Monday, September 14, 2009

A phone call

It often is amazing how one phone call can either make or break your today. Today was such a day and this is one phone call I was never expecting and if only I knew who the caller was I would have never even aswered the phone ... arrrgggghhhhhhh ... just feeling really down at the moment ..

After months and years since the last incident .. this person still has the nerve to call and demand that I pay my dues ... excuse me but I think I've done more than I should have in the first place and though I'm not one who can be cold hearted or without empathy but this time around this is just way too much ...

If you need help just ask, don't go around acting all superior and make it sound as though it's my responsibility or duty to bail you out of trouble whenever shit hits the fan ... I've tried to help as much as possible and do the best I can .. yes most that I've done is not in monetary form but is that what you really are looking for ? Isn't sincerity or the willingness to help a person in need much more valueable than that ?? At the end of the day does it all boils down to dollars and cents ?

If it is then I'm sorry ... I have enough of my own problems in that area and don't need you to make me feel like I'm ungrateful for the help I received in the past .. I am and I've never forgotten all that's happened ... I have forgiven you but I've never forgotten how I've been treated as well ... Respect me and the help I've been giving even when I didn't have too .. especially after all that you put me through .. this is where I draw the line .. I have a life and I need to take care of my own situation as well ... I do hope you manage to work things out cause threatening me is definitely not the way ...