Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The crazy 24 hours

Finally back in the comforts on the office, sitting on the chair, in front of the notebook. What a crazy, crazy, CRAZY weekend !!!! Only managed to reach Singapore around 5:30pm and got a message asking me to be at Changi airport at 6:30pm because there's been a change of plans in accommodation. The best part .. it takes about 45 mins to get there from where I am ... LOL

Had a quick snack, rushed to the MRT and made my way to Changi stop, while I was at the interchange waiting for the train, got a call and asked to head to Pasir Ris instead. Luckily I wasn't on the train yet. So made a few more sms informing others of the change of plans and dinner at Clarke Quay is not going to be happening.

Only managed to reach the apartment around 8pm and plans were made to have dinner nearby and head there around 9ish pm. We were at the monorail station buying tickets to go Sentosa around 10pm and everyone was pumped to get the party started. So did the rest of the people around us. It's gonna be a crazy packed night. Even to enter we had to queue for almost an hour. We finally got in and bought coupons for drinks and made plans to meet at a specific point, in case we loose each other and which is what exactly happened. The best part, it was me that got lost, sort of ... hahaahhaahha. I had my eyes set on the group in front and was trying to catch up with them, turned and looked behind and the group behind me was gone, turn to the front and that group was also gone, so basically I was the odd one one.

The best news of the night, my money was with group A, my handphone and MRT ticket was with group B !! hahahaahahahha I had nothing with me except my camera and the entrance ticket to Zouk !!! Woots .. how amazing is that !!! LOL

Just walked around keeping an eye out for them while trying to enjoy the whole Zoukout experience. There were 3 stages, with stage A being the highlight of the event. It was crazy crazy packed especially with everyone waiting in anticipation for Tiesto to get on stage. He opened with Kaleidoscope and I was immediately mesmerised. I closed my eyes and let the music take control. A wave of calmness filled me and I suddenly felt I was magically being transported elsewhere. The thousands of people around me didn't exist. I was alone and I was okay with that, a smile crept up my face and I knew it was okay. It was okay to be alone, it was okay to feel alone, alone is not a bad thing after all. I was overwhelmed by it all, never would I expect to feel such serenity in the midst of chaos. It was magical to say the least.

David Guetta did a good job entertaining the crowd especially after such a big name like Tiesto. Didn't get to catch much of his songs as I was busy running around looking for friends. In the end I was just walking around listening to the music at the various stages and at the same time keeping a lookout for familiar faces.

Before long the sun made it appearance but that didn't stop anyone from continuing the party and at wee hours of the morning you can see everyone still pumped and energetic as if they just started out. It was madness, never have I been to a party that lasts so long and being awake to witness it all. 

Around 7:30am I began to get worried because I haven't spotted anyone and we had a bus to catch at 10am. Decided to take a slow stroll to the monorail station in hopes of spotting them resting somewhere or having breakfast at one of the nearby stalls. Still no luck, sat around the station till around 8:30am and began to get desperate. Didn't have any money to take the ride back to Harbour Front so if I walked it would take roughly an hour, which would give me enough time to borrow a phone and call them but will they be already there or already prepared to head to the bus departure area.

In the end I approached a total stranger and asked if he's phone had internet access so I can check my Google Mail and get someone's contact number as I don't even remember anyone's at the top of my head. He was kind enough to lend me his phone and even make a call to a KL number and I manage to get hold of someone and had my transportation arranged from Sentosa to the bus terminal. Even manage to tell the rest that the bus was at 10 am and not 11am as they assumed. Phewwww we manage to get there in time and lucky us the bus was not even there yet. 

Yet another crazy adventure for your's truly.