Thursday, January 03, 2008

First day to work

After such a tiring night woke up going to work feeling exhausted and zombified which is definitely not such a good idea. Got into work and had an eerie creepy feeling as the whole office was quite and not many people were around as most were still away enjoying their long break.

There was little or no conversation at all especially from me and only answered when I absolutely had to. What a busy day coming back to work with loads of works that needs to be done. Left office on time cause was way to tired to stay any earlier.

On the way back from the office just a few cars in front of me I saw a group of dogs crossing the road and within a blink of an eye one of them was hit by a taxi mpv. My heart just skipped a beat and I immediately slowed down as I passed the poor dog lying in the middle of the road. Watching through my rear view mirror I saw the poor animal getting up and limping around and just collapsed at the same spot. Usually I would have continued on my way but for some weird reason I stopped because I hoped there was some way the dog was only slightly injured.

The taxi guy who knocked the dog also stopped by the road but I think he stopped because his bumper was almost falling and had to assess the damage. I rushed to the dog and every step I took closer my heart started beating faster. I wasn't thinking what I was going to do when I got there but I just had to know if the dog was still breathing or not. The taxi guy also followed closely behind me. The first thing going through my mind was if the poor animal is still breathing the taxi guy better take it to the vet or something or else I was ready to make sure he does so be it voluntary or forced by me. I was actually rolling up my sleeves as I walked nearer to the dog.

I stopped near the animal in fear the poor animal might be in shock and might just snap in fear at anyone nearby. As I got closer I noticed a pool of blood around the head with it's tongue hanging out. It was really a very heartbreaking moment and without thinking I immediately stood further in front of the dog directing traffic to the other lanes as the taxi guy dragged the dog to the side of the road and with a heavy heart walked back to the car.

As I drove back home my hands were still trembling with fear. Only then did my brain start working and I realised what actually has happened. It was as though I was on auto pilot and did things without even thinking of the risk that I was putting myself through. I realised that I had put myself in between oncoming traffic and a dog. I realised that I hadn't even thought of what I would do or should do if the dog was actually breathing but couldn't move. It was a frightening thought and somehow just sent a shiver down my spine.

It's just one of those things that you will never know what to actually do until you're in a situation like that. What a lovely way to spend the first day going back to work hahahahahah