Monday, September 28, 2009

Amazing isn't it ....

I find it amazing that even after weeks and months of not speaking to each other the feelings and emotions still linger ... the feeling of dissapointment and love colliding and making it all so confusing ... Being treated like the invisble man is also taking it's toll ... and what's even more amazing is after all this while the water works still turn on at unexpected moments ... why ?? Why do I still feel so strongly for someone that doesn't even acknowledge my existence ? Why do I still think it's something worth fighting for and whatever the issues is, it can be talked about and resolved ... or is it only me who is just hoping and wishing ... to top it all off I've been hearing not so nice things about her .. and to add salt to the open wound .. I also heard she has been saying not so nice things about me ... wow ... it's not enough to get stabbed right in the heart but now the knife is being twisted and turned inside of me ... now isn't that just amazing ??

Monday, September 14, 2009

A phone call

It often is amazing how one phone call can either make or break your today. Today was such a day and this is one phone call I was never expecting and if only I knew who the caller was I would have never even aswered the phone ... arrrgggghhhhhhh ... just feeling really down at the moment ..

After months and years since the last incident .. this person still has the nerve to call and demand that I pay my dues ... excuse me but I think I've done more than I should have in the first place and though I'm not one who can be cold hearted or without empathy but this time around this is just way too much ...

If you need help just ask, don't go around acting all superior and make it sound as though it's my responsibility or duty to bail you out of trouble whenever shit hits the fan ... I've tried to help as much as possible and do the best I can .. yes most that I've done is not in monetary form but is that what you really are looking for ? Isn't sincerity or the willingness to help a person in need much more valueable than that ?? At the end of the day does it all boils down to dollars and cents ?

If it is then I'm sorry ... I have enough of my own problems in that area and don't need you to make me feel like I'm ungrateful for the help I received in the past .. I am and I've never forgotten all that's happened ... I have forgiven you but I've never forgotten how I've been treated as well ... Respect me and the help I've been giving even when I didn't have too .. especially after all that you put me through .. this is where I draw the line .. I have a life and I need to take care of my own situation as well ... I do hope you manage to work things out cause threatening me is definitely not the way ...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So apparently this was suppose to be a good auspicious day with the date being 09.09.09. Well it certainly did not start that way for me.

Woke up a litte late today and was rushing to get ready to leave for work. As I was about to leave, I got a call from a colleague stating that one of the client's website is still having issues and it was worst than yesterday. I booted up my computer and checked it from home and true enough the webpage barely was loading. Tried some troubleshooting from home and could find no fault with the server or the application. So left home around 9ish am.

As I reached Puchong Bandar Puteri the cars were starting to crawl and I had no idea why there was such a massive jam after 9am. I crawled through the jam for 1hr 30min until the Puchong toll heading towards Cyberjaya. Tooke me another 15-20 mins to reach Cyberjaya. What I heard from colleagues is that apparently there's a burst pipe after the puchong toll heading to cyberjaya which happened early in the morning around 5am-ish .. in the early morning traffic was blocked and diverted somewhere else .. What a lovely way to start the day.

So now to concentrate on the internet issue. From the first day the issue happened we have told the IT support guys that nothing is wrong with the server or the application and it's most likely the Jaring line itself and they need to contact Jaring to find out what's wrong. Instead of listening to me they went about doing their normal troubleshooting cause they are the experts and not me. Fineeeeeeee .. clients complaint it's not my responsibility then.

5 days later after numerous troubleshooting in the server room they finally concluded that nothing is wrong on the network and server side and decided to contact Jaring. Few hours later the issue was resolved. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh ... god damn proffesionals who can't take a suggestion and instead do it their own way. At least now they will start listening to me more !!!! dumbasssssssssssssssssesssssssssss

So anyway, I was meeting a friend later tonight for dinner and to watch a movie, The Gamer. She won two tickets and asked me to join her. So we reached 1 Utama around 6ish and was collect the ticket at around 7pm. Since it was still early we walked around a bit and we made our way to collect the tickets. We thought we were early but there was already a long queue for the ticket collection. So we queued up and waited our turn when suddenly one her friend appeared and said that we were in the wrong queue and she led us to the correct one. Thank god we were like the 3rd one in the queue hahahaha the other queue was for people to collect ticket from some coupon in The Star.

So we stood there in line chatting away when I suddenly spotted someone familiar in the long queue. I looked again to make sure it was someone I recognised and it definitely was. I immediately turned back and told her that I spotted someone I know and she was like .. who was it and I told her it was an ex-gf ... hahahaha she immediately turned around and asked where where ?!?!?! hahahaha so I pointed out and told her which one it was and she kept asking if it's the girl with the old man ??? hahahaha I said what old man ?? So I turned around and told her which one it was and she said yeah la that girl with the old man .. I immediately broke down laughing hahahaha .. she asked me if I was upset and I said nope .. it's been ages since I've met her .. almost 2 years or more in fact ... she kept telling me how lucky I am to not be involved with someone like that anymore .. after all it's her loss !!! hhahahahah what a wonderful friend I have :D So anyway my-ex walked by us in our line and I just said hi and introduced my friend to her .. they said hi and she didn't even introduce her bf ... hahahhaha ... I wonder whyyyyyyyyyyyy .... LOL

So after collecting our ticket we made our way to Friday's where we shared a meal coz none of us felt like having a full meal. While being shown to our seat I saw the most beautiful sight ever. A family of 6-7 sitting down and having dinner. What's so amazing about it ? Well it was because it was a family of different races sitting down together to buka puasa. It was just beautiful to see a family with different religion and culture being together. So we had our dinner and then made it up for the movie. It was a little dissapointing though. Great effects and sounds but the story line just sucks.

So that ends the interesting day I had ... 09.09.09 ... indeed was a day full of surprises !! hahahahah

So after such a long hiatus, I find myself in the same situation I always do. Heartbroken and alone .. hahahahaha the story of my life. Haven't blogged in ages because of certain circumstances and now since that circumstances has changed I can once again start penning down my thoughts and experiences through my so called life .. so look out for more updates !!! :D

Also thanks to certain friends who have been pushing me to update my blog .. your request made a difference .. eh so interesting meh read my blog ?? :P hahahahahah