Tuesday, September 04, 2007

8 questions you should never ask me

Got tagged by Trinity and since I have some free time this morning I decided to do the tag before I get swamped with work. This is a rather interesting tag that leaves a lot of room to think. So the main aim of the tag is 8 questions that you should not ask me

1. You still working in the same place ah ?
- What's wrong with working in the same place for so long ?

2. Wah you still not married ah ?
- @#$@#%@#$!@##!#!%&^*^

3. Eat already ah ?
- Just came back from lunch what you think ?

4. Eh you still awake at this hour ah ?
- No I'm actually sleeping this is an automated reply please leave a message after the beep

5. Eh you tired and sleepy ah ?
- No la I just yawning for fun

Unidentified number calling my handphone
6. Hello who this ?
- Who are you looking for ? You call me and ask me who I am ?!?!?

7. What do you think about this ?
- Answer honestly and then get ridiculed for thinking about it that way

8. Wahhhh you still driving this car ah ?
- !@#$@#%#$^%&


Trinity said...

:-) thanks a lot for quick responds!
Yeah I also really hate when people call and say hello who is this?