Monday, July 23, 2007

I am pirates !!!

It was a fun and tiring Saturday. Even though the morning didn't go as planned but it's the results that matters and it was a good change of luck. After last weekends interesting adventures of being stranded in Genting and having my car hospitalised for a few days, I only managed to collect it on Friday afternoon and having a treasure hunt on Saturday left me a little worried in case we had a repeat performance but thank god the car behaved itself the entire trip.

Me and a few colleagues of mine went for a treasure hunt on Saturday and we were suppose to be in Putrajaya for the flag off at around 7:30am but as usual with all the delays etc we only manage to flag off at 8:30 am or so that is after about 10 participants or so pulled out from the hunt. It was very disorganised and the organisers being their first time organising such a hunt (40 cars or so) were overwhelmed by the criticisms.

Some of the participants were seasoned hunters and they found the rules and regulations absolutely ridiculous and some even threatened to sue if they can't get their refunds. We were in it for the heck of it and obviously if we won it would be a bonus.

So after flagging off and getting our instructions only we realised that we are not actually in a treasure hunt but more of an amazing race kinda thing where speed and accuracy mattered and having a good knowledge of all the shortcut and highways is definitely a plus. Our first destination was to go to Alor Gajah where we will get our questions to pitstop number 2. In total we had 6 and we had no idea where the heck we will be going. At the end of the day we went from Putrajaya -> Alor Gajah -> Banting -> Shah Alam -> KL -> Eye on Malaysia.

It was a tiring journey but thanks to my superb driving skill (speeding) hahahah we manage to reach most of the pit stops first and had all the time in the world to find the answers and to even ask the people around to help us as well. The advantage of being first hahaahha. I hope I don't get any love letters from the men in white.

Plus did you know that there's an Istana in Jugra ?? I had no idea and it was inside some kampung area with the only directions we had was to find the Istana !! Thank god for our vast resources at hand (handphone) we manage to get people who were familiar with the area to give us accurate direction which saved us at least 1/2 hour or so.

We reached Eye on Malaysia like 3:30pm and we were suppose to clock in latest by 6:15 pm thanks once again to my superb driving skills we had all the time in the world to get our answers at the final pit stop and it was pouring cats and dogs but the amazing thing was 1/2 hour later cars from other teams started to arrive so we weren't that fast after all. With so much time to kill obviously some of them started talking about the questions and answers and the more we talked the more afraid we got because we seem to have different answers compared to the other teams.

Finally it was time to know the winner. We knew that we should at least get top 3 la hahaha so damn confident !!! 5th place was announced then 4th then 3rd and still nothing my heart started beating faster and then 2nd place still nothing .. hmmm we couldn't have done that bad right I was expecting at least 2nd and when they announced the first place winner by calling out the number plate my team mates jumped out in joy but I just sat down because the emcee only announced the alphabets and not even mentioned the numbers yet. Imagined if another car won instead of ours damn paiseh right hahahah so my colleague ran in front and ask what's the full number plate ahhahah crazy ... and so yeah we won first place !!!! wooohooooooo

So finally after running around in the rain and being wet and cold and hungry and tired and after being awake for more than 12 hours it was finally over !!! What a day but I love being a pirate !!! shiver me timbersssssssssssss ... hahahahah

Oh yah guess what I saw lurking the streets of Banting. He was having fun with us as he accelerated and waiting for me to catch up and smiled and did it again. This went on for a good 10-15mins or so hahahahaha

P/s All pics taken with my new toy and I lazy to resize pics so live with it !!! hahahahaha


Donetta said...

Congratulations on your win!