Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's been crazy

It's been so long since I could spare some moment to sit down and pen down a few words. After my last post which was about the dog incident things have not been any better. Was overloaded with work and worked late on Friday night and had to come back to work again on Saturday which really sucked. I was so glad I didn't have any plans on Sunday as I just wanted to laze around at home and getting some rest of my mind and body.

So that's what I did, that is until I got an unexpected phone call from a friend I haven't heard in such a long time. The last I met him was at his wedding and now after few months later after not hearing much from him I get a phone call saying his dad just passed away on Saturday and they were having the ceremony today before cremating on Tuesday.

Rushed over tired and exhausted and shocked as it's only the beginning of the year and so far it's been not too good in fact it's been a tragedy one after another and it's really really tiring emotionally. Though not directly involving me but it still somehow still has an effect and apart from that from personal experiences it just brings back memories making it more difficult.

Plus work the past 2 weeks has been crazy with KPI's and PMF's and survey results that needs to be compiled and analyzed plus kicking off a few project at the beginning of the year and closing last year projects. OMG it's just been one hectic blur week going back after almost 12-13 hours daily in the office leaving enough time to go home get a shower make a drink and doze off to bed while listening to some music.

Have so many thoughts going on in my mind and with no avenue to release some steam makes it all pile up and keeping me constantly agitated and irritated. If not for the rare occasions of hanging out with a few friends to release some pressure would certainly have ended up killing or shouting at someone or anyone hahahahahah


kk said...

Dude... please... breathe! Take a deeeeep breath. You have to!!

Sama said...
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