Thursday, November 30, 2006

The tireds Wednesday

Had classes as well yesterday and was practically slapping myself in class to stay awake. I knew my body needed some well deserved rest and 5-6 hours sleep a day is just not helping. So I decided that today no matter what after class I shall go home and sleep.

Got back home and took a nice shower and turned on the aircond and sat in front of the pc for a while. As I was checking out some websites Aran msg'ed me and said they will be heading to Friendster cafe for a drink. I was sooooooooo tempted to go but I wanted to enjoy my Thursday night and declined the invitation and decided to hit the bed earlier and get some much needed rest.

Somehow one thing led to another and I ended up sleeping around 1am. God damn it I should really not sit in front of the computer if I plan to get some rest.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coffee, tea or me ??

It was a slow Tuesday at work, well work will always be there just that haven't been really feeling the mood to work. Had classes as well yesterday and we have to decide soon on the assignment and how the work is going to be assigned to each other.

Met up with Tyler, Aran and Andre as well last night for some drinks. Went to Centerpoint after class and we ended up in Starbucks. There was this group of people sitting behind us and they were noisy as hell. It's one thing to have conversations but somehow the voice alone annoyed the living daylights out of me. Must be the lack of sleep. Yes yes that makes sense.

Wanted to have the usual venti americano but decided against it and tried some zen tea which basically tasted like ice lemon tea. What can you do with two notebooks that you can't do with one ?? hahahahah saw this couple sitting in Starbucks with two notebooks sitting down having a drink. Maybe they prefer chatting online ... wahahahahahah .. evil evil me ..

I was freaking tired when I reached Starbucks and kept yawning my head off but as time went by and as it approached 12am I felt more and more refreshed and awake. hmmm I wonder why .. hahahahahah ... creatures of the night ... :D

I think we left around 12+ am and I reached home around 1am and to bed I went.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Settlers once more

It's been a while since I've been to the gym and with all the drinks consumed the past few days it's definately going to take it's toll on the body. So today no matter what I forced myself to head over to the gym. It was damn tiring and because I've been slacking for quite sometime I couldn't do as much or as long as I used to. This is bad !!! Need to buck up if not will not be able to reach my goal for next year.

Vinny and the gang were planning to go Settlers that night and since I had no classes I decided to join as well. Joined them after gym and had dinner there. The chicken chop is not too bad. One of the reason they wanted to go Settlers was because Marlene was back from Australia and will be goin back to her hometown after a few days in KL.

It was a tiring night and I was damn tired after heading to the gym also but oddly enough I only reached home around 2am because I had to send Ricky back to Setapak after Settlers. The things I get myself into. Hahahahhahaha

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday a day of rest --- yah rite

So after an exciting but tiring Saturday night, I had to wake up early for my classes. Set my alarm at 7:30am and I think I only got up at around 8ish. So rushed to take my shower and out of the house without breakfast. I knew for sure it's going to be a long day and I decided to take a detour to go get some coffee so I would at least be awake for the first half of class before lunch. Drove to the nearest Starbucks in this case which was in Amcorp mall only to find it closed.

Sat in the car thinking where the next nearest one was and drove to PJ SS14 and lucky they open at 8am. So got the venti iced Americano and off I went to college. I thought I was going to be late and was rushing to college and reached there around 9:05am or so only to find a handfull of people around. I was suprised and checked my schedule only to find out that classes starts at 9:30am. DOHHHHHHHH !!

Classes were suppose to finish at 5:30pm but the lecturer finished off earlier not like any of us were complaining anyway. So here I was sitting around in college wondering what to do. Made a few phone calls and everyone seems to be busy or already made plans to do something later that evening. So spent some time loitering around college getting to know my classmates better :D

Reached home around 6+ pm and was checking my mails when Wai msg'ed me and said he and a few others were meeting at Sunway for dinner. Since I was bored and didn't want to be at home I decided to join them for buffet steamboat. I think I had enough fishballs to last for sometime. The food was not too bad and it was cheap. Less than RM20 each.

So around 9pm with nothing else to do we thought of going to Settlers. So we made our way to Settlers only to find it closed. Grrrrrrr still not wanting to give up we ended up in a Cybercafe. Haven't been to one in months. So after what felt like almost forever I couldn't take it anymore and decided to call it a night. My eyes were so dry and it hurts just to blink. I thought it was like 2-3am and was suprised when I checked the time and it was only 11+pm. Must be damn bloody tired. Reached home and just went to bed. Was mentally exhausted, lucky don't have classes on Monday.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two weddings and a friend

Woke up on Saturday with a splitting headache, I guess you can call it a mild hangover. Hahahahahah had classes today from 2pm-7pm. OMG torture torture. Lucky I brought my notebook and the wifi was working so I manage to stay awake by entertaining myself on the net.

Had one wedding and a dinner reception to attend to. Jegan finally tied the knot today and his wedding was held in Batu Caves and it started at 6:30pm lucky being an Indian wedding the time where he actually ties the knot will be quite some time after all the prayers and blessings. Reached there around 7:45pm or so and the prayers were still going on. Met up with some of Jegans friends which I recognised. Finally both the bride and bridegroom sat at the altar thing and the priest continued with his prayers and they finally tied the knot around 8:30pm or so.

After that it was dinner time and you could see everyone making their way to the dinner hall. Got a call from Cynthia asking if I had dinner plans and I told her I was in a wedding and had to go for dinner in Klang for another wedding and if she had nothing to do she can join me. So I went to the dinner hall and the crowd was already lining up to get the food. Usually in Indian wedding they serve vegetarian food well most of the wedding I went to anyway but here they had chicken, mutton and even prawns. Didn't eat too much as I had to save space for the round 2 later. The food was good !!! Especially the chicken maybe next time if got events can get the same people to cater. I think I got the contact details somewhere at home.

So called Cynthia after I was done and she agreed to join and asked me to pick her up from her office. Left Batu Caves around 9:30pm and proceeded to Cynthia's working place and we were on our way to Klang. I vaguely remember the way to Mike's place and gave him a call when I was in his housing area and just as I made the turn I saw his house. Most of my other friends had already left and most of Mike's guest were also gone, leaving only a handful of us behind.

We went over to the food and Cynthia immediately got excited upon seeing pink/purple layered jellies and attacked that first. My target was the pork hahaahha. Mike had people serving beer as well and the problem was the girls serving the beer were too efficient. Everytime they noticed the glass not full they will refill it so I had no idea how much I had to drink.

Met up with some friends in Mike place which I haven't seen in ages as well. I think almost 4-5 years and it still amazes me how we can talk like we just met yesterday. Okay the beer might have helped a bit. Before we knew it we were laughing our heads off and I had tears rolling out my eyes. It was so bad until we had to force everyone to stop laughing and take a break cause it was starting to hurt but noooooo one wise fella had to start giggling and again we were having a laughing competition. There was no music so I was bored and got out my notebook and blasted it's tiny speakers providing some form of background music for everyone.

By the time we actually wanted to leave it was almost 1am and amazingly this time, the time was kind to us and I thought it was much later than it already was. Said our goodbyes and I drove Cynthia back to her office to get her car and away I went, back to my lovely bed as I needed sleep since I had classes early tomorrow morning. Everyone around me seem to be getting married. Hope them all the best and maybe they have a little kid soon. Hahahahah

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The long long islands

Seeing that it's a Friday night and I've been a good boy the whole week, it was time for some fun. Aran suggested the day before that we go to Zouk for long islands and since I just finished classes it was a welcome break before having classes on the weekend again. Tyler was busy with some training thing and couldn't join us. So it was me, Andre and Aran. Aran also was already in KL watching some show so I picked Andre up from his place and in return he had a nice ice cold beer waiting for me. What a way to start the night.

When we reached Zouk, Aran was already there waiting. Armin Van Buuren was spinning that night in Mainroom but we wanted our long islands so we head over to Velvet instead. Lucky thing we did too because the queue for Armin was ridiculously long. Velvet was quite empty when we arrived and Aran was feeling hungry so we went over to the terrace to get some grub.

Aran ordered some club sandwich thing and not being too hungry I ordered some wedges. Me and Andre were contemplating on what to drink and not wanting to ruin our long island experience we ordered plain water. While waiting for the food to come Aran left us to check out Mainroom. So we were chatting and enjoying the view when I suddenly caught glimpse of this girl with an awesome tattoo on her back and told Andre about it and he was like yah damn cool man and we continued chatting.

Aran got back and told him also and said the tatoo on that girl looks like a picture on your Flikr and he took a look and continued chatting then suddenly he got up and walked over to her. Apparently it is the same person on his Flikr. Hahahahah the wine must have gotten to him, the response a bit slow one. Some girls came over promoting tequila shots as well and we all had one each.

Met a friend also in terrace who came to have coffee. Aran got a shock when he heard that. hahahahahah damn funny. The food arrived somewhere in between and the portion for the wedges is humongous how can 1 or even 2 person finish the thing ? Lucky we had some help from Celina whom I assume is Aran's friend cause he bought her a drink. After filling our stomachs with food and drink we proceeded to Velvet where the crowd started to grow.

As soon as we entered we went to the bar to get our long islands. I had a jug and Aran and Andre shared a jug. Bloody hell WTF wei !!!! ahhahahahha. Met another friend there. He opened a bottle but was struggling to finish it. That's when I roped in Aran and Andre to help him finish it but before I knew it Andre and Aran wanted to go mainroom to check Armin out. The music in velvet that night was so so only but somehow I still manage to find myself on the dance floor with the company of my new found friends :D

Also met this funny dude who dragged me over to his table to meet his friends and have a drink with him and before I knew it I was on the dance floor again meeting the rest of his friends. After a few minutes of that I excused myself and head back to my own friends. I don't know if meeting random strangers is a good thing or not still on the fence on this one. .. hahahahahah

Just like that the night is over and it was time to go back. Made our way to the entrace where I parted ways with my friend to look for the Double A team which obviously were enjoying themselves in Mainroom ... okay that somehow sounded weird .. hahahahah

We made our way back to the car and they wanted to go to Mervin's place to continue partying. We head over to Andre's place first so he can get the car because I wasn't going to be long there as I had classes the next day. Say only don't want to be long, I think I left around 6am and got home tired but satisfied. Live life baybehhhhhhhh !!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Been away from the office for the past two days attending a training in Subang. Since it was so near my house I had the chance to wake up later than I usually do but because of the unfamiliarity of the place, I reached about 5 mins late and the instructor has already started teaching the class. It's a business writing workshop. There were other people there as well from the institute itself.

We had a longer break on Friday due to Friday prayers and since we had nothing to do after lunch some of us decided to head to Subang Parade to go for some window shopping. Yah rite window shopping, ended spending quite a bit. I needed new sports shoes and World of Sports was having sales and I bought of Nike shoes with 30% discount. Quite a good deal I would say plus the fact it was the last pair there. Yes yes I'm trying to justify my purchase. We then head over to MPH to have a look at some books.

There was this one book that I was looking for and I couldn't find it in Borders. So I looked through their computer system and they had it in stock. So obviously I got it, so much for window shopping and not wanting to spend money. While I was walking to the counter I heard this beautiful voice and was immediately mesmerised by it and found myself walking towards it like a bug towards the light.

There was this Jazz singer performing live at the Mph cafe and I immediately just fell in love with her voice and the way she sings. Not being very familiar with the local music scene I had no idea who she was or how famous is she. She was there promoting her single. Her name is Mia Palencia and you can check out her website here.

I sat there for a good 15-20 mins and my colleagues wanted to leave because the class was about to start soon. I was so reluctant to leave because I was really enjoying the music. With a heavy heart I got up and gave Mia a sad look and she gave a nod and I left. Just as I was walking out of Mph noticed that another colleague was missing so I went looking for her and she was busy getting a book so that gave me a few more minutes to listen to Mia singing. She was already singing her last song so I decided to wait for her to finish and get her to sign the single cd that I got.

When she was done I went up to her to get her autograph and she asked where were my friends and I told her I ran away from them to get her autograph. hahhah. She's performing again this weekend in Mph but I won't be able to make it because of classes. Damn it. So after my intresting little afternoon we went back to class just in the nick of time. I would have stayed until the end though if I had a choice.

Mia's new single and I got her autograph. Yipeeee dee doo dahhh

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Met up with a few friends last night at Settlers to have some drinks and play a few games but the main agenda that night was to say goodbye to Agnes who is going away to Australia.

It was a fun night and got to meet some new people. The highlight of the night was when they brought out the cake and everyone sat around and gathered around. It's like a scene from a movie where everyone gathers around for an intervention. Hahahah.

This is only my second time meeting Agnes and obviously I don't know her very well so I didn't have much to say to her except from what I have observed in the past. Everyone took their turn to say their peace starting off from me and moving on to the people who knew her the longest.

It was a really touching moment especially when tears started swelling in her eyes. Having people who you care about around you on your final days in town before going to a foreign country.

Well even though I don't really know Agnes very well but I do hope her all the best in her future endeavours and hope she enjoys all the opportunities available to her while she's there. Live life to the fullest !!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Enough - is there such a thing ?

When is enough really enough ? Have been meeting up with many of my old friends this past few weeks and some of them I haven't seen in ages. So obviously one of the topic of conversations would be what we have been up to all this while. Before meeting them I thought I was doing pretty okay in life with the stable job, a car, a house and a close group of friends. Only to realise that they have been planning and working towards a goal which at this present moment of time is not even on my list.

Okay maybe the fact that some of them are married and now with kids their priorities in life are very much different than mine but just the fact that we are the same age and some of them have like 2-3 houses and have setup an education fund for the kid and somehow have even thought about a retirement plan left me dumbfounded. I don't even have any idea what I want to do/should do one year from now let alone think about my future in 20-30 years time.

Been thinking about it a while. I thought I was content and satisfied with my achievements in life thus far but somehow it seems insignificant to others around me. I don't know why I do this. I know I have done something with my life but somehow I keep belittling myself and as a result of it fall into this depression mode wondering what the heck is my accomplishments and what do I have to show for ? So when is enough really enough ?

Somehow I've been trying to fill this void in my life but have yet to find it and I still stray around looking for something which I have no idea what I'm looking for in the first place. I'm so envious of people who seem to have figured out their life and what they want out of it. I'm still groping in the dark familirising myself with the darkness feeling so lost and confused. I'm too young to have a mid life crisis god damn it !!! Grrrrrrrrr

I should stop torturing myself this way and go through this emotional self doubting roller coaster. Chants *I am happy with who I am and what I have done* HECK CARE OTHERS !!!!!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Raya Open House - Pt Dos

So after leaving NA's place CT wanted to drop by the office a while to get something done and to meet up with some colleagues who is going for the open house as well. Halfway there it started raining cats and dogs. More like a thunderstorm actually it was damn difficult to see the road and water was rising very fast at certain areas. CT's boss place is somewhere behind the zoo and armed with a sms as directions we tried to find our way there.

We got near the zoo and followed the directions and came to a road which was flooded. I suspect it was almost knee deep because there was one motorcyclist pushing his bike through the water. There's no way I was going to drive through that. So we just sat there for a good 5-10 mins wondering what to do. CT called the boss and informed of the situation and we got a different route to head to the house.

We made a u-turn and tried to find the way mentioned. The rain was still pouring and visibility was quite poor. We followed the new way to the place which I have no idea where it was cause this is my first time in this parts of KL. Somehow after driving around for what felt like forever and taking one wrong turn we finally got to the place thanks to CT exceptionally memory and navigational skills. Hahahah got treasure hunt next time must ask CT to join already.

We were once again the first ones there because many people decided to either turn back cause of the jam or were stuck in the jam on their way. So we sat enjoying the dinner while waiting for the rest of CT's colleague to appear. CT's boss is damn cool. For someone who is that high level he's down to earth and doesn't impose that feeling of fear that most top management people possess. Met a few people that night whom I obviously can't recall any of their names.

So after filling our tummies and also coz CT needs to head back to office to finish off work we decided to leave earlier since the rain has also stopped and hopefully the road will be clear of jam. As we were about to leave few more people arrive and this time I recognised one of them. I looked close again and yup it was Marion from 8tv. Did you know that Marion is on wikipedia ?? Here's the link to it Hahahahah .. she looks much better in person that she does on the screen. She has one of the sweetest smile .. too bad we had to leave .. all CT's fault !!! grrrrrrrr

Dropped CT back at the car and I reached home feeling bloated and satisfied. Overall it was a slow and relaxing Sunday and I got to meet people whom I haven't seen in a very long time and whom I never thought I would meet.

Raya Open House - Pt Uno

So had an invitation for raya open house yesterday for lunch by my college mate (NA) whom I have not seen in ages. Initially I was quite hesitant to go because well I don't really enjoy being in a crowd especially with strangers but since I had nothing to loose except maybe meet up with some old friends who I have not seen in ages.

I tried calling TN up but I guess he was still KO'ed from the day before. Already made lunch plans with CT the day before and since I wanted to go the raya open house I asked if CT wanted to go as well. So I picked CT up around 1:45pm or so coz the invitation stated 2pm-5pm. Didn't really know the way there but thanks to the easy directions given NA we were able to find our way to NA place's without much problem. The place was quite empty and I think we were like the first few to arrive. OMG damn paiseh I forgot I'm in Malaysia and being punctual is not cool .. hahaha

But being early does have it advantages got to spend some quality time with NA hahaha with NA giving us personal attention and serving us drinks/cookies. After a while sitting in the house feeling a bit awkward we decided to move out to where the food was being served and grabbed a table closest to the food and near the fan. The food was just awesome and the roast lamb was to die for. Started off with mee goreng and kueh teow goreng with fried chicken and some satay then for round two I got the roast lamb especially the ribs. OMG to die for and was sitting there enjoying my food when two other college mates (NH and KT) arrived. So the gang meet up again and we caught up with what's happening and what's happened etc. We were joined by (LW and FA) later as well. I haven't seen those two for like 10 years. OMG it's been so long. LW is married but no kids and FA is planning to migrate to Australia.

We were there till almost 5+pm when we decided to call it a day because we were super full with the awesome food and because CT had another place to go for dinner and asked me to follow as well since CT doesn't know the way there. Since I had no better plans I decided to go just for the fun of it. Hhahaha

Friday, November 17, 2006

Rain rain go away

So I got up early today cause I wanted to get in the office to finish up some work only to arrive and find the doors closed. Arrghhhh of all the days this had to happen the day I decide to come early to work. Stupidsssss .. only manage to get in the office around 8:40am and started checking my emails.

Few minutes later and the phone rang. OMG it's BV again I thought I wouldn't be hearing from BV for quite some time after yesterday but true enough it was BV. Spent a while talking to BV and one thing led to another and somehow we ended up talking about blogs and BV asked if I had one and obviously I just can't lie and say no. So now I have ermmm 4 people (I think) who officially knows about my blog. Welcome BV *waves* nice having you here :D Whatever I say here cannot be used against me okay !!!!! :P ahahhahaha

So I'm sitting here waiting for work to be over so I could head over to college but it's raining so damn heavily and I'm afraid that I might reach class late. I might leave earlier instead will see how it goes.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Me emo biatchhh

So I managed to get up around 7:30am despite the lack of sleep drove to work as I usually do but somehow the drive that usually perks me up before I reach the office felt longer than usuall and I didn't feel the thrill when I do being behind the wheel. I was feeling rather depressed about last night and how sometimes some people don't even try to take the effort to keep up to their word. Also probably because my classes were starting soon more like the next day and the anxiety is killing me.

Reached office around 9am or so and had my breakfast and a nice hot cup of Milo. Ahhhh that somehow helped a bit. As I was just about to settle down into my chair and get comfortable and I got a phone call and guess what. It was BV what a pleasent suprise just when I thought it was going to be a long boring day. BV was feeling shitty and somehow we ended up talking for what felt almost forever. Wait a minute it was because the next thing I know it was already lunch time. Oh oh ... time really flies when you are having fun. The conversation with BV has left me somewhat in a better mood even though it was BV who called and asked to be cheered up. Thanks a lot BV you really made my day, it was fun talking to you and to forget about the trivial matters in life. I manage to get through the rest of the day feeling much better.

Since I just came back from training there where quite a bit of work that needs to be cleared up and I left the office around 9pm plus it was raining as well and I didn't want to get stuck in the jam cause I didn't feel like sitting in the car staring at the red lights behind another vehicle listening to sad sappy songs on the radio. Took a nice shower and had my dinner and sat in front of the pc watching tv series ( HEROES ROXORSSSS !!!! )

Was halfway through and was almost about to call it a night when CC got online. I wanted to ask what happened last night but decided to just leave it at that and just as I was about to logout got a msg from CC saying that CC ko'ed last night and had to be driven back home. That explains a lot. Hahahahahah .. well there's always a next time.

Mambo jambo .. grooovy

So I picked AA up around 10pm and drove over to TN's place. We finished off the balance vodka from the other day and tried using a new mixer orange + lemon. The result was awesome !! CC said usually will be there after 11pm so we left TN's place about 11pm or so since it only takes about 10-15mins to get to Zouk from his place. So the usual gang arrived Zouk around 11:15-11:20pm and we proceeded to head to Velvet for some mambo goodness.

We met JK and HN in Velvet as well and I got a jug of beer. The place was quite pack and lucky we manage to get a small spot near the dj counter at the dance floor. Not too crowded yet was close enough to have enough fun. It was different listening to the tunes in mambo and then grooving to them. All this while I was texting CC back and forth trying to locate CC. In the end I gave up and decided to continue enjoying the night instead of walking around searching for CC.

After a while in Velvet we decided to head over to The Loft to check out the scene there. It was quite empty and I got to chill on the sofa. I wasn't quite able to layan the music and I just sat there on the sofa enjoying the air cond and admiring the view. I think I'm having PMS (Pillow Missing Syndrome) was just so stoned and moody the rest of the night even though I was actually really looking forward to it. AA met up with a friend and left with her. So the rest of us decided to call it a night and go get some food.

Got home and feel asleep around 5:30 am or so. I'm going to be such a zombie at work.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Away from office - Training

I was away from the office for training for two days and it was a refreshing break. The same instructor that tought the first phase also tought this seconde phase. Initially the training was suppose to be in Concorde KL but then was moved to Pacific Regency which is just near to KL Tower. I took the Monorail the first day fearing the KL traffic in the morning and didn't realise that the walk from the Monorail station is quite a distance. Reached the hotel all sweaty and hot.

I would very much prefer Concorde due to it's location but this place has wifi and it kept me going all through the class. The lunch was nothing spectacular as it was a set lunch and not a buffet as most of us were expecting and the food was nothing to shout about. I was nodding off every once in a while and almost fell off the chair once or twice. Hahahaha. During the break the instructor jokingly said no more partying for me tonight since the next day we had another class. I was shocked when he said this. Do I look like a party person ?? oh oh .. hmmmmmm hahahaha

Decided to drive to the hotel on Wednesday as I was lazy. Had some issue with the office and calls kept coming in one after another. Finally managed to settle it and just sat down in the c chair when I got another call but this time it wasn't from the office it was from BV. heheheheh. Talked for almost an hour outside of the class while the instructor was busy teaching . Went throught the rest of the day like a zombie and nothing really much went in lucky I understood most of what he was talking about. Tonight we heading to Mambo .. woooohooooo .. am suppose to meet CC there but then again we'll see how it goes.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The week that was - Summary

Haven't had a chance to post anything the whole of last week. I have no excuses other than the fact I was feeling lazy :D So here is a post about the week that was or at least what I can remember of it cause it was one hell of a week ... really !!!! hahahah

Nothing really interesting happened the first half of the week other than the fact BV called me to say hi but I was rather busy and had to attend a meeting so we didn't really had time to talk that much. Manage to head to the gym on Monday and Wednesday so that's all good. Told TN on Wednesday that if possible I wanted to head to Mambo next week to see what is it about cause I heard some good things about it.

My colleagues wanted to play volleyball and so I obliged even though I don't really know how to play. There's this new place near our office that has a volleyball, basketball,futsal court. It was my first time there and the place was awesome. There was a kopitiam there and what's even more interesting they had a pool table. Finally there's a place to hangout near the office not too sure if that's a good thing or not, still haven't made up my mind hahhaha. Was at home chilling when I got an SMS asking if I want to join the gang at Ghetto Heaven. Why not man .. haahahah. There was this DJ from UK spinning that night DJ Shortee Blitz. You can check out his website here. His choice of music was awesome not too many commercial tracks and the way he mixes and scratches was awesome. Ghetto baybehhhhhhhhhh ...

So obviously after Ghetto and enjoying whatever sleep I could get which was only like 2-3 hours it was back to work in a blur blur mode. Managed to scrape through the first half of the day and through lunch. Lucky it was Friday and we have a longer break so I catched up with some much needed rest and was rudely awaken by a phone call. God damn it but lunch time was over anyway at least I manage to get some rest no matter how little it was. I had to leave office earlier as well cause I needed to drop by the college to pay my school fees. Reached home around 7pm when AA called me and said he wanted to be at TN place around 8pm so that didn't leave much time for me to sleep and I decided not too anyway in case I couldn't wake up. So spent the time online catching up on some news. Called AA up before 8pm and told him I wanted to leave and he was still sleeping and told me to take my time so I did just that and left the home aroudn 8:30pm. Hahahahha .. we got some pizza and head over to TN place where we started off the night with some vodka.

We wanted to check out some other places in P Ramlee before going to Zouk so we ended up in Thai Bar. The place was packed and most of them were too busy drinking anyway. So after a while there we went walking around and wanted to head into Poppy and while we were outside comtemplating to pay for the cover charge AA remembered it was Friday and Velvet had promo for Long Island which is much more value for money. Haahhaahh. We were in Zouk awhile. They were having Pure Ibiza night and those dressed in white were given free entry and also had some people dressed up as part of the event. After spending some time there we headed on to Velvet and metup with PL and his work colleagues. Met some very interesting people that night and one of them being Kumar who is this hilarious guy who is super hyper. Hahhahahaa. Went over to TN place after that to chill out. I didn't know I had a pillow fetish. I got hold of a pillow and didn't let go of it for the whole night. Hahhahahaha .. I love pillows. Do you know where is your pillow ?!?!? :D

So after reaching home soooo early in the morning went to bed to catch some well needed rest with I was awoken by a phone call by JK saying he got two VIP invites for Tata Young who was in KL for a show in RUUMS. So I called up AA if he's interested to join at first he was hesitant but at the mention of the word free flow he said OKAY !!! hahahha So we got the tickets and ended up in Ruums around 8pm and we were suppose to be there around 7pm. Lucky we were a bit late and were shocked when we reached there and the queue was bloody long. Having VIP invites we thought to ourself no way we're going to line up for this thing. So we got some directions to get to the main entrance. Got in the place and head over to the VIP section where we immediately proceeded to the bar to get our complimentary drinks only to rudely surprised by the guy behind the counter asking for coupons which we obviously had none.

After another guy kept complaining the bartender finally gave us one complimentary drink and it bloody sucked. We were bored and wanted to go have dinner as we were about to leave the place they mentioned that Tata Young was about to get on stage so we head over to the registration counter to ask for our coupons and we got back up to the VIP area. It was a short show with about 4-5 songs. She hasn't got the best voice but her stage presence more than makes up for it.

So after the show and once the coupons were finished (1 beer and 2 chivas mix) we decided to head for dinner. Since we were lazy to go anywhere else ended up in TGIF and ordered our meal. I had a Long Island and AA had a Margarita. So as we were having dinner and chilling I noticed this tall lady walk in and had the same hair style as Tata Young and I told AA this and he said I was dreaming hahaha. She sat down with a group of people on the other side of the restaurant and I told AA no la it's her and he also had a good look and yup it was her alright. Sitting under the same roof as us having dinner. It's my first time being so near a celebrity so excuse the jakun-ness. Hahahah wanted to go get her autograph but I wasn't a groupie and I didn't really wanted to disturb her dinner. Oh yah there's also this cute waitress in TGIF but I was so disappointed when I learnt she was married. Ohhhh well. hahahhaha

It was almost 11pm and we took a slow stroll to Zouk while waiting for the rest to come in. We went in first and the place was still quite empty. We got ourselves a jug of beer and proceeded to find an empty space. The rest came when we were about halfway done with our beer. There was this Gatecrasher party going on where Dogzilla was suppose to be spinning. Most of the music quite alien to me cause long time never listen to trance and the likes. After a while we headed over to Velvet also but it was bloody packed couldn't even really move around.

It was AD birthday on Sunday ( Happy Birthday Biaatttchhhhh :D ) so we decided to take the party else where and ended up in TN place where a few other people joined us. Time to chill again and the first thing I did when I got to the room was to grab the pillow. Hahahahahahha ..

It was one of the best weekends I've ever had and have opened up my mind, body and soul to new experiences. Just when you think you've been living life and unexpected things happens. Really an eye opener. Now I can truly say I'm living my life and grabbing each opportunities by the balls and making the best of it. AWESOME !!!! CHANGE I AM !!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Company function

So Friday was a little slow for me due to the lack of sleep from the night before. I think I slept like almost 3 hours or so. Lucky we are only working for 1/2 a day because the company is having a late lunch in conjunction with Deepavali and Hari Raya in KL. So manage to survive work and head over to KL for some rest time where I thought I could sit back and relax and enjoy the food and entertainment. Boy was I wrong .. hahahah

As usual in all company events there will be entertainment and people being grabbed onto the stage and this year when I was in my blurrest moment I got pulled up. I was like OMG ... my brain wasn't even switched on and here I am on the stage waiting to be tortured by the emcee's for everyone's amusement. God damn it !!! grrrrrr

So here I was on the stage and was asked to act out a scene with another lady on the Raya morning were we were suppose to be arguing on whose house we want to go for raya. As it is my brain is not working and also my malay sucks and suffice to say I didn't put up much of a fight. If not it would have been a really interesting scene. hahahhaha

So I got home and had a shower and I think I just dozed off after that. I remember TN giving me a call saying that they will be heading to Velvet later that night and asked if I wanted to come along and I think I told him I'll be there and the next thing I knew when I opened my eyes was it was already day light and I slept for almost 11 hours. Hahahah well so much for partying .. sleep prevailed ... :D

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ghetto heaven baybehhhhhhh

Imagine I was out yesterday night on a weekday partying ... me in a club itself is already hard to believe what more on a weekday ... muahahahahahha .. evil evil me .. met up with the usual people for dinner first and then after filling our tummies with food it was time to dance and drink the night away.

We picked up AA's friend from somewhere in Pantai Hill Park before heading over to Zouk and reached there around 11pm or so. Since there were not many people around we started off on the drinks first as they were having happy hours from 10-12pm so we got a jug of beer first to start off the night. By the time it was 12 we were already on our third jug and got a fourth jug just in case hahahaha

That's when the crowd started pouring in and two girls who I assume are working there got up on the podium to dance. OMG they were good. The DJ for the night was DJ Irwan from Amsterdram. The way he mixes the music is awesome from R&B to hip hop to even some classic rock. Awesome .. you can check out his page here . By the time it was 1am the place was fully packed and we were practically surrounded by people and the ladies that night were the shiznit ..

I was having an awesome time enjoying the beat and letting it take over my mind,body and soul. We decided to leave slightly before 3am cause some of us have to actually work the next dayyyyyyy ... arrrghhh so now I'm sitting here in the office half awake with just 3 hours or so of sleep .. the only way to cure it ... more partyingggg of coz .. hahahahaha ..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

So bored

So I was sitting in the office after lunch with nothing much to do while waiting for my meeting and decided to browse for some templates. There were like tonnes of them but mostly were targetted for female users. There were a lot with bears,flowers, anime images, stuffed animals and the lists goes on. Finally stumbled across this and I liked the color and layout and decided to use it. So here I present the new layout for my blog ... CHANGE I AM !!!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AA is in the house !!

So after telling TN about my blog, I decided to let yet another person know about it. I informed AA yesterday about my blog after quite a long interviewing session about his views on blogs in general and I guess it's safe enough for him to know about it. Hahahahah .. but either way the more I blog about what I do and who I hang out with sooner or later more people are going to stumble across it so might as well start of with the people around me. So welcome AA and thanks for taking the time for checking out my crap posting hahahhaha :P

Oh and also .. SK oh SK !!!!! I know you're reading my blog .. don't la be silent reader .. post up some comments .. let me know you careeeeeeeeeee .. and thank you very much for lending me your ears and shoulder to cry on when I was down and depressed and needed some advice about stuff .. ahhahahahaha ... and I promise to take up on your offer to come visit you soon !!! :D

Also sorry if all the codes/abbreviations are a little confusing. It's just I'm still rather paranoid about posting all this online and to somewhat protect those people who I talk about here. Anyways it's my blog so just DEAL WITH IT ... aightsss :D

Pant .. puff .. dyingggg

So after such a long break from the gym I finally decided to give it a go once again yesterday. It was damn odd stepping back there seeing all the people running/jumping/carrying weights plus there seem to be many new trainers which I've never seen before.

So to the locker room I went to get change to venture back into the sweaty world of exercising. Wanted to go for some classes first to get myself slowly accustomed to sweating again but I saw the threadmill being empty decided to hop on it and go for a slow jog.

By the end of the half hour my legs felt like they were about to drop off. I was panting and huffing as though I had been running for ever and that's not even running non stop for 1/2 hour more like jog and walk and jog and walk alternating every 5 mins. OMG I'm crap .. ahahhaah .. wasn't satisfied and decided to do another 15 mins so dialled up the machine again and away I went. This time around I manage to jog for 12 mins non stop well at least it was an improvement and now I sit in the office with most of my body parts aching. Arrrghhhh .. CHANGE I AM !!!

Stupid streamyx

I have been having problem getting online for the past few days. No idea what is the problem. Need to call them up and check to see. The stupid DSL light on the modem keeps blinking and blinking and sometimes there's no light at all and even if the DSL light is on and I get connected it will not even last 10-15 mins and I will get disconnected. Initially I thought it was the modem that got struck by lightning but if that's the case I shouldn't even be able to get online right ? Arrghhhhh ... Malaysia Boleh !!!