Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's funny how fast time flies especially when I've been travelling so much this month. Here I am now in a hotel room watching a dvd waiting to check out to catch my next flight to yet another place. At the same time all this travelling and going around gives me a lot of time to be alone and a lot of time to do some thinking and reflection.

Here are somethings that has happened to me the past few weeks that I want to remember and keep track of so I'm gonna write about it :)


michelle said...

more updates, please.. i'm hungry for more news, esp with "the girl". and of course what's been going on in ur life & in ur mind lately.. feels like such a long time since we really talked. i'm really curious abt what's going on in that head of urs..hmmm...feed me!

changeiam said...

hahaha i'm on strike .. no comments no new posts :P have been busy with work la but rest assured will be updating soon enough. You can always call me for updates you know :P hahahah