Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sugar coating

Was thinking about this recently and after my unproductive teleconference with a MNC that shall be left unnamed I finally found the time to actually sit and put my thoughts down. It's funny how we are thought to speak our mind and yet when it comes to the practical part of it more often that not we tend to sugar coat most of the words that come out of our mouth.

Among close friends information tends to get sugar coated and sometimes even important information is left out. Sometimes we do it unknowingly but most of the time we do it because we are afraid of hurting the other party with the truth. The saying truth hurts is so true and by disguising the truth sometimes seems to make things easier to swallow especially if it's bad news. At the same time sometimes too much sugar coating ends up as a white lie, all this is done with the idea of protecting the other person in mind. I know and understand that bad news is difficult to accept but by hiding the truth or topping with with loads of sugar sometimes the truth gets so distorted that the original message never gets across. If we can't be honest with the people we care about then who else can we be honest with ?

Sugar coating in some form is a way of censorship I guess. I mean just take a look at our local newspaper and you'll know what I mean. Most news either do not make it to the paper and even if they do they are so heavily doctored and distorted and topped with kilos of sugar that you might die of diabetes the next day.

Just take for example of the rumors of a petrol price hike. So by informing us that there is no petrol price hike this year seem to have pleased a majority of the people but what difference does it make if next year the petrol price goes up by 20cent or even 30 cent to cover up for this year as well ? What then ? By then no amount of sugar coating will help because the truth of the matter is petrol prices are going up and by subsidising (sugarcoating) us from the ever increasing petrol price does it do us any good ? We might save a bit now but sooner or later we have to face the music and when that time comes I can't imagine what might happen.

Maybe we are just afraid of confrontation and try our very best to weasel our way out of it either by sugar coating or by topping it up with a white lie or by just ignoring it until it's too much to handle. Where am I going with this I have no idea. Maybe like everything else in life there needs to be moderation and sugar coating only helps to a certain extent and sooner or later the truth needs to be voiced out be it by choice or forced into a situation. Sometimes the truth does hurt in the short term but the effects in the long term by living a life full of sugar is not very pleasant either.

Have you been doing any sugar coating lately ?!?!? hahahahah I know I have :D