Monday, September 28, 2009

Amazing isn't it ....

I find it amazing that even after weeks and months of not speaking to each other the feelings and emotions still linger ... the feeling of dissapointment and love colliding and making it all so confusing ... Being treated like the invisble man is also taking it's toll ... and what's even more amazing is after all this while the water works still turn on at unexpected moments ... why ?? Why do I still feel so strongly for someone that doesn't even acknowledge my existence ? Why do I still think it's something worth fighting for and whatever the issues is, it can be talked about and resolved ... or is it only me who is just hoping and wishing ... to top it all off I've been hearing not so nice things about her .. and to add salt to the open wound .. I also heard she has been saying not so nice things about me ... wow ... it's not enough to get stabbed right in the heart but now the knife is being twisted and turned inside of me ... now isn't that just amazing ??