Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogging tools

Okay I haven't been really blogging that long and only recently have I started to take a look at other people blogs and see what it's all about. I've always wondered what are the tools that bloggers use to get their post online.

When I first started out I logged into Blogger and used their editor to do all my posting. For a while it was fine since I had internet connection most of the time and was content with the features available on their site. As I was reading other blogs and started noticing this thing called tags on some of them. One thing led to another and I began to look for tools that allowed me to add tags to my blog. Most of them seem to be using Technorati Tags and I guess I couldn't go wrong so I signed up for it.

After some browsing I found this page that explained how I could have tags in my post when logged into blogger. I had to install Greasemonkey extension for the Mozilla which allows custom user scripts to be installed and run from the browser itself. Technorati Multiple Word Tags is the script that you need to download and install. Am still playing around with the tags and settings to see which fits me the best.

Obviously I'm still learning about the various methods of blogging and recently I came across another blog that talks about Performancing extension for the Mozilla. This is an application that is intergrated into Mozilla and allows me to type into their own editor which will then automatically login and post my blog into blogger. This is the first post from Performancing and hopefully all turns out well.

Update - I guess I just found something I don't really like with Performancing. It doesn't allow me to choose the type of font before I post my blog. So now I have to still log into blogger to change the font type and publish it again. Grrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back to work

So I finally made it back to work this week. Feels rather weird having to wake up early after bumming at home for two weeks and waking up when I feel like it. Lucky it's the puasa month and work finishes earlier than normal which makes it slightly better.

Coming back to work after a 3 week break left me a little lost during the first day of work. Plus the fact that the office is currently being renovated makes me feel a little more lost. It was a slow start at the beginning but the peace and tranquility only can last so long and before I knew it I was back in the midst of the chaos. It's just like riding a bike you can never forget.

Haven't been to the gym in ages as well, almost a month I think. Will give it a few more days for the wound to heal before starting off with some heavy exercises. The good thing is when I went back to work everyone said I lost some weight. Not sure it's because of being in the hospital or all that weeks spent in the gym is finally paying off. Either way I definitely will have to be more strict on my food intake and try to loose a few more pounds especially with the festive season approaching.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally !!

Finally I'm back !!! It has been one hectic month for me. First of all I was hospitalised for about a week or so because of an operation I had to go through. The operation went okay but the recovery period was hell. I had nausea feeling all the time and was not allowed to drink for about a day or two which left my throat really dry. Finally was allowed to drink "sips of water" and that was basically all I could drink anyway. Everytime I drank I felt the urge to throw up, and most of the time throw up I did. It was so bad that I was afraid to even drink at all. The doctor said it could be due to the antibiotic that was given to me and he tried changing it to some other type.

Apart from throwing up and sleeping most of the time I had fever for a couple of days and to bring the fever down they had to give me some medicines. I have no issues with medicines or even injections but this particular medication for the fever was to be shoved up my ass. I had to endure two or three of this "medication" and it definately left my behind a little sore.

Some friends came to visit as well but those that I was hoping would come did not. Guess some of them are a little too busy. Really puts a new perspective on life and sitting there feeling sick with all the time in the world to wonder the "meaning of life" and how much I mean to the people around me.

Was discharged from the hospital a week after the operation though I was still feeling rather sick at least I was back home in my own soft and comfortable bed. It's been about a week since I've been discharged and I don't know why but I just was lazy and didn't feel like posting but will definately start posting more often to get back to my "pace" of life. The past few weeks has been a time for me to relax and make up for those days where sleep was a luxury.

Friday, September 01, 2006