Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Traffic jams

In KL there's lotsa jam
Ee i ee i o
In in the jam there's lotsa cars
Ee i ee i o
With a car car here
And a car car there
Here car, there car
Everywhere car car
In KL there's lotsa jam
Ee i ee i o

Sometimes I sit and wonder what is the cause of all the jam in the first place. Is it because there is really a problem with our roads where it cannot cater for the amount of ever increasing cars ? I know for sure sometimes it's caused by inconsiderate drivers who tend to cut into the lane/queue at the very last minute.

At other times it's because of an accident. I don't know what's with drivers who like to slow down and have a look at the accident site. Are you part of the CSI team where with one glance you can figure out what actually happened ? More often than not the accident could be on the opposite side of the road and yet it's this side of the road that is jam. That really gets on my nerves.

Not forgetting the rain, OMG it's as though we suddenly forget how to drive when it rains and go crawling on the road at ridiculously slow speeds. Well if you're afraid of the rain or the fact that it might melt your car then don't bloody hell hog the fast lane. Keep the left where you belong god damn it !!! Also for your information the reason it's called an emergency light is because it's only used for emergencies when your car is broken down at the side of the road and not meant to be automatically switch on every time it rains !!!

The only reason I choose to work in this god forsaken place is because of the highways and non existent traffic jams and I get really moody and cranky when it actually starts crawling. I'm used to driving at speeds in excess of 80km/h on average except for the stop at the toll booths and yet today I find myself crawling at a paltry 10-20km/h !! arrghhhhhh early morning blood boiling already. I know traffic jam is part of driving in KL and I should get used to it but god damnit when a normal trip that takes 20-30mins ends up taking 60-90 mins I get freaking irritated.