Friday, January 26, 2007

Free hugs - sometimes a hug is all we need

Was feeling a bit bored today in the office and went youtubing looking for anything interesting and stumbled across this video and immediately wanted to post about it ... makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside just watching it .. how much does a hug cost anyway ? Get your free hugs hereeeeeeeeeeeeee ... *hugggiessssssssssssssss*

This video shows the story of Juan Mann who wanted to share the joy of hugging and turn frowns into smiles. The music is by SickPuppies titled All The Same which is freaking awesome and definately made a different in the free hugs campaign video.

I wan my huggiessssssssssssssssssssssss also ......

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finally decided

After thinking about it long and hard I have decided not to take the classes this time around due to some reasons mainly the fact that I will be missing quite a few classes and I will be overseas for work which doesn't leave me with much time to study. Emailed the college to inform them that I will be dropping the subject this time around and I got back a reply saying that I had to pay admnistration fee of RM 200, what a load of crap the last time during the briefing they did not mention anything about it and now suddenly asking to pay. Grrrrr will need to go and check what's going on

6th Jan - Exam
10th Jan - PMD post inten
12th Jan - MKT pre inten start
12th Jan - Post new year party
15th Jan - PMD Assignment due
19th Jan - MKT pre inten
28th Jan - Company trip leave KLIA
2nd Feb - Reach back KL
11th Feb - Leave KLIA
15th Feb - Reach KLIA

So my trip to China is confirmed and will be leaving this Sunday. It's below 0 now and lingering somewhere around -10 or so. Apparently it's the worst time of the year to visit Beijing hahahaha I'm going to freeze my butt off. Hope I can get a digicam also to take some pictures la. Looking forward to the trip, it's been a while I've been out of the country. Haven't even started packing, haven't changed money, haven't collected my passport, haven't know the details of the flight, I don't even have a freaking idea what time I'm suppose to be in the airport hahahahah .. die standing

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The lovely weekend

Weekend came and went in such a hurry that I didn't even feel it. It's good to go out and hang out with friends after such a long hiatus.

Went to Zouk on Friday night for Seb Fontaine and met up with the usual people. Finally metup with Perry and El after not seing him for ages. The music was awesome and Seb Fontaine definately kept the crowd moving with his mixes. The drinks were flowing and people were dancing and having a good time.

Was practically sleeping the whole day and I woken up with a very disturbing phone call. Somebody's mom called me asking who I was. It was damn confusing .. and me still groggy and half asleep just could grunt and be polite coz I had no idea who was that and what she wanted and the best part was she was talking in Malay .. oh oh... bahhhhhhhhh .. whatever !!!

So anyways it was Sheryl's birthday party today and Maison and I decided to go and was joined by Ah Wai and Kelvin. First time being in Maison and the place doesn't look too bad. In fact it's my first time seeing Heritage Row and it seems to be more happening than Jln P Ramlee. Must go explore there more next time.

The music there was totally out. I mean it's not really my type, either that or I'm starting to get old. OMG shiverssssssssssss .. nevahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sheryl was celebrating the birthday with another guy friend of hers and by the time I got there he was already a bit out. Must have had one too many hahahahah.

Was suppose to meetup Estee, Daniel and Sylvia at Time Square but somehow the plan changed to meeting up in KLCC because Estee was meeting with Eelyn and Mitch for lunch in California Pizza. They were suppose to meet around 2+ but Estee arrived around 3+pm and I arrived around 4+pm. Had lunch there and it was raining quite heavily outside, when we were done Daniel and Sylvia joined us while Eelyn and Mitch went shopping. With nothing to do we somehow ended up at the cinema and watched Pathfinder.

Sent some to the lrt station and some home and Estee wanted to go to Eelyns place to collect her digicam and at the same time have a look at Eelyn's dogs. Reached home around 12am and immediately fell asleep. It's been a long and tiring weeekend and it came and went without a warning. Looking forward to the next one :D

Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday

Arloesssssssss Cynthia ... so sorry bout last night. I tried calling you no answer and the signal at the place I was at is quite bad. Only got the missed call notification this morning. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday. Hope you find what you're looking for and spread your wings and fly and enjoy life to the fullest. Life's too short as it is !!!! hugssssssssssssssssssssss

Friday, January 19, 2007

Night off

Was suppose to join Tyler and gang in Maison yesterday but I was too freaking tired and wanted to have an early night. Instead I went to have Kajang satay for dinner. Metup with Joey, Estee and Christina. We just sat around and chit chatted while enjoying our satay. Estee almost cried when we told her we wanted to try the rabbit satay. Hahahahahah

My internet at home is still not working hence the slow updates. So much for our great service provider Telekom.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hey Mambo

Finally I've arrivedddddddddddddd !!! It's been awhile since I've step foot into Zouk especially with the Tyler and the gang. Headed into Velvet and since it Wednesday it was Mambo night.

I was suprised when I arrived as I thought it would just be a few as us like usual but there were two tables full of people and obviously I didn't recognise most of them. Joachim, Andre, Jason, Anthony,Mel, Stel, Tini and a whole bunch of people who I forgot their names. Most of Tyler's colleagues were around as well.

The music was okay but the company made it even better. It's been a while since I've been out with them and it's good to be around familiar faces once again. We left Mambo around 3am and headed over to the mamak to get some food and reached home happy and contented. It's been a hell of a great day yesterday !!!

Alexis Bangsar - The dinner

So plans were made to head out to Mambo tonight and it's been awhile since I've been out with the gang. In fact it's been too long to even remember and the last time I've been to a club was last year. Hahahahha sounds like sooooooo long ago.

Got a call from Jerry saying that they will be meeting up for dinner tonight, I decided to join since I'll only be meeting Tyler and the gang much later at night. They were in Alexis Bangsar because Estee wanted to meet Monica there to have some cakes. I reached there around 8:30pm and by the time I actually got a parking almost 1/2 hour had passed. Getting a parking around Telawi area is madness and the bandaraya people were there towing cars and issuing summons.

So I joined Estee,Jerry and Monica and was suprised to meet Sheryl there as well. I've talked to her a few times but this the first time I'm meeting her. Had some food and the plan initially was to just meet for drinks and meetup with some other people in SS2 mamak for dinner but because both me and Jerry were freaking hungry after seeing the ladies enjoy their lovely cakes.

Had our dinner and I had a glass of white wine as well. Did I mention I love white wine !!! hahahah ... I think around 10pm or so we decided to leave to head to SS2 because we were suppose to meet the rest of the guys around 9pm and we were already late.

Ah Wai and Cody were already there when we arrived and we just had a couple of drinks since I was suppose to meet Tyler around 11pm. Sheryl will be celebrating her birthday in Maison on Saturday and she asked us to join if we're free. A short while later I got a call from Estee saying that Monica's car has been towed away and apparently they parked at the side of the road and there were a lot of car parked there. Upon further investigation I found out that they parked the car at the side of the road where there was a yellow line and Estee didn't know that you can't park your car along the yellow line ... duhhhhhhhhhh ... anyway they manage to resolve the problem so I left around 11+pm and drove over to Zouk to finally partayyyyyyyyyyy.

Thanks to Estee for the pics ... :D

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some updates

So finally I managed to finish my assignment and hand it in yesterday. Reached college earlier as well because it was raining and I needed to go through the slides for the presentation to the lecturer. Was so damn worried about what he was going to ask and what we are suppose to present cause no one in the group had any idea. The only tip we got from the other group was to think of a reason why we choose that topic and why we choose that company. Ok we got that covered. The presentation went through without much issues and I guess he's quite satisfied with our work. Hope it goes well.

Went for my classes on Friday as well and got a new schedule from the lecturer. So now I have to rethink if I should go for this module or give it a miss hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

6th Jan - Exam
10th Jan - PMD post inten
12th Jan - MKT pre inten start
12th Jan - Post new year party
15th Jan - PMD Assignment due
19th Jan - MKT pre inten
21st Jan
- MKT inten
23rd Jan - MKT inten
25th Jan - MKT inten
27th Jan - MKT inten
28th Jan - Company trip leave KLIA
28th Jan - MKT inten
30th Jan - MKT inten
2nd Feb - Reach back KL
5th Feb - MKT inten
12th Feb - MKT inten
22nd Feb - MKT inten
26th Feb - MKT inten
11th Feb - Leave KLIA
15th Feb - Reach KLIA

With the schedule I would only be missing 2 classes instead of 3 but because the subject is totally new to me it's going to require quite a bit of effort on my part to ensure that I understand what is going on. Plus the lecturer already scared us on the first day of class saying that she can differentiate between a 48 hrs, 72hrs or 3 weeks old assignment. Plus there's a in class test as well for this module which requires even more time to study for it.

  • Will be able to sit for my RMP in November
  • Will have more breaks between modules giving me more time to think about my desertation
  • Only one module left if I sit for RMP in November
  • Will be behind by two modules compared to those who started at the same time as me
  • RMP only can be done somewhere in the middle of 2008
  • Two modules left if I sit for RMP in November
Will think about it more before coming up with a decision ..........

Monday, January 15, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

This is old news for some but I just wanted to post about it because the pictures are so awesome :D 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year and in conjuction with that there's an Eye on Malaysia which basically is a large ferris wheel similiar to the London Eye held in Tasik Titiwangsa throughout the whole year. I tried visiting the official website to get more information and I was presented with a blank page with a Coming Soon tag. They should at least have some basic information up on the site even though it might not be the most beautiful site at least an image or two would have done some justice. Here's an article in The Star about the event. Even wikipedia has an entry about it.

I haven't seen the London Eye in real life and our very own Eye on Malaysia provides us a similiar feeling overseeing the beautiful landscape of KL. Apparently during the launch of the event there was spectacular fireworks that lasted for a week. Definately would love to go there and have a look and ride the eye !!! But RM 15 per ride .. hmmmmmmm

BTW I got the pictures from an email so kudos to whoever the photographers were. The place looks awesome !!

Some other blogs about the Eye on Malaysia

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I heart Starbucks !!!

Was at home doing my assignment the whole day yesterday and got bored and decided to head out for a drink. Got a SMS from Ah Wai asking to meet for dinner at Centrepoint so with nothing to do I went there to join Ah Wai and Joey for dinner. I forgot which shop we went to it was behind Pizza Uno, I ordered the curry mee and it's totally not what I expected. Totally not hot/spicy and I had to add in lotsa chilli to get it to taste. Later we were joined by Estee and her friend ermmm .. Audrey I think. Cody and Ricky came much later.

After having dinner Audrey had to go back and Estee decided to join us for a drink at the mamak in centrepoint. After a while sitting there and having a drink the guys were busy with watching football and since I haven't had a chance to get online the whole day thanks to the wonderful service that streamyx is providing I decided to head over to Starbucks to have a cuppa and surf the net.

Estee decided to join me because her pc at home is also not working and before I knew it she kidnapped my notebook and was busy chatting online while I resorted to reading a book I brought along. The sofa in Starbucks can be quite comfy also .. hahahahah ... somebody suddenly felt hungry and the mention of the blueberry cheese cake and suddenly it appeared on our table .. hahahaha and it was awesome !!! Left Starbucks around 2m and sent Estee back .. I was in Centrepoint from 8pm till 2am .. that's like almost going to work .. hahahahahaha

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Attitudes of some people

Was in the government office the whole day trying to ensure that everything works before the team flies off on Sunday for the implementation overseas. It's so frustrating working with them. They don't seem to have the sense of urgency and don't want to take responsibility for any of their action.

We had some issues on our side in the morning and was resolved in less than an hour and everything was working from our side. Then it was up to their database person to ensure that all the data appears in their system but they had some problems with the replication process and needed some time to find the fault.

So here I was sitting around just waiting for them to resolve the issue and because it was Friday and we have a longer lunch break I was afraid that they might not be able to resolve the issue before lunch so I went to look for the person in charge and they we still trying to fix the problem. As it reached their lunch time they just got up and with a happy face smile to me and said lunch time, going to eat first hungry. I was like WTF there was a problem that requires your immediate attention, why can't you resolve it and make sure it works before thinking of food !!!!!

So went for lunch and head back to office to clear up some stuff. Went back to the site later in the evening to join a colleague of mine who I have asked to go there earlier to ensure that they work on their part and not just laze around the office after lunch. Lucky when I got there most of the work was done or else I think I would have started screaming at someone.

Finally after much effort from our side to ensure that they themselves talk to each other between department, we concluded our testing at 7pm and I had classes today at 7pm. I truly wasn't happy with the whole event today. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... our "Tidak Apa" attitude at it's best !!!!!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why bother ?

Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother if others can't even make an effort in the first place !!!! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Green eyed monster

This morning my colleague came running in my dept and saying she got something interesting and I was wondering what on earth that made her so joyfull early in the morning and she whipped this out !!! Arrrrghhhhhh how come I don't haveeeee .. jealousssssssssss

2007 organiser from Starbucks

Labour Day yippieeeee

Mothers day

Just a random page

I wan my Americano !!!

Happy Deepavali

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The end

Monday, January 08, 2007

Enough is enough

Boss finally came into the office today after such a long break from Christmas/New Year. Have been updating on the progress of our integration between our system and the government agency via email and phone so he basically knew what has been going on. Finally today after seeing him and updating on the status of the progress we setup a meeting to meet the government people later in the afternoon.

Somehow everyone seems to cooperate and try their best to get things done especially after mentioning all those big names who are waiting for the project to be launched and they will also be heading to the first launch site to have a look at the system. Wow you should have seen the expression on their faces when they finally realise the seriousness of the project and how much it will affect them as well if everything does not go according to the schedule.

Manage to get most of the work done and will be heading there for final testing tomorrow. Will be having a meeting to inform the user group over in my office as well on the progress of the integration. Hope everything runs smoothly tomorrow and here I am still in the office doing some preparation for tomorrows meeting and testing. I don't know how long more I can take all of this ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Was suppose to meet my group members today to discuss about the assignment as well but they text me and said they will handle the rest of the assignment since I got most of the information to write the assignment ready, just need to put them in words. We will be meeting again on Wednesday. Hope they can get most of it done by then. You guys ROCK !!!! Really save me man !!!

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I have survived !!!!

Finally it's over. Now I can relax a bit, well at least for tonight as I have an assignment due next week that has not even been started yet. Need to put some pressure on my other group members to do their part as well.

This morning I was doing some last minute revision and as it got closer to 12pm I started panicking and getting butterflies and I could feel my heart skipping a beat every once in a while. I haven't sat for exam in such a long time and it somehow feels strange cramming info into my already aging brains. Definately not fun.

Reached college before 1pm but not before grabbing some lunch so I don't faint or die out of hunger in the exam hall. The exam was suppose to start at 2pm but there was some delay and we only got into the hall around 2:10pm. Was given 10 mins to read the questions and exam started at 2:20pm and ended at 4:20pm. Manage to answer most of the questions and hopefully it's good enough to get me through the module. Will just have to wait and see.

Also thanks to Beverly,Cody,Cynthia and Estee for their support and best wishes for my exams. You all made a difference. At least you all made sure I didn't panic and leave my brains at home !!! hahahhhaa

The view from the top of the college

Waiting for exams to begin

More waiting

Two hours of my life spent here today

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The year just started but then ...

The year has just begun and somehow I'm finding myself swamped with work and deadlines .. really going to die this time ...

6th Jan - Exam
10th Jan - PMD post inten
12th Jan - MKT pre inten start
12th Jan - Post new year party
15th Jan - PMD Assignment due
19th Jan - MKT pre inten
27th Jan - MKT inten
28th Jan - MKT Inten
28th Jan - Company trip leave KLIA
30th Jan - MKT Inten
31st Jan - MKT Inten
1st Feb - MKT Inten
2nd Feb - Reach back KL
3rd Feb - MKT Inten
4th Feb - MKT Inten
11th Feb - Leave KLIA
15th Feb - Reach KLIA

I've no idea if I should sign up for the next module because I would be missing almost half of the course but if I don't take the module then I can start on my thesis by end of this year which will cause me to only finish everything up in 2008 but that wasn't the plan as I wanted to finish all the classes by this year and start on my thesis by end of the year ... DAMNIT !!!!!

To top it all off my car was giving problems yesterday so I had to leave it at the mechanic and lucky he borrowed me a car to use first. 2007 ..... so far it's the same shit .. different year ...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Guardian - Movie HOORAAAHHHH !!!

The second movie I watched for the year and what more it was free :D Cynthia called me yesterday saying she had preview tickets for The Guardian and I jumped at the opportunity to watch yet another movie after watching Sinking of Japan which left me sinking in disappointment.

*Spoiler alerts*

The movie had the likes of Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher starring in it and I had high hopes for it. Kevin Costner plays Ben Randall an aging USCG Senior Chief. After an unfortunate incident with his rescue team he was forced to teach at the academy where he meets the young hot blooded Hoorah !! Jake Fischer who is a former high school swimming champion who is out to proove he's the best of best.

The show that immediately got me comparing The Guardian to was Men of Honor. The film potrays the classic mentor/student movie where the trainer in this case Ben Randall coming in to the training camp with his tough methods and failing students right on the first day of training and Jake Fischer being the cocky rescue trainee wants to be better than Randall and break every record Randall has ever set in the camp which he does eventually.

I was hoping for a lot more rescue action especially after watching the trailer but the film focusses more on building the two character up and how both Randall and Fischer learnt from each other and bonded and in how the Fischer had to come to Randall rescue during a rescue mission.

What's a movie without a love story and in The Guardian, Fiscsher gets involved with school teacher Emily Thomas played by Melissa Sagemiller who definately stole the spotlight whenever she appeared on screen. Both of them meet at a bar and from there began their "casual" relationship knowing very well that Randall will only be at the training camp for a limited time only.

The show has many funny moments that left me laughing hysterically and a few touchy moments but not enough to move me to tears like how Men of Honor could. I like how Fischer kept asking how many people has Randall rescued so far and Randall replied 22. 22 is the amount of people Randall failed to rescue and it's the only number he has ever kept track off.

Overall I enjoy the show until the last 10-15 mins of it because it has a fairy tale ending that left me rolling my eyes and no wonder they can come up with a line like There is a legend of a man under the sea. A fisher of men. He is called the Guardian especially with such an ending.

For a more indepth review see here

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sinking of Japan Movie

The first ever movie I saw in 2007 and after watching the trailer of the show I was indeed excited and hopes of it offering the same excitement and sorrow like Day After Tomorrow.

*Spoiler Alert*

Sinking of Japan is yet another disaster related movie on how earthquakes and tsunamis are threatening to wipe out Japan from the face of the earth. With a cast such as Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Kou Shibasaki I was expecting to walk out of the cinema in tears and I actually did but not because I was moved by the show because I kept yawning my silly head off from all the excitement on screen leaving me teary eyed.

After watching the trailer I was in awe with all the special effects and seeing Japan being washed away and sinking bit by bit and when I finished watching the movie I realised that the trailer basically showed 80% of the action scenes from the movie. The movie was moving at such a slow pace I was tossing and turning in my seat and the movie has too many ups and downs. It builds up the anticipation and then just drops it like a bomb.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Kou Shibasaki provided the romantic love story in the movie of a deep sea explorer and a rescue worker. It was a total let down as well and their supposedly love scene in the camp area was a total let down. I mean if the girl has to ask the guy for sex there's gotta be something wrong somewhere. Shouldn't stuff like this just happen especially in the movies ??

The scene where the scientist just found out that Japan will sink in about a year is also damn dramatic. He punches the damn monitor and starts shouting and then picks up the monitor and suprisingly it still works and the next day he went to brief the minister's about his discovery with bandages covering his hand and forehead which was damn funny lor .. hahaha

The solution provided by the scientist to save Japan is also rather unbelieveable and what's even more unbelievable is to pull it off they need to get help of drillers from all over the world to come and help drill holes into the earth so they can detonate the part of the crust that is dragging Japan down. Okay if they can get the help of drillers all over the world and have this high tech bomb that is able to generate enough nuclear power to do the required job, why on earth they only have 2 submarines to try to detonate the bomb.

The first one got destroyed and the second one was some antique submarine that only could go down to 2000 meters ?? I think where else the detonation device was close to 4000 meters this shows how good stuff made in Japan are. Hahahhahhaa and then can't they have a remote detonation device ?? I mean like OMG the second submarine was loosing power and was about to implode and he dropped the ballast and went flying through the sea towards the surface and just as he passed by the bomb device he switched on the power and navigate his way just to land right in front of the device so he could drop the detonation device in ??? What kind of crap is that ??

The Sinking of Japan is not only a movie about disaster but it turned out to be a disaster on it's own. Definately movie of the year... NOT !!!

What a way to start the new year ...

The Night after New Year

Obviously woke up late yesterday and tried to do some reading because exams are approaching. Manage to get online and before I knew it plans were made to watch Sinking of Japan at night. Estee who is in charge of getting the tickets ended up getting us couple seats because the cinema was packed. Joey, myself, Estee and Sze Mei will be watching the show. After what happened during New Year Eve I'm suprised that Sze Mei agreed to come out in the first place .. hahahah

The plan was to go collect the tickets and go have dinner after that. Initially was suppose to go steamboat but Joey doesn't like steamboat so we planned to go eat crab and once again Joey doesn't eat crab ... WTH !!! So we decided to go have dinner without Joey and then around 6pm got a call from Estee saying change of plans ... huh .. again ?? Apparently Estee and Sze Mei were in SS2 and they decided to go pasar malam ... aduiiii ... women .. bahhhhh ...

So I stayed at home catching up on some work and decided to leave the house aroun 9pm because we had to collect the ticket before 10:30pm since the movie was at 11:20pm. As I was leaving the house got another SMS from Estee saying Cody want's to join us for the movie also .. I was like alamak .. how go there see got ticket or not la then ... and also since I was already on the way and needed to pick the ticket up <-- how I ended with this task also I don't know because Joey stays in BU and is the nearest to Cineleisure where else I had to pick Estee and Sze Mei up before going to collect the tickets. Weirdness ...

So reached Cineleisure around 10pm and collected our tickets, the only avalaible seat as 2nd row from the screen and Cody said he will try his luck later when the reserved seats were released. Since we had nothing to do and I haven't had dinner we ended up in Dome where I ordered some food and the girls had a drink. Joey and Cody joined us for a while and left to go see if they could get extra ticket for Cody so I finished up dinner and we joined them at the cinema few mins before the show started.

Sinking of Japan ... speechless .. more on that later ... We went to Centrepoint after that for mamak and we left around 3+am and I dropped the ladies back at Estee's place and headed back home to sleeeepzzzz ... could hear my bed calling me .. hahahaha

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Bye bye 2006 .. Hello 2007

It's the new day of the new year and a lot has happened in this one day. Will post more about it later. For now I can hear my bed calling me :D

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year !!! May 2007 be everything 2006 wasn't