Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Between needs and wants

Accompanied some friends to do CNY shopping last weekend in KL. Yes yes I know with all the last minute shopping and traffic jam plus the fact that some of the roads were closed due to Tour De Langkawi made it all even more tempting to just stay at home and hide under the blankets but I just wanted to go for heck of it and torture myself ... and I got more than I bargained for ... ended up walking around Sg Wang, Low Yat and Times Square for almost 8 hours .. my legs going to drop off alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

In between all that walking and shopping and waiting I got a chance to have a look at some new gadgets and it's really temptinggggg .. grrrrrr .. I've wanted to get a camera for the longest time so decided to check some out. The prices of a digital slr is really tempting with prices as low as RM 2.5k for a Canon 350D which is more than adequate for me to play around with it until I learn the basics of good photography .. on the other hand if I were to get a slr I would definately not be bringing it along with me everywhere I go hence defeating the purpose of getting a camera in the first place .. so I shifted my focus to compact cameras with some degree of manual control and saw two models that particularly attracted my attention were

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2

Canon PowerShot G7

Both the camera have enough manual control and costs roughly around the same price with the Canon being slightly more expensive. The Canon also has a hotshoe for an external flash which is also compatible with it's digital slr brother which makes it all the more interesting. Have still not decided which one I should get or should I even get one in the first place or just jump straight to a digital SLR. Do I even need a digital camera in the first place or is just another spur of the moment kinda thing .. but one thing for sure photography is something I've always been interested in but just didn't have the time to really get involved .. we shall see how it goes ..

My mp3 player is also giving me problems and the headphone connection is not so good. Sometimes only one side of the headphone works and sometimes it has static sound. So a new mp3 player sounds feasible and what better player to get than the Ipod video .. 80gb of pure uncompressed music loving ... plus I can get to load up some movies as well to watch while I'm sitting around somewhere doing nothing and just waiting .. hmmmm now where and when would I do that ... never mind I still want one !!! hahaah

My headphones are also giving me problems ... I have 3 .. the Senn HD497 which one speaker doesn't work .. a Senn PX100 which sounds distorted at high volumes ... the Koss KSC75 which the volume control knob doesn't work properly causing distortion and sometimes only one side to work .. which boils down to me needing a new headphones for my new player ... hahahaahh .. I've boiled it down to two choices .. one is the shure earbuds .. whichs I've heard before paired up with the ipod and it sounds awesomeeeeeeeee !!! plus it's able to isolate most of the outside sound without using any weird frequencies allowing me to enjoy the music so much more

Shure E2c

I've also got my eye on the Senn HD600 or HD650 .. both of which are almost the top of the range audiophile grade headphones from Sennheiser so both of them costs a bomb .. I've only heard the HD600 before but it was paired with an amp so it was unfair for me to make a decision but oh boy do they sound awesome and I could tell the difference between an mp3 file and an uncompress version of it playing from the ipod ... it just sound awesome .. OMG drooling already thinking about it ... grrrrrrrrrrrrr ..



Last but not least .. no money no talk ... hahahahaha