the rest of her life with. She's a close friend and was always on the lookout for her friends ensuring that people around her are okay. She has since then changed slightly but her happiness means a lot to us so we're happy to see her happy 'nuff said.

Met May and her friend and we started chatting and catching up on the times we've not seen each other. She seems a little stressed with work and all but is planning to continue her studies in Sydney which is great news.