Friday, July 27, 2007

Sun .. beach ... and some time off

Will be heading to Pangkor for the weekend for some well deserved time off. Will definitely be back with loads of pictures .. till then see yahhhhhhhh !!! :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

I am pirates !!!

It was a fun and tiring Saturday. Even though the morning didn't go as planned but it's the results that matters and it was a good change of luck. After last weekends interesting adventures of being stranded in Genting and having my car hospitalised for a few days, I only managed to collect it on Friday afternoon and having a treasure hunt on Saturday left me a little worried in case we had a repeat performance but thank god the car behaved itself the entire trip.

Me and a few colleagues of mine went for a treasure hunt on Saturday and we were suppose to be in Putrajaya for the flag off at around 7:30am but as usual with all the delays etc we only manage to flag off at 8:30 am or so that is after about 10 participants or so pulled out from the hunt. It was very disorganised and the organisers being their first time organising such a hunt (40 cars or so) were overwhelmed by the criticisms.

Some of the participants were seasoned hunters and they found the rules and regulations absolutely ridiculous and some even threatened to sue if they can't get their refunds. We were in it for the heck of it and obviously if we won it would be a bonus.

So after flagging off and getting our instructions only we realised that we are not actually in a treasure hunt but more of an amazing race kinda thing where speed and accuracy mattered and having a good knowledge of all the shortcut and highways is definitely a plus. Our first destination was to go to Alor Gajah where we will get our questions to pitstop number 2. In total we had 6 and we had no idea where the heck we will be going. At the end of the day we went from Putrajaya -> Alor Gajah -> Banting -> Shah Alam -> KL -> Eye on Malaysia.

It was a tiring journey but thanks to my superb driving skill (speeding) hahahah we manage to reach most of the pit stops first and had all the time in the world to find the answers and to even ask the people around to help us as well. The advantage of being first hahaahha. I hope I don't get any love letters from the men in white.

Plus did you know that there's an Istana in Jugra ?? I had no idea and it was inside some kampung area with the only directions we had was to find the Istana !! Thank god for our vast resources at hand (handphone) we manage to get people who were familiar with the area to give us accurate direction which saved us at least 1/2 hour or so.

We reached Eye on Malaysia like 3:30pm and we were suppose to clock in latest by 6:15 pm thanks once again to my superb driving skills we had all the time in the world to get our answers at the final pit stop and it was pouring cats and dogs but the amazing thing was 1/2 hour later cars from other teams started to arrive so we weren't that fast after all. With so much time to kill obviously some of them started talking about the questions and answers and the more we talked the more afraid we got because we seem to have different answers compared to the other teams.

Finally it was time to know the winner. We knew that we should at least get top 3 la hahaha so damn confident !!! 5th place was announced then 4th then 3rd and still nothing my heart started beating faster and then 2nd place still nothing .. hmmm we couldn't have done that bad right I was expecting at least 2nd and when they announced the first place winner by calling out the number plate my team mates jumped out in joy but I just sat down because the emcee only announced the alphabets and not even mentioned the numbers yet. Imagined if another car won instead of ours damn paiseh right hahahah so my colleague ran in front and ask what's the full number plate ahhahah crazy ... and so yeah we won first place !!!! wooohooooooo

So finally after running around in the rain and being wet and cold and hungry and tired and after being awake for more than 12 hours it was finally over !!! What a day but I love being a pirate !!! shiver me timbersssssssssssss ... hahahahah

Oh yah guess what I saw lurking the streets of Banting. He was having fun with us as he accelerated and waiting for me to catch up and smiled and did it again. This went on for a good 10-15mins or so hahahahaha

P/s All pics taken with my new toy and I lazy to resize pics so live with it !!! hahahahaha

Monday, July 16, 2007

Shit happens

One minute we were having the time of our life and nothing could happen to ruin it but then what is life without a surprise or two. Good ole uncle murphy came to the rescue with his law and spoilt what would have been a lovely day.

Went up genting on Saturday night to just chill and enjoy the coldness and on the way back the car decided to retaliate and die at 1am in the morning spewing smoke from under the hood. Knew for sure there's nothing I could do about it as it smelled like something was burning with nothing else to do and no one to call decided to leave the car parked at the side of the road and try to get a room for the night and guess what the whole of Genting was fully booked !!!! Not even a single room available anywhere !!! What the fook wrong with people don't they have a home to go to ?!?!?!?

With no other choice we decided to catch a cab back which costs RM 100 for a roller coaster ride down Genting only to be greeted with glaring red lights at the toll booth because the stupid police decided to hold a road block at 3am in the morning to catch people who just want to reach home as soon as possible to sleep.

Reached home after 3am and woke up at 6am+ wondering what to do about my predicament and gave up after a while and went back to sleep. Woke up again 9am and felt so restless decided to go play badminton to sweat a little and get things off my mind. Made arrangements with my mechanic to go up around 3pm to check out the car.

So we went up and it was freaking raining. Is there anything else that can happen ? Well obviously I wouldn't want to know what else could happen because enough shit has been happening. Reached the top and it was raining and it was freaking cold and we couldn't do anything under the rain so we went to Starbucks to have a drink while waiting for the rain to stop. Cold and tired and stressed I called my boo to calm down.

We went back to the car around 5pm+ and he manage to find the cause of the problem. My wiring to the injectors/coil plugs were burnt/hangus/bakar/fried/gone-ded and there's nothing he can do about it. Called a tow truck around 6+pm and he said it will take him about 2 hours to get to us and it's gonna cost me RM 550 !!! What the fook .. that's freaking daylight robbery. With no other choice had to agree to get the car towed to the workshop.

Feeling cold after getting wet from the rain and tired and stressed and with the whole body aching all over and hungry and lonely I sat in the car and just pondered upon my interesting and exciting day.

Sat in the car and took a short nap while waiting for the tow truck guy to arrive and got the car towed to the workshop. It's going to take a while for the car to get fixed and I have no idea how much it's going to cost.

Reached back KL around 9pm and feeling hungry called my boo to go have dinner thinking the tow truck will take some time to reached KL and to my surprise as I picked up my boo got a call from my mech saying he's already at the workshop. That was freaking fast. So rushed to the workshop to settle him off and check on the car.

Now that is settled told my mech to try his best to get it done as soon as possible as I have no transport to work and he offered to borrow one of his cars while mine was getting fixed but the catch was I had to go collect it myself from Balakong. So made arrangements to go there and got a friend who stays in Sri Petaling who will be going there later at night. So made my way to Sri Petaling around 10:30pm and said good bye to my boo as I hoped on to my friends car and moved my stuff over. I had a car ownership card with me as well and when I reached Balakong I realised that the car ownership card was missing. Immediately called my boo to check if it's in her car and lo and behold it's not there. Murpy has been very busy today concentrating on me.

The best part was I was too tired to even be worried or shocked. All I could think about was the hassle I have to go through to get it replaced. Going to the police station and making a police report .. yada yada yada .. Took the spare car and drove all the way back to Sri Petaling at 12am crossing my fingers hoping that it dropped on the road and when I reached there I see my car ownership card lying on the side of the road. Thank god it was still there. A little wet and damp from the water on the road but it was there. Phewwwwwww thank god murphy was taking a break.

Reached home and told my boo the good news. Finally some good news after a very interesting day. Thanks for being there for me and helping me out as best as you can. Really appreciate it a lot !!!! *huggsssssss*

So ends my interesting Sunday which will be in my memory for a long time to come !!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


You know you're whacked when it's a Saturday and you're awake at 6am in the morning hahaha. I've been so used to waking up early that even without an alarm I find myself awake at 6am on a weekend !!! Now how whacked is that ?!?!? hahha

Well the good news is that finally my assignment is over. Handed it in yesterday evening which removes a damn big burden off my shoulders. For now I'm free for the next one week until my next classes start next week !!! hahaha My boo wanted to have dinner with me last night and we went to this chinese shop and ordered pork knuckles and some ginseng prawns thingy which was just awesome !!! Though slightly pricey but it was definitely worth it especially the prawns. We were so hungry that I just couldn't be bothered about taking pictures !! hahah .. Thanks it was just lovely *huggssss*

We wanted to catch a movie but the cinema was just packed with people and don't even bother lining up for Harry Porter cause 2 shows ahead of time were already fully booked. So after walking around The Curve we went back home.

Now you know your social life is a lil whacked when you reach home and your parents tell you that they just watched Harry Porter !!! I was like how comeeeeeee !!!?!?!?! hahahah damn funny my parents watched Harry Porter before me and what's even weirder is I don't think they even watched the one before this !!! Now how whacked is that ?!!?!?

Well I'm going to go try to catch some zzz's !!! nights

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So where were you and what were you doing on this special day ? I definitely was having the time of my life with the person I love. Some people also took this chance to have a look at the wonders of the world and come out with a new 7 wonders of the world.

I didn't even knew such a thing was going on until I was surfing the web yesterday. Can you imagine that the pyramids or even the Eiffel tower didn't make it to the new 7 wonders.

Here's the new 7 wonders of the world

  1. The Great Wall, China
  2. Petra, Jordan
  3. Christ Redeemer, Brazil
  4. Machu Picchu, Peru
  5. Chichén Itzá, Mexico
  6. The Roman Colosseum, Italy
  7. The Taj Mahal, India

The New7Wonders organization is happy to announce the following 7 candidates have been elected to represent global heritage throughout history.

The Great Wall, China Petra, Jordan Christ Redeemer, Brazil Machu Picchu, Peru Chichén Itzá, Mexico The Roman Colosseum, Italy The Taj Mahal, India

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Worn out

I'm mentally exhausted ........ my life the next two months

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The poison

Wow it's been a while since I've posted here. I've been trying to get a post up but every time I sit and begin thinking my mind draws a blank. It's not that I have nothing to say it's just that there's so many things I want to say and yet I don't know where to start. I can't seem to collect my thoughts and make it coherent so that it will make sense and not just jump around.

It's 7:30am on a Sunday morning and I'm awake sitting down in front of the pc wondering what the heck am I doing up so early in the morning so what better way to fall asleep then bore myself with my ramblings and rantings hahahhaha

Recently things have been going great, AWESOME in fact so much so that I guess I'm in some sort of denial. It's amazing the things I can think of and come up with. It's like everything is perfect at this moment in time and I'm having the time of my life and yet my paranoid self keeps thinking of the what ifs. I'm poisoning and polluting my own mind with thoughts that gets me wondering about nonsense.

Is it so hard for me to accept the good things that are happening to me without expecting the worst ? So many bad things have happened to me that I'm so used to it and now when something good has arrived instead of enjoying and savoring the moment I'm sitting and counting the days as to when it will turn sour. I'm probably ruining things before it even gets a chance to begin hahahahah how smart is that ?

Do you let the past that should have no effect to the current moment in time affect you ? I know it shouldn't matter because what's in the past should be left in the past but you know how sometimes the past has a way of catching up and biting you in the ass ? What if it happens again ? Yes people do change sometimes for the worst but most of the time for the better. So do you give them the benefit of the doubt knowing that the chances of them repeating their mistakes is there but the probability of that happening is very low ?

Does the past define who we are today ? After all if not for the things that has happened in the past we wouldn't be where we are today and we wouldn't be the person we are. What if we erase all the pain, hurt, anger, disappointment from our past would we be any different now ? The decisions that we have made in the past be it the right one or wrong one has thought us to grow and learn from our mistakes. If not for the path we chose in the past we would not have crossed path with some of the people we meet today. By just changing one instant in the past our whole future would be redefined or so I feel anyway.

I always tell myself things happen for a reason but I've grown so accustomed to bad things happening that now when a good thing is happening I don't know how to handle it hahahahahha I'm finding for a reason to justify why it's happening. Can you believe it I'm questioning why there's goodness in my life hahahahah am I not worth it ? Don't I deserve happiness in my life ? Don't I want to be happy ? I've always worked on making other people happy and now when happiness comes knocking on my door I'm afraid to let it in.

What about expecting the worst out of things and just waiting for it to happen so that at least when that happens you would have prepared yourself for it so that it doesn't hurt as much and it's in some sort of funny strange way a way to protect some part of yourself so that you can console yourself by saying "See told you it's going to happen sooner or later, lucky you prepared yourself for it !!"

I lay alone in bed wondering about stuff that sometimes I am able to think about scenarios and ideas that totally makes no sense at all and by doing that I'm just poisoning my mind and my heart. I truly am my own worst enemy and fighting with yourself is really no fun because either way you loose a part of you in the battle be it the good side or bad side.

I always felt that whatever I do is never good enough and that I have to constantly prove to everyone otherwise and honest to god it's kinda tiring. It's tiring trying to compete with non other than myself hahhahaha I am also the harshest critic on earth. I can critisise and doubt everything that I do no matter what I do and no matter how good I do it, I keep telling myself it's not enough and I strive to do even more but how much more is more ? Everyone and everything has a limit but where's mine ? What is mine ?

I feel like I'm drowning and as I reach out to to grasp I get nothing but air. I can see a whole lot of people reaching down trying to save me but I'm looking for your hand. I know it's there among the crowd reaching down trying to pull me out but yet I tell myself it's not there and that you don't bother and you don't care but I know it's not true but yet I'm trying to tell myself otherwise. How's that for poison ?? ahahahhaha

I cry yet I shed no tears
I scream yet there's no sound
I talk but whose listening ?
I am happy yet I am sad
In any other world maybe I might be perfect ...
but for now I am just human