Monday, February 26, 2007

Ipoh pigi

It promised to be quite an emotional roller coaster weekend but at the very last minute I decided to take control and decided that I shall join a group of friends on a trip to Ipoh and forget about the worries and problems in KL. At least I will have the chance to enjoy myself and my holiday to the fullest before hitting back to work today.

Intially the plan was to wake up before lunch and head down to Ipoh for lunch but due to the fact that yesterday night some of us stayed out quite late it was only around 2pm when we actually manage to meetup in KL to have lunch and then leave for Ipoh.

Lucky the road conditions were favourable with some downpour along the way but the traffic was smooth sailing which is what we really prayed for. We reached the hotel and the first thing we did was try to figure out how 6 people are going to sleep on 2 single bed. We practically tore the place apart and then lo and behold we got it all sorted out.

6 people + 1 room + 4 single mattress = HAVOC !!!!!

We took a short nap before heading out to dinner but to our dismay it was pouring cats and dogs but we still manage to eat some famous ipoh chicken though we had to wait for almost forever to get a table. I heard my stomach growling in protest a few times .. hahahhah .. we had our dinner and decided to proceed to discuss what we should do next ..

Apparently there was not many places to go at night in Ipoh so it was either we go clubbing or head over to sing karaoke. I was rather doubtfull of the second choice but somehow or rather we ended up going karaoke anyway.


It's my first time stepping into a karaoke joint and I had no idea what to expect but luckily I made sure that one thing familiar to me is there to accompany me which was my good ole friend chivas.

Have drinks will sing

Initially we started off slow as everyone started to warm up their voices and by end of the night we were going out full swing with some of us who don't know how to read chinese being able to sing chinese songs ... hahahaha damn hilarious lor .. but I didn't know go sing K can be so damn expensive man but I guess is about the same as going clubbing minus the crowd and the sweat ..

We got back around 2+ am and some of us being tired and half drunk decided to call it a night but not before we had our late night supper ... the chicken was awesome but it was a bit small though and cold but still deliciousssssssssssssssss !!!!!

Salted herbal chicken .. awesome too bad it was a bit cold

Next morning we planned to go to Cameron and we were suppose to leave the hotel around 9am for breakfast and then straight to Cameron. We went to this dim sum place and it was packed like mad. I think we almost spent 1/2 hour just waiting for a place to sit. The weird thing about Ipoh is almost everywhere we went we had to bloody stand and wait for a table and the best part is I think the people there are used to other people standing and watching them eat over their backs. Damn stressfull man .. plus the hunger was getting to me and I started to get damn bloody irritated especially at this uncle who was taking his own bloody sweet time reading paper and enjoying his tea ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Chee cheong fun

Pork ribs .. yummiess

Desserts .. some fruit jelly thingy

So after refueling our bodies with food we made our way up to Cameron Highlands. I haven't been there in ages and lucky we had a nice day ahead of us to enjoy up there.

It's a beautiful day

The first thing we did when we reached there was to find a place where we could pick/pluck strawberries. They charged about 20 bucks for 2 person for 1/2 kg of strawberries and since I've always only bought strawberries but never had the chance to pick them I decided to have a go.

Strawberry plantation

Up up and away

Jackpot !!

There were some mutated berries also

How come we never encountered any giant ass berries
when we went picking .. they must stash the good
stuff somewhere else and sell them at a higher price !!! damnits

Our treasure of the day and we manage to finish 1/2 kg in 1/2 hour !!! hahaha

After the strawberries and stopping for some grub we head over to the cactus farm where we were greeted with this.

Such a lovely sight

The red top .. cute looking cactus

It's called ayamas .. don't ask me why ..

Even a cactus needs a hug

This is one kick ass cactus with it's long "tentacle" hahahah

Looks familiar ?? hahaaha

After having enough of Cameron we decided to head back down to Ipoh where we will be joined for dinner with one of Christina's friend. After running out of ideas on where to eat we ended up in Friday Greentown. The place was okay but the food was awesome .. or it might be cause we were too hungry but doesn't matter I wouldn't mind headind back there again for a second time around.

Food glorious food !!

Loaded potato skins

All makan habis already

Friday cafe where your 9 cents means something

It was a fun but tiring day and it's back to KL again the next day but somehow we ended up sleeping around 2am only after having a few games of poker and some midnight snack.

Ipoh hor fun

We spent almost an hour looking for this shop. Suppose to have some kick ass hor fun and since it the first time I'm eating it so I can't compare with anything else but it sure did taste good. All that wait was worth it. After our brunch we head over to a shop to buy some ermm tambun biscuit and a few other biscuits and to KL we gooooooooooooooooo ... it's been a very long and tiring weekend and I was damn glad I decided to follow along .. so when is the next trip ?? muahahahahahah


lilxcute said...

no humans wan in ur photographs
eh..promoting ur blog in kbox huh xD

changeiam said...

hahahaha shhhhhh ... not so loud maaaa ... human all hiding .. coz some human said cannot post their face online maaa .. then how ?? so post places lor ... waiting for yours to appear ...