Saturday, December 30, 2006

Night at the Museum Movie

This is the last movie I managed to catch in 2006 and I'm glad I managed to end the year with such a hilarious movie. The movie is starred by Ben Stiller but with people like Robin Williams, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, Owen Wilson, and Ricky Gervais also having a role in the show it promises to be loads of fun with never ending laughing moments.

*Spoiler Alerts*

Larry Daley played by Ben Stiller is a divorced parent who hasn't got a job and is forced to move away and leave behind his son Nick Daley (Jake Cherry). So he goes job hunting and lands up as a night security guard in a museum, to replace the 3 retiring guards played by Cecil Fredericks, Gus, and Reginald. On the first day of work Larry is handed an instruction manual and asked to follow it precisely and to ensure that nothing gets in or out of the museum.

Seing how it's the first day of work and no one else is around Larry falls asleep at his desk, only to awaken and find the remains of the t-rex missing. Walking along the corridors he find t-rex drinking water from the water fountain. Being chased by the t-rex he runs and hides under his desk and grabs hold of the instruction and the first instruction was "Throw the bone". Apparently the rex only wants to play fetch and soon acts like a cute little puppy. Hahahahh

The movie goes showing everything in the museum coming to life and how Larry handles all of them. He ends up being chased by Neanderthal men and Attila the Hun; besieged by cowboys , Roman legionnaires ; and befriended by Teddy Roosevelt , Sacajawea (Mizuo Peck) and an Easter Island head.

Jedediah (Owen Wilson) an Old West cowboy and Ovtavious (Steve Coogan) have an exhibit next to each other and are constantly at war with one another. One night Larry left them out of the display, only to return and find them trying to kill each other.

Dexter the monkey tore the instruction manual given to Larry and he had to figure things out with the help of Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams). The part where Dexter and Larry were slapping each other silly was damn hillarious and Teddy had to break them apart.

The Neanderthal men got a lighter from Larry because they were trying to start a fire and one of them ended up setting the hair on fire and Larry had to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out only to get the fire extinguisher foam thrown at him. There was one part of the movie when Dexter stole Larry's key and left a window open and one of the Neanderthal manage to get out of the museum and Larry was too late to save him and he turned into dust when the sun rose, leaving only two Neanderthal men left. I'm not sure if anyone noticed later on in the movie suddenly there were 3 Neanderthal men again. hahahahah

Larry's encounter with the Easter Island head is damn hillarious, left me laughing everytime it spoke.

Dum Dum ... give me gum gum

Quiet down ... my dum dum has something to say!

The three night guards returned to steal the tablet that got the museum alive at night because they realised that they too become younger and stronger at night. Dexter manage to open the door and let most of the museum display loose and Larry had to get the help of Akhmenrah and the rest of the museum inhabitants to help track down the 3 night guards or else turn to dust when the sun rises and never have the chance to come alive at night again.

Overall it was a damn funny show and the cast did a fantastic job potraying their characters. Definately a worthy watch !!

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Dinner and a movie

Woke up quite late again, it's becoming quite a habit now sleeping late and waking up late. This is definately not a good sign. The internet decided to work today and I did some catching up on emails and trying to access online journals which was damn bloody slow because of some problem with the internet line.

Gave up after a while and went to get some food cause I could hear my tummy growling already. Had lunch and watched some more Greys Anatomy. Definately not a show to be seen when eating especially those who can't stand blood or gory operation scenes.

Before I knew it, I got a phone call from Estee whom I was suppose to meet later last night saying she needs to be in Parade by 7pm to meet a client. Talk about timing, so rushed from my home and reached her place before 6:30pm and I took the highway to Subang and the traffic near Wisma Tractors was heavy but we still made it before 7pm thanks to my superb driving skills ... ahhahahahaha

The best part was after I dropped Estee off to find a parking I got a call from her saying that we were in the wrong place. What the heck ... apparently we are suppose to be in Summit .. OMG of all the places to go to ... so we left Parade and made our way to Summit and once again thanks to my superb driving skills we made it there around 20 mins time.

She met her client while I went to MPH to check out some books. After a while I got bored and went over to the arcade while waiting for Estee to finish. She was done around 8+pm and some phone calls were made because we were suppose to meet Joey in 1U to watch movie. After some confusing phone calls we finally decided to watch Night at the Museum in Summit, more on that at a later time. When we got to the ticket booth there wasn't many seats left and it was 5-10 mins until the reserved seats were released so we decided to wait. Cody also said if there's seat he wanted to join us.

So we finally got tickets and it was pretty good seats right in the middle of the cinema. Since we still had some time and we haven't had dinner me and Estee ended up in Sushi King. First of all the place was freaking warm, haven't they heard of aircond and secondly the variety of food was pathetic. It was basically the same thing going round and round and round. Cody came just as we were about to finish dinner and we left sushi king still feeling hungry so we decided to get some snacks to eat during the movie. Ended up me and Estee finished off Cody's popcorn.

After the movie Joey asked to go for mamak and we ended up in Asia Cafe in SS15. The parking was horrible but when I finally reached the makan place it definately made up for the lack of car park. There were tonnes of people especially SYT ... hahahahah

We ended up leaving around 3am or so I think ... and I got home and tried to get online a while and went to sleep after that ... another holiday down ...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Lunch, assignment and dinner

So yesterday was the first day of the holiday for me and what better way to start the holidays than by doing my assignments. Hahhahahah

Met up with Debra lunch who so willingly voluntered to help me out with the assignment since it's her expertise anyway. Met her up in Dome KLCC and as soon as she reached there we started to get down to business. We made our order and continued back with work. Lunch arrived and we talked about other stuff like what happened during Christmas and also what's the plan for the new year. After lunch we continued back with work and thanks to her help I think 80% of the assignment is almost done. Now just to get all of it in words and find the proper references for it. We bid our farewells and since I had nothing to do I went walking around KLCC.

Ended up in the cinema and since the only next show available was Cinta which I have heard so much about from my colleagues I decided to watch that. More on the movie in a later post.

Reached back home around 5+ pm and started with my assignments. Was suppose to meetup with some friends last night but that was suppose to be around 10pm or so. So I lazed around at home trying to find resources for my assignment. Around 8+pm got a call from Suresh asking if I would like to meetup for dinner and since I haven't had dinner I said OK. Met him up in OUG for some "bahkuteh" and we were joined by Felix.

We left there around 9+pm and had a slow drive to Ara Damansara to meetup with the rest of the guys and I brought my notebook together cause the mamak has wifi and the internet in my house has been terrible the past few days. After the rest came my notebook suddenly became public property as everyone started looking for stuff on the internet. Hahahhahaa

Sat around chit chatting and finally decided to call it a night at 3am and drove home tired and sleepy. What a way to spend the first day of the holiday :D

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Christmas Eve

After sleeping late last night waking to go gym this morning was somewhat of a challenge and obviously I didn't make it. By the time I woke up it was already lunch time and I was just lazing around at home watching TV and thinking what to do while waiting to go for the Xmas party that I conveniently invited myself to go. Well not really it was an open invitation and since I've nothing to do this Christmas Eve I decided to go and see what it was all about.

I was lazing around in bed when I got a sms around 5+pm from Dennis if I was heading to Mr Sam's place in celebration of his first born son. I totally forgot all about it and if it wasn't for the sms I would have totally missed it. I haven't seen Dennis since his wedding as well. So had some light dinner and a few drinks and before I knew it, it was already 9pm and I was suppose to go for the Xmas party at 8pm and what's worst is I haven't even gotten any gifts yet for the gift exchange that will be happening during the party as well.

Left Sam's place and rushed to Jaya in SS14 to grab some gifts as well as some snacks for the party and called KY on the directions to his place. Reached there around 10pm and as I slowly drove past I noticed quite a few people standing outside the house and loads more inside the house and as I parked my car nearby I started getting butterflies in my tummy and was doubting my decision as this is something that I don't do often, just going and joining a party where I've never even met any of them before. Took a deep breath and started walking to the house and gave him a call when I was outside his place.

As soon as I reached outside his place and hung up the phone I was immediately surrounded by people introducing themselves and obviously I immediately forgot most of their names because just after I finished saying hello and passing over my gift as well as snacks I was given the customary drink from the big ass cup which looked like a liter of pure hell. I have no idea what was mixed in it but it tasted awful like some expired cough mixture. Bleaaaakkkkkkkkkk ...

I met Suanie, Kim, Kelvin or was it Kevin or was it the both of them.. hahhaha I seriously can't really remember all the names because there were like 20+ people there and apparently this year a lot of them are toned down in terms of drinking compared to last year where some people ended up puking and all. They also celebrated Carol's birthday and she ended up drinking another special concoction specially blended just for her and she drank almost 3/4 of it. OMG I think if it was me I would just die trying to drink that shit hahahahaha. Didn't really drink that much also because didn't feel like it but I did get to try the Absolut Karant and Absolut Peach and it didn't taste that bad at all.

As it almost was 12am everyone gathered in the house for the gift exchanging ceremony. The interesting part about the gif exchange was everyone was given a number and the person who got no 1 was considered the most unluckiest and the person having the last number is the luckiest because the bigger number person before they decide to choose their gift have the choice of taking anyone's gift that he/she likes or choose from the gift pool and get something even better. Got a phone call from Tyler as well saying he was heading to Zouk and invited me to join as well and I said I would be there in about 1/2 hours time. Few minutes later he called back and said plan was cancelled so I decided to stay on longer enjoying the party and the companionship of my new friends.

Group pic 1

Group pic 2

The biggest box there

One happy customer

Patrick towel anyone ?

I want that one !!

As we were sitting there talking a few of them started to feel hungry and we headed over to some makan place called William near the old Lim Kok Wing. There were loads of people as well, most of them obviously were there after clubbing and drinking. Didn't really feel like eating but after seeing Kim order the mushroom soup I was tempted as well and ordered one for myself. Must be one of the best mushroom soup I had and the soup was full of mushroom. I think there were like 4-5 different type of mushrooms in the soup and I could not even finish my soup and was practically forcing myself halfway through and gave up and decided to enjoy my sparkling peach drink instead :D

After all the food started to get sleepy and we called it a night and I reached home around 4am and got to bed around 5am. All in all it was a interesting and different Xmas eve for me and I have no idea if I will meet any of them again but we shall just see how it goes :D

Some more stories from those who were there :D
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Being sick yet partying

Was awefully sick for the past two days. Suspect it was food poisoning, on Tuesday I wanted to go to the gym but on the drive back home I felt so tired and could barely concentrate on the road. It was like I was staring at the road but I couldn't focus and I could feel myself nodding to sleep. It was damn scary lucky I made it back in one piece.

As soon as I got home I immediately got into bed and fell asleep, the next thing I remember was waking up and as soon as I stood up I felt like vomitting so I rushed to the toilet and puked all over toilet bowl. This went on throughout the night for about 4-5 times. It was a nightmare and I had a splitting headache and a fever to go along as well.

Woke up in the morning on Wednesday still feeling shitty and because work was left hanging tried to take a shower but I just felt so weak and couldn't even walk straight without holding on to something for support and I knew that I definately wouldn't want to be driving in that condition. So went back to sleep and woke up around 5+pm and my dad drove me to the clinic. Had a fever of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Doctor gave some meds and two days MC from work.

Went home tried to have something to eat and went to sleep. Woke up the next day feeling better and since I was on leave and Tyler was around PJ area we metup for lunch since it's been a while since I last saw him. Told him of my adventures the last few weeks which left him laughing at my misfortune ... truly hari ini dalam sejarah !!! hahahahahah

Went back home after that and slept some more. Woke up feeling hungry and met up with Cynthia for dinner. By the time dinner was done it was almost 9pm and I started receiving sms as to what time I was expected in Velvet for the singles party as I promised Debra and Emily that I would be there.

Since I was feeling much better decided to Since I was feeling much better decided to head over to Velvet to check out what a singles party is all about since I've never been to one. Reached there around 10pm and met Emily with a bunch of her friends at the entrance busy taking pictures.

Called Debra and I registered myself at the counter and got a goodie back as well as a number token. We went over to her table where I met Siva and Irene again and also Nanda, the rest I can't remember already hahahahaha ..

Bumped into Raj and VJ as well there and Jeanette as well. I learnt that the numbers are in a pair and one is given to a guy and another to a girl and we are suppose to hook up and stand up to the challenge given and we could walk away with the grand prize which was a 3D 2N stay to some resort somewhere.

There were 5-6 couples who went on stage and went through the challenges. The first one required the ladies to eat an apple hanging from the guys neck blindfolded. The second challenge the guys were required to get their face messy by sticking it in some whip cream and with their mouths gather 4-5 cherries. The final challenge where only two couples were left were suppose to dance/sing to the music trying to act out the lyrics. Jeanette was one of the finalist and did a raunchy number where some hip action were potrayed, if it wasn't for the fact that she knew her partner I would have voted for her. The other finalist was VJ and he and his partner though was not as raunchy as Jeanette performance but it was captivating and original and they deserve to win.

After all the commotion Debra and gang decided to leave around 12am where I was just starting to wake up so I bid them farewell and made my way to look for other people I recognised. Ended up with VJ and Emily and Emily's friend at the dance floor. There were two other girls on the dance floor and that's it. We practically owned the place and after a while Raj appeared and introduced us to the two other girls who were Michelle and Jacqueline (I think) hahahah. Nanda also joined us and so the 7 of us were on the dance floor, dancing as though we owned the place. Hahahhaha

We got bored of the music and being the only people on the dance floor and tried to find a way to get ourselves to mainroom. As we were sitting on the couch deciding what to do, Jacqueline was approached by one of the guys working in Zouk and after some chit chat someone had the bright idea of asking Jacqueline to ask him to bring us in and he agreed. hahahahah so the 7 of us made our way to Mainroom which was crowded as hell.

The music was awesome and it was just something I needed after the boring night in Velvet. Felt so alive and I was glad I made it out that night. After a lot of dancing we finally decided to call it a night and we left around 2am which is considered quite early la .. hahahahha

Exchanged numbers with a few people cause most of us just met that night and away we went. Got home and went to sleep but not before taking my meds of course. Hahahhaha .. and this was one night where no alcohol was involved at all. Well at least on my part :D

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My phone died

My phone died because of some unforseen circumstances and now it's in the shop. I hope it can get repaired and it doesn't cost too much and even if they did repair it I hope my contacts are still intact cause that's the only reason I'm trying to repair it in the first place.

Oh yah and for those who accidently got their phone wet and thought they could be a genius by letting it dry and taking it to the shop a few days later hoping they aren't the wiser, well just forget about it cause apparently there's some color coded thing in the phone that changes color when it comes in contact with liquid. Hahahahhaha

Been toying with the idea of getting a new phone as well since it's the Christmas season and all :D and being a Sony Ericsson fan I was spoilt for choices. Been browsing phone shops for the past few days and trying out the different phones but the thing is I don't really need a camera phone and I've already got an mp3 player and I don't need to use 3G as well so the need for a expensive sophisticated phone is not there but the thought of having something shiny and new for Xmas is too tempting :D

The nominees are

1. W950

2. K800

3. W810

4. K750

The logical choice and suits my needs and CHEAP !!!

5. T630

Ahhhhhh decisionssssssssssss

Monday, December 18, 2006

12 Days of Xmas - Indian version

This is so hilarious. Thanks to SK for sharing it. Brightened up my Monday

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The quiet Sunday

Woke up rather late only to find my phone had decided to die on me and I had to use a spare phone first while I try to get it repaired. Got a call from Anthony later asking to head over to his place. So I slowly got out of bed with a bad headache and took a shower and head over to his place. Tried calling him a few times but no reply, so I ended up in Summit walking around looking at phones.

Anthony called me and asked me to come over and I tapao some lunch as well before heading his place. Chilled there a while before heading back home around 5pm.

I was suppose to meetup with Viv as well for dinner but since my phone died and I didn't have her number so couldn't meetup before she left for Oz. So the whole day was spent at home getting some rest before heading back to work again tomorrow.

Caught up with some tv series as well. Now watching Greys Anatomy S2 and Stargate S8.

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The wedding dinner

Since Sam drove in the morning I decided to drive for the wedding dinner. We reached there around 7pm and obviously we were one of the few early ones there to arrive. We registered ourselves and gave our angpows and since there were not many people around we decided to take a stroll and check out the place. The dinner was held in KLGCC.

After sitting down near the parking lot and talking crap we headed back to the dinner hall slightly before 8pm and at least now half the place was filled with people so we decided to head to our table and have a seat. We started off with the peanuts coz we were hungry and then we finished the peanuts and luckily they started serving drinks and we started off with beer.

People started coming in and soon our table was being occupied as well. Met with some old secondary school mates Kevin and Max as well who were in the same table as me. Haven't seen Kevin for more than 10 years and he still looks the same. Met some of Dennis and Sam's Form 6 classmates as well. So the dinner ceremony took place and some speeches were done and a lot of toasting to the newly weds.

Dinner was served. By the second dish we had consumed alot of beer that I can't even recall how much. Probably was around 2-3 jugs a person. Hahahhaha madness and then the heavy stuff came out and somehow a bottle of chivas ended up on our table. Time seems to fly when you're having fun and in between all the food,drinks and chatting it was time to go back well most of them have already gone back and we were the few tables that was still left behind. I decided that enough was enough when a second bottle of chivas magically appeared on the table when the first one was finished.

Wish the best to the bride and groom and me and Sam drove back home. We decided to stop by the mamak to have some drinks. Reached home around 1am and since I wasn't sleepy yet was online a while and after that went to sleep around 3am or so.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The wedding ceremony

After yesterdays late night out it was a wonder that I was able to wake up early today for Dennis wedding ceremony in the morning. Had to wake up around 7am because Sam was picking me up around 8am so we can be at Dennis place before 9am.

Got to his place earlier than expected and not many people were around yet so me and Sam went to grab some breakfast nearby anticipating it to be a long day. Somehow I was given the camera and became the photographer for that morning. So I began snapping pictures of the house, the car, the decorations etc. We left to pick the bride up and Dennis drove the car himself because he got a Z3 as his wedding car and we drove around without the top. Hahahhahaha we practically were blocking traffic as I tried to take pictures of him driving the car on the way to the hotel.

When we got there it was the usual chinese tradition where the ladies will have a serious of things the groom needs to do before he is let in to see the bride. Lucky it was in a hotel and there wasn't really much they could force us to do without waking up the next door neighbours. hahahhahaha

So after all the ceremony and taking more pics with the bride's family members we left the hotel to drive back to Dennis's house. Even more picture taking along the way with even more road hogging :D Got back to his place and they had the tea ceremony where the bride and groom will have to serve tea to the parents. Just as everything was over the camera battery dieded. Talk about timing.

We left Dennis place and headed back home to get some rest for the dinner tonight where more havoc will happen :D

The after party

So after most of the people left Modestos I joined Raj, VJ and Emily at the bar to have a few drinks and to check out the crowd there as well. I never knew that Modestos has a dance floor and people actually were dancing there. Though not very crowded but there were enough people around the dance floor to make it happening.

After a few drinks and some dancing Raj said that he's heading over to Bangsar to meet a few friends and asked me to go along, since I had nothing better to do I said yes :D We drove to Bangsar to ermmm I forgot the place we went to, it was opposite Finnegans, I think it's called Telawi Street bistro or something. When we reached there it was almost 1am and he introduced me to some people. I only could remember Siva, Debra and Irene and I spent most of the time talking to them.

After some more drinks and a checking out the crowd there, it was closing time and apparently most places in Bangsar closes at 2am. They decided to head down to Hartamas again to Karma to continue partying hahahahhaa. So I car pool with Siva and we drove over to Hartamas. Well the music and the crowd was a bit different la ... hahahha not something I was used to but it was fun anyways, so after yet some more drinks it was closing time once again and we stood at the entrance talking about where to go next. OMG it was already 3am and they still planning to continue the night/morning. The rest left and it was just me, Siva and Debra. Since I came with Siva I had no choice but to just follow la obviously.

So it was decided we should head to mamak and so we drove back all the way to Bangsar for mamak. Hahahhahahahah ... ended up in ermm Devi's I think for breakfast ?? I guess you could call it that :D Apparently Siva is also a car nut and what's even more interesting is he's driving the same car as me. So obviously we had a lot to talk about but not wanting Debra to fall asleep with our "guy" conversation we decided to talk about other stuff and leave the car stuff out for the night.. hahahahhaha

Also in between all that driving and drinking I was pursuaded to get a ticket for a singles party in Zouk on the 21st. OMG I can't believe what I got myself into. Hahahah .. Finally after a long and tiring night we called it a day and after exchanging our numbers I headed back home. Reached home around 5am and fell asleep immediately. Definately an interesting night for me :D

Alumni gathering

Was in the office feeling rather moody yesterday because of all the issues that has been cropping up lately. Plus the fact that I was suppose to be on leave on Thursday and Friday definately didn't make things any better. I got an email from my uni alumni couple of weeks/days back and they were having a reunion yesterday night from 7pm onwards. Initially I was rather undecided if I should attend or not because I have never attended such event before and thought it was quite a formal event.

Made some calls to a few friends from my batch and most of them will not be able to make it except for Callista whom I have not seen in ages since uni, so since she said she was going I decided to check it out as well as I needed to unwind after such a stressfull day at work. The gathering was held in Modestos Hartamas and I left work slightly earlier to avoid traffic as it's been raining the past few days and traffic around that area can be unforgiving.

I reached there quite early and there were only a handfull of people around and I met Raj, VJ, Jeanette, Emily,Ivy,Kenneth and a lot more which I can't exactly remember at the moment. Being early has it's perks and I got to mingle around getting to know some people. The topic of conversation mostly revolved around uni and which campus we went to and when we graduated and also what we were currently up to. There were drinks served as well and I got some white wine.

By the time the crowd starting coming in, it was 8pm plus and got to meet even more people. Most of them know each other and this obviously wasn't the first time they are meeting. Me being a first timer was rather overwhelmed with the amount of people there, I think there were close to 30-40 people occopying 3 long tables. The appetizers started appearing and bottles started disappearing. There was a lucky draw as well and obviously I didn't win anything damnit. Next time I'm going to bring extra name cards so I can drop in an extra few in the bowl :D

Dinner was also awesome. We had the choice of roast lamb,turkey and chicken and I tried all three with the roast lamb being sinfully good. By the time dinner was done, there was no more wine and a group of people were busy enjoying their beer. Some speech from the president of the alumni and even more lucky draw and desserts came up. It was a bit funky well at least to me and not many people finish theirs as well.

All in all it was an awesome event and I'm glad that I made an effort to go. For sure the next alumni gathering I will be there to meetup with some of them and this time with a boxfull of name cards. Most of them started leaving close to 11pm and I just stayed chatting with whoever that was left, which was mostly with Emily and VJ.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rage against the work

This past few days has really been totally upsetting. We are in the midst of intergrating our system with some government agency and it's now going into the second week where problem after problem seems to be occuring non stop.

Yesterday our brand new server from Dell which we got last week refused to boot up. It just switched on and gave some stupid error and halted. Truly a WTF moment. Called Dell support and made a big fuss and luckily our service agreement that we have requires them to provide on site support within 4 hours. The bad part is it's already 4+ pm and I will have to wait until the technician arrives.

They arrived earlier than promised and after much troubleshooting the guy finally replaced the motherboard and everything seem to be working again. Reached home around 9pm had maggi for dinner and fell asleep after that.

Today went to check the server to ensure that all services were running and to ensure that the stupid people manage to get the Oracle replication running. Was initially suppose to meet earlier in the morning but they had some meeting and was pushed to 3pm. What is expected to be done at 3pm when they finish work at 5pm I have no idea. Doesn't matter so still drive there to the government department and the server issues was resolved. Phewwww some good news for today but of course it was short lived.

The other vendor had issues connecting to the server and blamed the network/firewall. So now I had to go chase after the network guy to get him to check the settings on the firewall. After checking and making sure the neccessary ports are open it still failed so vendor said had some issues with the database and the person in charge of the database is on leave. WTF moment of the day !!!!!

This has been my work for half a day for the past two weeks. Chasing after incompetent fools and ensuring that their work is done. Do I look like a god damn baby sitter ?? Bloody hell .. to make things worst I plan to take tomorrow off because I have too many leaves and obviously with all this shit happening I can't. So back to work again I come tomorrow to yet again sit down and watch idiots working. Arrrggghhhhhh just kill me !!!

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Monday, December 11, 2006


As I was driving past 1U the other day notice this big poster at the side of the road that had the Heroes poster and looks like Astro will be playing Heroes in January. I've been religiously watching Heroes every week as new episodes appear and now it's up to episode 11 and episode 12 will be out.

For those who have no idea wha I'm talking about you can go check out their website here. Heroes showcases the lives of normal everyday people who realise that they have certain extraordinary abilities. Each has a unique ability and with each episode they find out more about their abilities and the purpose of their powers.

The plot is just awesome while keeping everyone disjointed during the first few episodes as random people who have powers. The interesting part about the show is not knowing what might happen next because of the many possibilites that exists with all of the characters.
Definately a must watch. Must give some credit to Astro for getting the series to show here too bad by the time it shows Season 1 would probably be over :D giving me a chance to watch it all over again hahahahha

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday dinner

My company had a dinner function on Friday night and I never thought that the office could be so cozy and soothing hahahahah. We basically had the office decorated and also a lot of scented candles were used and most of the lights turned off. Not too bad at all. Definately didn't feel like we were in the office with most of the lights turned off. :D

Basically the dinner was to followup on the course that we went middle of the year and to see how it has helped improve our life either in the work environment as well as at home. We were required to write on our experience and hand in to the staff club/change agents and they picked the best two and those two were required to tell their story on their experience in front of everyone. I was rather busy with work and all and didn't feel like submitting so I didn't. We had some extra time and the floor was open to anyone who wanted to share their experience and I was so tempted to stand up and share my experience will all my colleagues but somehow something held me back. I guess I still am afraid of what people might think and start judging me based on what I say but at least I'm trying to get over that. Next year promises to be even more interesting :D

So then we had a birthday party as well. By the time the cake was cut I was so full eating all the food. After dinner some people stayed back to help clean up and obviously I was one of them. Most of the people has gone back and there's only a handful of us. Some music was played and we cleaned up as much as possible and ended up just sitting around the sofa lazing around, chilling in the office. Left the office around 10pm and got home and straight away slept. Was so freaking tired from carrying all the stuff around. Overall it was a very eventfull night and I had fun.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Trace Bundy Acoustic Ninja

So who exactly is this acoustic ninja guy ? After Mia's amazing performance I was browing around youtube and came accross this guy called Trace Bundy playing the Pachelbel's Canon and I thought to myself how interesting can listening to Canon be but since it was the acoustic version curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link and thank god I did because I ended up watching the video 2-3 times continously.

It was just so damn bloody amazing. Okay I admit I don't know how to play the guitar and I have no idea how hard or easy what he is doing but the way he plays is just awesome. He's known as the acoustic ninja thanks to his awesome fingertapping skills. Trace Bundy is godlike !!!!

Here is the video of him playing Canon.

Trust Trace Bundy to make a Backstreet Boys song listenable !!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whyyyyy ??

It's almost end of the year and I'm suppose to be enjoying the balance of my annual leave but nooooo everything had to happen at the same time. Just had a meeting the other day after work and it lasted 3 hours and left my brains feeling like jello. To top it off we were not done yet and had to continue the next morning which took another 2 hours or so.

After all that the problem was only half resolved because the solution that we came up with involved too much work and time and we might not be able to finish everything by end of the year. To make matters even worst boss said my leave might not be approved for end of the year because I might need to go overseas on Christmas day. Can you believe it ??? Even though I don't celebrate Christmas but I at least thought I would be in KL celebrating it with the people close to me. Hopefully it doesn't work out because of the holiday season and everyone will be flying around.
Today had to go to a government office to get some work done and there was utter chaos. They kept pointing the finger to everyone else except themselves even though I've already expected this to happen but then when it actually does happen it kinda still takes you by suprise especially considering the fact I'm easily irritated this past few days. Damn it !!!

To add salt to the wound here I am waiting for a raise/promotion and one superhero comes waltzing in and hands in the resignation letter and automatically gets a counter offer which effectively means an increment in the salary. Am I not a valueable asset to the company as well ? Doesn't my effort and work matter ? As if that's not enough this year I won't be getting an increment because of some salary cap thing that they introduced recently. Feel so neglected and just want to hand in my letter as well !!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

Plus plus Zouk Out is this weekend in Singapore and I wanted to go but because of other commitments I had to give it a miss. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?? *bang head against wall*

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm too nice for my own good

I've been thinking about this for sometime and I have yet to come to a conclusion. It's been a while since I've been verbally abused and even though I swore I will not let it happen again and yet I just sat there like a fool, being shouted at by someone whom I barely even know. Whyyyyyyyyyy ??? Even after being practically chased away I just stood there like a lost puppy looking at it's angry master hoping for them to calm down, which obviously did not happen.

It took all the strength in my body to turn around and take that first step and walk away. The voice in my head kept asking me to go but the heart just didn't want to respond but eventually enough was enough and with a heavy heart I walked away with my head hung low, as though I was the one who did something wrong and it's my fault that all this happened in the first place.

Why do I need to feel responsible for everyone around me even more so when the person does not even want to be helped ? Why do I take shit from people whom I barely know ? Why do I always swallow my pride and let other people just trample all over me ? I thought I would be able to control my feelings and emotions and not let it get the better of me and yet I find myself in the same situation over and over again knowing very well that in the end that I'm the one that is going to get hurt.

It's as though pain knows my name and often comes looking for me especially when I thought I have left it and it's gone forever out of my life. The best part is the person has said sorry and I never even blamed the person in the first place as I feel I'm somehow responsible for what has happened. Why must I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders ?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ? sigh

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The quiet friday and never ending saturday

Friday --> No Black Tie --> 2 bottles wine --> Zouk --> Long Island --> Friend Drunk --> Friend Puke --> Bah Ku Teh --> Friends Friend Drama --> Chilling --> Sleep --> Saturday --> Lunch --> KLIA --> Rojak --> Starbucks --> Setapak --> Steamboat --> Damansara --> Settlers --> Roadblock --> Sleep == 'Nuff Said

Yup it was a quiet evening alright.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Vocals + acoustic = eargasm !!

I totally love songs with guitar especially if it's acoustic and ever since I heard Mia singing live in MPH (refer to this post here) I've fallen in love with her voice and decided to do more some research on her through her website. She's been singing for quite sometime and she's quite well known as well especially for those who follow the local jazz music scene. Apparently Cynthia also knows about her and mentioned that sometimes she does local live shows and one of the places Cynthia mentioned was No Black Tie.

So even after more searching I found out that Mia will be performing in No Black Tie on Friday 1st Oct, just my luck. Called Cynthia and she said she wouldn't mind going to check out Mia as well. So plans were made for Friday night since it was suppose to be a night of rest after yesterday's night out.

So No Black Tie .. ear i cummmmmmmmm :D

Ghetto ---> DJ Premier

DJ Premier was spinning in Zouk last night and Andre wanted to check him spin. Apparently his quite big in US and part of the leading hip-hop group, 'Gang Starr'. The guys went there much earlier around 8pm or so to have dinner in terrace. I joined much later as I had classes that night.

When I reached there they were almost done with dinner and was just having drinks and I joined Andre and got a jug of beer. So here we were sitting down chilling and enjoying the peace and quiet while waiting to go to mainroom for some ghetto goodness. I think we went into mainroom like around 11pm or so and it was still quite empty.

We just stood near the bar contemplating on what we should have and ended up ordering a jug of long island and then the tequila girls came along and we had a tequila shot each. That's when Aran started dancing and there was this group of ladies who kept looking over and checking him out. Aran the mannnnnnnnnnnnnn :D

Finally after some time the dance floor started getting crowded and the usual hip hop "gang" were there. Primo finally came on to spin and his music selection is totally different than the other dj's that spun in ghetto before. He prefers more oldskool songs and mixes them beautifully. It was an awesome event except that his music definately needs some getting used to as there's a lot of pauses/scratching in between tracks.

By 2am or so I ran out of energy and just stood near the stairs of the dance floor enjoying the aircond and the view. Aran was busy enjoying himself and was interupted by the hip hop "gang" and can see the expression on his face that he definately was not amused. Hahahahah .. that teaches them to mess with the grea anomie :D All this while Andre was missing and I spotted him in the middle of the dance floor grooving to Primo. That's super rare as usually Andre would be the one near the stairs. Hahahahh

We left slightly before 3am to avoid the crowd and while chilling at the entrance of Zouk deciding where to head for some food, I spotted a familiar face among the crowd someone whom I haven't seen since secondary school days and who is now rather popular in the music industry. I was suprised that he even remembers and recognises me. After exchanging numbers I bid him farewell and join the guys where we decided to head to mamak for some food.

Reached home around 3am or so. It definately was an early night alright. The S.E Tan has succeeded in his mission.