Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The merdeka weekend

The merdeka weekend
I remember not really enjoying my merdeka last year but this year I celebrated it with a bang and had the time of my life. Though it involves some alcohol but mattered more was that I spent it with people who mattered and bothered. I'm gonna attempt the impossible and try to write about my very interesting weekend though I'm pretty sure I'll be missing bits and pieces in between hahahaha

Saturday 30th August 2008
I reached back KL after my trip early Saturday morning. Was pretty darn tired so slept a while and woke up around lunch time. Decided to head out to get my car windscreen repaired as the insurance is going to expire soon. Did some research and found a place in Puchong that does a reasonable job for a reasonable price.

While waiting for them to finish the work I decided to head over to IOI for some shopping. Haven’t been there in ages and wow was I surprised to see the amount of people there. Got myself some stuff and had lunch as well.

Rushed back home after that because there was the Monash ball thingy that I had to attend which was at 6pm. Got ready and rushed to Sunway only to reach there around 6:30pm or so. Someone said there was going to be free flow and there was free flow alright .. free flow of cordial drinks !!! hahahaha I think many were disappointed.

We were ushered to the VIP area cause apparently our table is right in front and we got 2 tables. Thank god this time we could sit wherever we want and it was more relaxed with performances from the students but what was disappointing was that it was a buffet dinner and not a sit down dinner but at the same time it allowed us to do some mingling around though not with everyone … LOL …

I got a sms earlier asking if I wanted to join her and her friends for a small get together at her place to which I answered I’ll call her when I’m done with dinner cause I have no idea how long it will take. On the other hand I know for sure the gang are heading to velvet to party the night away .. as much as I wanted to go out and meet the gang, clubbing was the last thing I wanted to be doing especially after such a long day so I opted to head to her party due to other obvious reasons as well hahahaha.

In a nutshell I don’t regret going there at all and had a very good time counting down to merdeka ;)

Sunday 31st August 2008
Woke up quite late after an interesting night out and lazed around at home preparing to go for the bbq party at night. I was left in charge of getting ice and luckily I had the ice cooler around so I got 6 bags of ice and made my way to Iv’s place. I was one of the earliest to arrive so I helped carry the things down and proceeded to start the fire.

Soon after everyone started arriving and food was consumed and bottles were opened. As the night progressed there were some there were thrown in the pool and some who volunteered and jumped in themselves hahaahah damn funny

Apparently people were complaining that we were making too much noise so we packed up and made our way to Ivy’s place where the party continued though not for everyone as most decided to leave by then.

We started playing this stupid card game. Cards were laid out and everyone takes a card and places it on the forehead. The one with the smallest number losses and needs to drink. Suffice to say by the time we were done playing there were many people who couldn’t even walk straight and some who didn’t even know what happened when they got up the next morning !!!! It was pure madness and it was nice to have a chilled out night with friends that don’t mind making an arse of themselves.

Monday 1st September 2008
Met up for lunch with a friend after numerous delays !! hahahah finally after so long we took the time to catch up. Plans were made to have lunch and then catch up and then see how things went then decide if we wanted to catch a movie. Well it was an interesting day out and I shall leave out the details for now because I want to !!! hahahahaha .... we met up at 1pm for lunch and we went back at 8pm after a movie so all in all it was an interesting day out and we're suppose to meetup to catch up again soon because we still haven't finished talking about stuff and there's a lot more in the pipeline !!! hahahahaah

Went back home for dinner cause it's my mum's birthday and I took my parents out to Mid Valley to have thai food but we were busy shopping and lost track of the time and by the time we went to the restaurant it was closing. So I took them to the one in Cheras instead where "she" used to work. Don't know why I always seem to go places where I'm reminded of her hahahahaha ... too bad it was just a split second kinda thing and we had an awesome meal ... went back home dead tired and crashed