Monday, October 08, 2007

What colour are you ah ?

Living in a multi racial society one has been thought since young that we are lucky to be living in a country that has such diversity in culture and believes. I couldn't help but overhear some of my colleagues talking the other day and it got my attention. They were complaining about how cliques is so obvious nowdays and having a clique is nothing new but this cliques are usually of a single color. It is obvious in universities, colleges and even secondary school to a certain extent.

Some of this people are of the majority in this country and yet they were commenting about how when they were young and living in kampungs everyone mixed with each other and colour was never a matter compared to today where walking around in shopping centers one can not help but notice it.

Being raised in a mixed parentage with both my parents being the minority in the country I always thought that we the minority should stick together and become much stronger voice in the country. That is until recent incidents has thought me that there are still some people living in the dark ages thinking that their colour is the ultimate colour and any other colour is just not good enough.

To generalise a person based on his colour is something I have heard of from other people but never have I had it happen to me. To generalise me as a typical person based on my colour is something not pleasent at all. There are tonnes of things happening in the country and to generalise someone based on what you see or hear from the tv and radio and paper based on other people's doing of the same colour is definitely not fair.

There's some that likes to gamble and to certain extent even beg, borrow or steal just to satisfy their gambling habits then there are some that apparently like to get drunk and beat their wives and not forgetting some that apparently like to go around committing incest. So if you're the same colour as someone who has been generalised to be a certain type does that mean that you are the same as well ? It's the most absurd and ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of place do we live in that not only do we have to fight for our rights but at the same time because of the action certain group of people we are labelled to be the same kind just because of our skin colour. In all my years growing up and living this is the first time that I've faced a colour issue in my life. I've heard of adding some colour to your life but never have I thought that I had to be a certain colour to live happily and peacefully.