Monday, September 03, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (Japan)

Here's some pictures from the Japan fireworks last week. Wanted to go for it but since our last experience during the Team Italy fireworks boo and myself decided to give it a miss and thank god we did that too because I heard people were stuck in the jam for 2-3 hours and some even more. That's just madness to watch a 20-30 mins fireworks show.

On the other hand everyone who went seem to enjoy the show except the the smoke which seems to be a lot for Team Japan's fireworks. Here's some pictures I got from my friend :)


fattien said...

We reach there early coz tot it will release on 10pm and then 12pm got another one. I went there with my frens from bangi toll.

After that we went back home by 3am. Still jamlar. reach back home by 4am. T_T

Btw, nice image...hehe. urs pic capture from zone 2. Got smoke at the middle of the fireworks..>.<

changeiam said...

Yeah the jam is just terrible and yeah got a lot of smoke la Japan but too bad I miss the Australia one as they are the winners :D

George said...

wow beautiful shots I like the multicoloured one! Nice