Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A year has past and you still live strong in our hearts grandma.

I didn't see real sorrow
real pain
I didn't see the world
as really in vain
Before my Grandmother died

I never saw the need for love
nor the God's creation
I never saw for real Nature's
beautiful information
to my eyes
Before my Gran died

Never understood the importance
of really growing up
Never saw the beauty of the sunrise
from the gorgeous mountain top
Before my Grandmother died

I actually experienced it all
The mountains and the dew
As if all of them were given to me
By her, in soul I knew
That when my Grandmother died:

She had given me life
and insight for me to keep
So that I can go to bed every night
and find my peaceful sleep
Cause my Gran never really died

And every morning I think of her
The one, unconditional to who I'll be
And I know that she every day
From heaven is able to see
That she never passed away

Cause she still lives in me!


Anonymous said...

this is a really beautiful poem..almost made me cry. lost my grandma in recent years & whenever i talk or think abt her, i still cry.. she'll always be in my heart!