Monday, April 30, 2007

Ultimate Street Tuner 2007

After skating on Saturday I went over to Bukit Jalil to check out the Ultimate Street Tuner 2007 exhibition. Pictures first.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ice skatings

After heading to college and doing some work dropped by Pyramid because some of the guys/gals were suppose to go ice skating. The plan was to go there say hi, take a few pictures and go off back home to continue my assignment but as usual the plan suddenly changed.

Typical Malaysian timing and I was the first one there other than Janice since she was there earlier for her lessons. Somehow I was just there to watch and before I knew it I found myself strapping on a pair of skates wondering WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING !!?!?!?!

Slowly crawled onto the ice and tried my best to stay on my two feet rather than on my ass ahhahahah lucky it was still early and there's wasn't that many people on the ice. Tried my best to skate instead of walk hahahaa and there were occasions where I could slide a few feet la ..

After lunch Coco and her friends joined us and I thought I was bad luckily I'm not the only one so no need to feel so scared. Janice was trying to to push me and Cody and everyone was having fun that is until me and Cody lost our balance and came tumbling down. So much for the ice breaker, we were the first !!! hahahaha After a few hours there, it was finally time to leave. THANK GOD !!!

Went for lunch in A&W and met with another group of friends who apparently were standing and watching us all make a fool of ourselves grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. hahahah

What better way to chill and relax after a tiring day other than going to my second home.

If you're in Sunway area on Friday head over to Starbucks from 12pm-2pm to get a free frappuccino.

The Friday nights

For a change had a quiet Friday night chilling and hanging out with friends in Somo Mont Kiara. First time going there and the place is not bad at all. Too bad the rain had to come and spoil the fun but that's not going to stop the guys from continuing the fun :D

Somo was playing retro/oldies and some of us could actually remember the lyrics and even the singer's name. Scaryyyyyyyyy hahahaha plus the highlight of the night must be when we were singing to some of the songs and the guy in the next table got so excited and started singing along with us .. damn hilarious ...

I had to call it quits cause I had to wake up early the next day to do my assignment. Arrgghhhh I wish I could finish of my studies ASAP, it's really taking a toll on my mind,body and soul.

Thank god for friends like this who manage to keep the stress level down and the laughter level up.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Back to the past

Was doing my usual blog stalking when I came across this post here. After seeing so many people try and fail, I also decided to try my luck and after a few tries I finally manage to beat the stupid Sagat. The trick is not to let him corner you and do his non-stop tiger uppercuts thingy. Quite unfair if you ask me how he can continously do the uppercuts while Ryu's one is only effective for one time.

Anyway I manage to kick Sagat's ass .. muahahahahaha .. if you have nothing to do why not try the game and see if you too can kick Sagat's ass. That was 1/2 hour well spent banging the keyboard to release some stress after a long day at work

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The ice cream treat

Met up with Janice for a late lunch, more like I ate while she watched. Ended up in A&W in Sunway Pyramid. Getting a parking there is just pure nightmare because of all the construction that is going on. Spent almost 20 mins in the parking lot just going round and round looking for a parking.

Since Janice owed me ice cream we went hunting around for Haagen Daz which if we remember correctly was located in Oasis Boulevard, we went round and round and couldn't find it so in the end we settled for good ole Baskin.

After our ice cream escapade we went walking around Pyramid because Janice was waiting for Skyler to pass him a cake since it was his birthday. After all the walking we ended up near the skating rink and watched people fall on their ass. Skyler arrived LATE and he insisted he treat us a drink for making us wait so long and we ended up in Starbucks.

After drinking coffee so often decided to try tea instead and ordered the Tazo Ice Lemon Tea thingy. Pretty darn expensive for a cup of tea. Hahahahha. Left Janice to metup with more friends in Subang while I went home to get some work done.

Out and about

Went out last night with Joey, Kelvin, Cody and Janice to have supper. The plan was to meet in SS2 Indomie mamak but somehow because of the slight shower we ended up in the food court and by the time I reached there they were done with dinner and we went to some chinese restaurant nearby for some desert. It was pretty okay la but I didn't really enjoy the tong yuen, not a big fan of sesame.

Finished our dessert and head over to the nearby dvd store to get some movies for the holiday the next day :D and it was time to say goodbye and go back and get some much needed rest.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Ting

This is a late posting to wish Ting a Happy Belated Birthday. We celebrated her birthday last Saturday and I almost didn't make it because of the night before plus the fever made me slept through the whole afternoon. Lucky Joey called me around 9pm and asked where I was or else I would have woken up the next morning and completely missed her birthday.

I made it just in time for the cake cutting ceremony. Well they say better late then never right.

I also manage to get my grubby hands on a Canon D50 and manage to play around and take a few shots. OMG I'm going to poison myself again. I love this picture. The capture speed of a DSLR is just amazing and I am able to capture awesome pictures at critical important moments. Hmmmm anyone wanna sell their DSLR cheap cheap and upgrade ?? hahahah

My head was still feeling a little heavy so I didn't manage to finish the cake but started picking on the tasty bits. :D

We left the restaurant a while and head over to KFC where Janice was hiding out having her dinner and we decided to crash her date. Hahahahaha. Without anywhere to go we head over to the Curve to try catch a movie and by the time we got there which was around 11:30pm the next available movie was 1pm and we gave it a miss and head over to Curve to have some drinks. We ended up in the cafe opposite Laundry. Had a few drinks, lotsa laughter and it was time to head back and continue nursing my throbbing headache.

They're back !!

OMG OMG OMG OMG ... they have finally returned to grace us once again with their adventures and never ending possibilities. What the heck am I rambling about so early in the morning ? Well this might answer your question.

The popular TV series is finally out with a spanking brand new episode. Chapter 18 left us hanging with Mohinder lying on the floor while Peter Petrelli battles it off with Sylar. I have been anticipating the release of Chapter 19 and what better way to watch it than on my spanking brand new 24" widescreen LCD at 6:30am in the morning .... muahahahahahaha

I've gone insane I tell you. I made sure I went to sleep early so I could get up bright and early to continue my Heroes saga and after watching Chapter 19 I can't believe the master Tim Kring once again left me hanging waiting eagerly for Chapter 20. I don't wanna give out anything that happened in Chapter 19 as it's well worth the wait so if you haven't watched it faster DO IT NOW !!!! Then drop a comment or two so we can further discuss it without spoiling the experience for the others :) *Warning comments might have spoilers !!!!*

Heroes totally owns my soul !!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Me and her

I'm usually awake before the sun even gets a chance to rise and I'm out of the house just as the sun starts to shine. Sometimes I will just take a minute a two to embrace the warmth of the sun and as it awakes from it's slumber illuminating the surrounding suddenly reminding me that I'm not alone.

There was a morning when I was awake slighlty earlier than usual and as I got into my car and as I took my usual route to work I noticed the sun was slightly lazier compared to other days and decided to take a picture of it. Days like this I will take my time to enjoy what nature has to offer and take my own sweet time getting to work, that is until I come crashing back to civilisation when an asshole starts horning his horns beside me just because the person if front of him took an extra second or two to move after the light has turned green.

As I get more caught up in the traffic and all the inconsiderate drivers who seem to think they own the road I get even more stressed up and that is of course until I reach the highway and once again it's just me, her and the open stretch of road welcoming us with open arms. So without hesitating I give her more gas and she returns the favour by giving a gentle purr as she steadily increases speed.

There comes a point when I feel what she's going through as every undulation and bump and curve is conveyed back to me as she speaks to me in her own little manner allowing me to know how she feels and what I need to do to make it an even better experience. As we keep communicating, while coaxing each other to go even faster and further and before I know it my heart skips a beat while it too races to keep up with the sudden rush of blood.

My grip on her tightens as the lump in my throat gets bigger but as usual she manages to calm me down and gives me the confidence needed to just ever so lightly press the gas paddle even more as she climbs up the rev now singing to my ear ever so beautifully thanking me for letting her have her freedom.

As we approach the bend she tells me not to worry as I'm thrown one side while she gracefully goes through it like a hot knife through butter without any drama and worries. As we pass by wannabe wiralutions and wajalutions I can't help but snigger at them thinking to myself what do they know about the commitment and dedication needed to be one with her. Don't take me wrong I'm in no way the best driver in the world but with her by my side and after spending so much time with her we have reached a level of understanding and she gives me the level of confidence that far surpasses my own expectations.

As we approach our destination I let her cool down from our little spirited adventure and bring her back to the reality of the world and thank her for once again providing me with an experience that no words can truly be able to describe. I slowly back her up into her resting place where she will sit waiting for me until I'm done from work, where once again we will unite and become one.

This has become our little ritual for the past year and while it is intoxicating and gives me a rush that keeps me alive, I have to keep reminding myself that everyone and everything has a limit and by just making sure that I try to keep myself within the limit ensures I am able to continue my adventures for yet another day with her by my side.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Will be away for training the next two days so will not have a chance to update the blog ... booohoooooo

Went and watched Wild Hogs over the weekend and it rawksssss !! Watch it if you haven't. It will definitely leave you aching from laughter.

Apart from that I'm down to about two weeks more before my exams and asssignment is due and I haven't done anything yet. Will need to start thinking about something soon or else I'm going to end up dead. Hope I get something done by this week at least a draft on what the assignment is going to be about.

Went Ikea yesterday and met not one but two friends whom I haven't seen in ages. It's funny how sometimes you bum into the most unexpected people at the most unexpected places :D

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It's here !!! It's HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! My little belated birthday present is finally here. I feel just like a small kid waiting anxiously the whole of yesterday for it to arrive and now it's here I'm simply overjoyed. It's one of the best things I could have done for myself. So what did I get myself ? I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

What can it be ? A notebook ? A new computer ?? hmmmmmmm I wonder :D

Eh that's not it ... hahahahahah

Tadaaaaaaaa ... Now can guess it ?? :)

New vs old - 1920x1200 vs 1600x1200 - 24" widescreen LCD vs 21" CRT monitor

Friday, April 20, 2007

PC Fair KL Convention Center

Plans were made last weekend to go for PC Fair which was held in KL Convention Center. Since no one wanted to drive there we all decided to meetup in Taman Megah and take an LRT from there.

Initially we're suppose to meet at 10am for breakfast and head to PC fair before lunch but after a lengthy debate we somehow settled with meeting at 12pm and having lunch and then only head to KL.Ended up in a dim sum shop which I have forgetten what it's called. Imagine having dim sum at 12 in the afternoon and my friends were even more shocked when I told them I wasn't joking we could get good dimsum at that time either :D

Took the LRT there and from Kelana Jaya all the way to KLCC the train was packed. I didn't know so many people still depended on the public transport. When the train came to KL Sentral the amount of people waiting to get on gave me a shock. Some couldn't even get on the train cause it was too full and had to wait for the next one.

After what seemed like forever we finally arrived in KLCC and proceeded to make our way to the convention centre and what better way to welcome us other than a big poster and a whole lot of people all wandering around looking for the best deals in town.

We first went into hall 5 to find a friend who was working there and made our way up to the Level 3 entrance so we could see all the exibition halls and somehow we found ourself going against traffic and it wasn't a pretty experience at all. Imagine 5-6 people going against hundreds of others ... arrrghhhhhhh

Finally I arrived at the place I wanted to go, the Dell booth and after checking out the price I manage to poison myself to buy something that I've been holding back for oh so long. Consoled myself by saying it's my belated birthday present. Since I have to wait for it to arrive you also have to wait to know what I bought ... hahahaha :P and the line to do payment at the Dell counter was awesomely long as well. There were like at least 10 people in front of my waiting to do their payment. I wonder how much Dell would have made during PC Fair itself.

Also among all the people and chaos manage to get hold of Janice and we metup in front of the Samsung booth. I guess it was a shock for both her and myself as I didn't imagine she would recognise me and with the added advantage of my height I thought I would be the one to spot her first and for her because she didn't imagine I would be with so many people so she also shy shy say hi bye and faster faster ran away ... ahhahah JAN DON'T FORGET YOU OWE ME ICE CREAM !!! :D

After everyone getting what they wanted we head over to KLCC to get some dinner. We were there since like 1pm and my legs were hurting like hell plus I wasn't feeling really well to begin with.

So we ended up in Burger King and while the rest hungrily finished their meal I struggled to eat mine cause I started feeling feverish and immediately my appetite was gone just like that. After forcefully pushing the burger down my throat and painfully drinking warm sprite and much chit chat it was time to go back home and get some much needed rest.

Thanks to my day in Pc fair I really did get a fever and ended up taking two days MC to recover from my fever. Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)