Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's funny how fast time flies especially when I've been travelling so much this month. Here I am now in a hotel room watching a dvd waiting to check out to catch my next flight to yet another place. At the same time all this travelling and going around gives me a lot of time to be alone and a lot of time to do some thinking and reflection.

Here are somethings that has happened to me the past few weeks that I want to remember and keep track of so I'm gonna write about it :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The japanese lunch

I haven't seen the girls in ages and decided to take this opportunity to catch up with them before I flew. Plans were made to meetup in Pyramid for Japanese and the funny thing was it was the same chain of restaurant I went for dinner the other night so I knew exactly what to order and what I wanted to eat. At the same time Avril called me stating that her sis is there for the Avril lookalike contest and asked me to go and support. I was there awhile to lend support and when they took a break I decided to go get lunch as well since I was already freaking hungry.

When I got there they were already eating and I ordered my food. Tried the dragon roll and caterpillar roll as well which was awesome !! We manage to catch up a bit on what's happening and obviously the topic of the day would be the drama Ms Ong is going through. Sometimes I pity the things she has to go through !!! hahahahaha This latest drama involves a certain ex gf of the guy that she is currently hanging out with and she got a nasty email from the ex gf. What a bitch, though it sounds so noble of the ex gf but there's a reason why she's the ex and no more together with the guy right ? So she should just learn to accept things and not butt into other people's business.

We sat there and yacked and ate dessert and ordered even more dessert !!! hahahah the table beside us changed people 3 times and we were still there eating and drinking and yacking !!!

The Friday night

Yet another night out with friends. Viv was down for the weekend from Penang and plans were made to meet up for dinner at the Fish place in Ikano. It was good seeing faces of poeple whom I haven't seen in ages. There's Ting back from Taiwan. There Kelvin who we just celebrated his birthday with. There ST whom I haven't seen in ages as well. It was a good night with loads of laughter, screaming and shouting and I think I was the major contributor to all of them !! hahahaha well what can I say .. I like a good laugh and there's nothing better than to share that laughter with your friends. Mr Sim was around the area for dinner and we were suppose to meet up after dinner for a few drinks but little did any of us know the things that were in store for us that night !! hahahaha .. definitely one night which neither of us will be forgetting anytime soon !!! In fact I wonder if I should even be writing about it in the first place .. hmmmmmm ... maybe I will maybe I won't .. lemme think about it :P

I wasn't really sure what the agenda for the night was and I was equally as surprised as the birthday boys when a cake was brought out to celeberate the August babies. There were three of them and I think Kelvin was shocked over the whole thing. No wonder they were asked to sit together so it was easier to attack them !! hahaha There were a few faces which I was not familiar with so I never really talked with them. Lazy laaaaaaa :p

After the fish place the rest wanted to go and continue the night over at Bebee's place playing board games but I already had plans so I asked Cody, Ting, Wai and Kelvin if they wanted to join me for drinks and surprisingly they did. Met up with uncle sim and we went over to the apartment for drinks. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea for them to meet cause of the different personalities but overall it was fun and we had some good laugh and some of them were at the expense of Kelvin with his Ipoh drunk stories obviously !!! hahahahah the story will never get old I tell you :D

Called up Avril to find out what's the plan as it was Alicia's birthday and plans were made to meet up at TTDI and uncle Sim wanted to follow as well since he didn't have transport home. Cody,Ting, Wai and Kelvin made their way home while me and uncle sim continued on the night at TTDI. I told uncle sim that it was going to be a quiet night as most people we knew that hangs out at Wabi were out of town but we definitely were in for a shock least to say !!! hahahaha

Reached there just in time as everyone was just about finished singing Alicia her birthday song. Gave her a little hug and before I knew it I started meeting so many people I knew and made some friends with some people I didn't know !! hahahah

Friday, August 22, 2008

The dinner

It's been ages since all 4 of us gathered and it was great fun. Ms Tham,myelf, Mr and Mrs Sim met up for dinner before my overseas trip. I had things to do on Friday and even the weekend. We had dinner at the seafood restaurant in Kayu Ara and this would make it my second time that I'm there for dinner. We had a variety of dishes with crabs being one of the main dish. It was my treat this time and when dinner was over we just sat there talking about stuff and though we were suppose to meet at 7:30pm it was more like 8pm by the time all of us were there and we left slightly before 12am !! We practically just talked the night away and as usual we had our usual lame jokes challenge and Ms. Tham was totally not prepared so we owned the ladies !!! hahahah There's something about Ms Tham that just doesn't seem right but oh well as long is everyone is having fun no harm done I guess.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

dinner + dessert + serenade + beer = AWESOME !!!

I can't remember the last time I've actually gone out with the intention of wanting to know more about someone. Actually I know exactly when and it's been that freaking long for me to be curious about someone else but I guess good things really come to those who wait.

It took quite a bit of courage of actually asking the person out but after much thinking the worst that could happen was she would say no or she might not be free but obviously that didn't happen and plans were made to meetup tonight. The meeting was set at 7:30 pm for dinner but as I was heading there I got an sms asking if we could meet at 8pm instead which was fine by me. When 8pm came another sms came stating that she was following Malaysian timing which basically meant she would be late. Hmmmm this wasn't starting to look very good and I was having second thoughts about the whole thing but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Finally she arrived at 8:30pm making me wait for 1 1/2 hours. Okay nevermind that she was late, I didn't want to start the night on the wrong foot so I put on a smile and push any negative thoughts I had aside. We went to a Japanese restaurant where we had an amazing dinner and we started talking about stuff and suprisingly there wasn't a dull quiet moment. We kept talking and talking about stuff, about us, about people around us.

After a while, once dinner was over we decided to head for dessert and seeing as to how most shops in the shopping center closes early we drove out but there lies the problem as to how we are going to solve the car issue as both of us drove. She came up with a brilliant solution and instead of stressing over the whole situation it was settled in less than 5 minutes. I'm impressed :D

We ended up in baskin robbins where she wanted to play me a song. Earlier in the day she said she was playing the guitar during lunch and I jokingly said she must make sure she plays for me later when we meet and to my surprise she answered yes and what surprised me even more is that she actually brought the guitar along !!!! As we finished our ice cream suddenly out of nowhere music was being played over the stereo. I guess people were cleaning up and were blasting the music or something.

We walked around looking for a nice quiet place and we finally found one. She whipped out the guitar and I could sense her nervousness but at the same time I had utmost admiration and respect that she actually kept her word and is going through with the whole thing.

She started by playing one of Mia's song Sayang. Can you believe it ?!?!? Another Mia lover !!! OMG I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven !! I tried so hard not to stare at her but it was difficult ahahha and I think it was quite obvious as well so I had to look away once in a while :D She finally finishes and I was just awed and left speechless. She was really good and with the encouragement she continued on with another song and this time it was Cranberries Dreaming My Dream and I really thought I was dreaming alright. After yet another stellar performance she sang a Beatles number this time titled Blackbird. I was just mesmerised. She continued on and sang Bic Runga Sway !!! OMG she likes Bic Runga as well !!!! I seriously was in heaven now :D She sang one last number which I can't really remember the title cause I think I've only heard it once or twice before. - The song is called 3 Libra's by A Perfect Circle.

Can you believe it ?!?! A lady is singing songs for me !!!! hahahahaha not 1 or 2 or 3 but 5 songs !!! I really was in cloud nine :D The mosquitoes were killing us by then and we decided to call it a night before we get chased by the security guards or something :D Made our way back to the car and I drove her back home but before heading back she suggested we stop for a beer because her housemate was not back yet and so there we were in a bar nearby having a beer continuing our interesting night out.

Finally her friend came and we had to call it a night. It's amazing how time flies when you're with someone you really enjoy spending time with. I was always afraid of going out alone with someone for in fear of running out of things to say or talk about but I guess when you're with someone you are comfortable with a simple question could result in a full on discussion leading to anywhere and everywhere. Would I want to go out with her again ? That would be a big YES :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The ikan bakar birthday

It was just another usual day in the office and left home on time as usual but this time the difference was it was Kelvin's birthday and the only way I knew this is because I had it keyed in my mobile. Calls were made to confirm the fact and I even called him out for dinner.

Of all the people to call I called ST to reconfirm the date and she was blur as usual !! hahahah she tried to call and find out but at the end of the whole thing she just called Kelvin and wished him happy birthday .. aiyoooo .. no more surpise la like this. What's even funnier is that she even asked him what cakes he likes so that we will not end up wasting the cake !! This woman I tell you .. sometimes don't know choke her to death or just laugh at her la hahahha

So we met up for dinner at our favourite ikan bakar shop and manage to get a few people to come along as well. It was good catching up with familiar faces and chat like how we used to. Need to make a point to come out more often :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The movie

It's been ages since I had the time to catch up with my friends and today I made a point to do so. We met up for drinks in Coffeebean where we talked and talked and before we knew it, it was time for our movie. We went to watch Wall-e and it was hilarious though I'm not too sure if Ms Tan enjoyed the movie that much. She was rather quiet hahahah but I enjoyed it and when Eva realised what Wall-e did for her when she was in "hibernation" mode was sooooo touching. The movie was basically about global warming and how we are heading towards our own destruction but for me it showed that all things be it human, nature or even mechanical want to survive and when the computer knew it was going to be obsolete especially when humans went back to earth it tried to stop them. Plus the whole getting along without talking is so funny. Wall-e and Eva really made a lovely "couple" complementing each other. I don't know why but I like to see what lessons I can bring away with me after a movie/show and some of them have really left an impact and made a change in my perception of certain matters.

The sunday afternoon

Had a few things to do and wanted to go to Ikea to get a bookshelf as well. Got my shelves and went over to Borders to have a look at their sale. It was in the center court in Curve and I was browsing along I heard this voice over the loudspeaker. At first I didn't pay any attention and when she started talking about office politics it got my attention but she still didn't stir any curiousity on my side. Then she started talking about Malaysians and how people/society nowadays are pretty shy about things and how they do not speak up that's when I stopped browsing and started heading towards her. Now she got my attention and as she kept speaking I was drawn more into her topic and she wanted a volunteer to talk about something and she'll gave away her book for free. I was soooo close to climbing up on stage but there was another person who was faster than me .. damn .. so I just sat there and listened to what she had to say.

Suprisingly I agreed to what she was saying and what surprises me even more is how similiar our thoughts were. She started talking about other stuff and somehow it ended up about aura's. For some strange reason I voluntered myself and I was on stage talking to her about my views and thoughts about the whole thing. Having a bad sore throat didn't help at all but being able to talk about things felt good. Suddenly the crowd disappeared and it was as though I was talking to a friend over a cup of coffee sharing and exchanging views over the whole topic. Who would have ever thought I would find enough courage to end up on the stage !! hahahah

The Birthday

Rushed to the birthday and as usual I was late but this was because I already had a full day. In fact I had doubts about heading out after the long day but seeing as to how it was a birthday and I promised I would be there so I went despite feeling tired and all. What surprised me is I saw similar faces there !! What a small world we truly live in. I was busy chatting up with old friends and trying to make sure that the birthday gal was being taken care off with enough "drinks" !! hahahaha it truly was an enjoyable moment especially after the numerous "flamboghinis". She kept giving us the finger after that ... hahahahah

As the night progressed people started leaving and the crowd grew much smaller. I got introduced to the "other" side of the room and even got my ass pinched !!!! hahahah now that's a first :D There's this certain someone that caught my attention and I wanted to talk to her since I got there but since she was busy with her friends so I didn't intrude :D I'm glad I did finally go up and say hi though not in the conventional way ahahahahha it's funny getting introduced by your ass !!! suffice to say it was an interesting night and we exchanged numbers though I don't know if it's voluntarily or because of the people around us .. these guys are evil !!! What I don't understand is why do people think I'm gay ?!?! BLOODY HELL !!! No wonder la I'm still single and no woman is interested in me hahahahah but overall I had an awesome time and I'm glad that I went :) and for the record I'm not gay and I love my women thank you very much !!!

High School Musical On Ice

Plans were made ages ago and I was booked weeks ago to attend the musical and I agreed to watch it with Ms Ho. I was already freaking tired and was slightly late for the show but luckily I was not the only one !! hahahah the musical was good though there were a few mistakes by the skaters but overall it was an enjoyable experience. It's amazing how they made use of the screens and props to give the audience the same ambience/setting as the movie.

There was a short break in between and I went out to go and get some drinks as well as something to munching on. Though I already had my dinner I was feeling rather pecking. Ms. Ho was having some phone problems and I offered her to use my spare phone if she ever needed one which she immediately agreed to. I updated her as much as possible on my hectic schedule and what's been going on before the show starts.

Enrich your Image

It was a whole day workshop and even though I had an early Friday night (thank god) I woke up feeling rather tired. It was an interesting workshop where one gets to know what color type are they and learn to dress according to the color suitable for them. What was interesting about the whole thing was the two session by Elaine Daly and another guest speaker. Elaine talked about herself and how she has gotten to where she is today and how even she faced challenges that we "normal" people face. I say normal because one would never imagine someone as confident as Elaine having issues with speaking in front of a crowd but suprisingly she does. She still has butterflies whenever she speaks in front of a crowd but she manages to pull herself together and take up the challenge and come out a better person. Though I don't know much about her but listening to her speak about herself and her life made me realise that those who dare to take up the seemingly "impossible" challenges are the type that sets us apart from the crowd.

There was an author who wrote a book about Stallone and Rambo also present. It's amazing how his passion towards the character Rambo and how he drew a connection between Stallone and Rambo and how he took the lessons and quotes from the movie and relates it to Stallone and his own life. His dream which began 10 years ago when he started writing the book and to the point where he finally get to meet his idol Stallone was just an inspiration. Goes to show that when you do something you're passionate about you don't expect things to happen and when it does actually happen you're just left amazed and mesmerised.

The other speaker talked about internal happiness and how confidence and happiness are projected from within and no amount of makeover or makeup can change the person who we are within. To be truly happy we need to be happy within and he helped us to do a few exercises to see what are the things in life that makes us truly happy. Suffice to say I was pretty surprised with my list and I realise that my happy things are not exactly found in the job I'm currently in. Hmmm how am I suppose to enjoy myself at work if it's not alligned with my internal happiness ?? Obviously that's something I need to start working on. This workshop definitely left me with a lot of questions and I definitely need to start finding answers to them soon to ensure that I truly enjoy whatever time I have left in this "vessel".

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ismail the Last Days

Went out with Mr and Mrs Sim to catch the play Ismail at KL Pac. It's the first time I've even been there and I was rather impressed with the whole place and the play was awesome. Well the story at least. It's amazing to see an insight to the man who shaped our country and not only that but to see the passion he had and the dreams he had for the country. At the end of the musical I can't help to wonder what happened to our country along the way and what happened to the dream that Ismail had. One could not help but compare the current political scene with that portrayed in the musical. It feels as though we are moving backwards in way things are run and things that our previous politicians fought hard to prevent from happening are the exact same things that are happening now. Plus the song "You promised me" totally got me hooked and I absolutely loved it :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from the East

Finally I'm back in KL after my little adventure in the East cost of Malaysia. It's like I signed up for Amazing Race or something. I was in Kuantan on Friday, Kuala Terengganu on Sunday, Kota Bharu on Monday and then back in KL on Monday night. 4 days, 3 nights, 3 different hotels, 3 different states and roughly 1500km later I finally arrived back in KL in one piece.

August is a crazy month for me. We just recently launched our office officially and the months and weeks of preparation finally paid off. It was suppose to be a happy day for all of us in the office especially after hearing rumors that our 2007 will finally be out on the same day. What better way to celebrate right ?? Well that's until we actually got to see the amount we received. Suffice to say we didn't get what we expected, heck in fact it was like peanuts !!! Everyone was in shock and disbelieve especially the management and immediately they marched over to meet the CEO and demand an explanation. Apparently he wasn't aware of the issue and would rectify it ASAP !!

I left for Kuantan on Friday morning and for the first time heading towards the east coast. Finally I can proudly say I've been to all the states in Semenanjung Malaysia hahahah I drove alone and stayed in the hotel alone and this gave me loads of time to think. Yup once again the wonderer meets the wanderer !! hahahah

Life has been great so far and I've met loads of people and have done loads of exciting and new stuff but at the end of the day there's still emptiness. I asked M. Ong the great (don't say I never give you credit ah !!) for an explanation and she said because previously there was someone to share those moments with unlike now there's just me,myself and I. As much as I hate to admit it but I think she made some sense. Previously I was happy, contented and felt as though life was complete unlike now where there's an emptiness that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to fill up.

I always am up for a challenge and like an adventure but this time around I couldn't believe how foolish and stupid I was. I knew how dangerous it was and yet I went ahead with the plan. Well the plan backfired and I almost saw my life flying by me !! hahahahah The worst part was no one knew where I was or what I was doing. Thinking back now I realise how lucky I actually am and it one of the few times in my life that I was really really scared. Until now I'm still in shock and in awe over the whole experience. Now I truly understand the meaning of curiosity killed the cat. Well it almost killed me !! hahahah

Overall it was an enjoyeable trip though the journey was far but I get to once again see things I've never seen before. I guess in a way I was hoping to find answers by being away from the familiar and known but ended up with just more questions ... LOL ...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I had the time to sit down and write down my thoughts. Honestly sometimes I miss it. I miss having the chance to put down my feelings and thoughts after an eventful day or even an uneventful day. I was talking to someone the other day about blogging and I took time to actually go through some of my post and I was amazed. I'm amazed of the amount of things that has happened to me the past few months, heck even the past few years.

Within a blink of an eye, moments pass by, people come and go, memories created and forgotten yet those close to the heart remains fresh. Some of them bitter but most of them sweet, makes me wish I hadn't stopped penning down my thoughts. I was going through a rough patch in my life and didn't want to let people in especially people I don't know so I stopped writing. I stopped putting down my feelings and thoughts but at the end of the day I realise that I want to write about things that are going on in my life.

I really couldn't be bothered about what others think anymore. I want to be able to look through my posts, through my past and see how far I've come, how much I've achieved, how much I've changed and remind myself of who I was, who I am, who I could be.

So much has happened to me this year. I've gone through so much and I think nothing much surprises me anymore. The other day a friend told me of his plans to get married and even though I was happy for him, I really was but I wasn't overjoyed as how I should be. Even worst was when he said he want's me to be the best man. I was unmoved, untouched all I could ask with a straight face was when was the big day so I can make sure it doesn't conflict with my classes ... hahahahah .. I think I'm turning into an emotionless, heartless person ... hmmm am I ?

I've had the chance to meet some really caring and wonderful people this year and I thank god for putting them along my path but at the same time he's put some really weird people into the mix as well hahhaa. People who go around spreading rumors, go around backstabbing each other, fake people, pretentious people. It's amazing how low some people can go. I'm starting to be selective as to who I spend my time with. It's precious, I don't want to waste it with people who are fake.