Saturday, July 14, 2007


You know you're whacked when it's a Saturday and you're awake at 6am in the morning hahaha. I've been so used to waking up early that even without an alarm I find myself awake at 6am on a weekend !!! Now how whacked is that ?!?!? hahha

Well the good news is that finally my assignment is over. Handed it in yesterday evening which removes a damn big burden off my shoulders. For now I'm free for the next one week until my next classes start next week !!! hahaha My boo wanted to have dinner with me last night and we went to this chinese shop and ordered pork knuckles and some ginseng prawns thingy which was just awesome !!! Though slightly pricey but it was definitely worth it especially the prawns. We were so hungry that I just couldn't be bothered about taking pictures !! hahah .. Thanks it was just lovely *huggssss*

We wanted to catch a movie but the cinema was just packed with people and don't even bother lining up for Harry Porter cause 2 shows ahead of time were already fully booked. So after walking around The Curve we went back home.

Now you know your social life is a lil whacked when you reach home and your parents tell you that they just watched Harry Porter !!! I was like how comeeeeeee !!!?!?!?! hahahah damn funny my parents watched Harry Porter before me and what's even weirder is I don't think they even watched the one before this !!! Now how whacked is that ?!!?!?

Well I'm going to go try to catch some zzz's !!! nights