Friday, February 16, 2007

Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

Chinese New Year is finally just around the corner with tomorrow being the eve where family members gather around and have their traditional reunion dinner.

To all my friends celebrating it Happy New Year .. may this year of the pig bring you good health, wealth and success. For those who are driving back to their respective hometown please have a pleasant and safe journey. For the rest who are enjoying the time off and going for a holiday do take care and leave KL for me to terrorise ... muahahahahah

A traditional and comfortable year of consolidating. Not a good year for great changes but rather for contemplating your future. During 2007, when in doubt or trouble others are prepared to be your safety net and benefactors abound. Go ahead and lean as hard as you need to and ask for assistance if necessary. Emotionally, Horses may be pulled in two different directions romantically. Pull any weeds of misunderstanding, even if it means inflicting a temporary broken heart on an admirer. Be true to yourself but be gentle with feelings as well. Be cautious in sports or play not to re-injure a joint or knee. A year to put ideas up like a fine bottle of wine to age and wait patiently for opportunities to come.

My horoscope for this year of the pig. Let's see how true it's going to turn out to be. I wan go yee sanggggggggggggggg

I want a camera also to capture all this moment .. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. can I resist the temptation or run out and get a camera this weekend ?? hahahahahahah .. Wanna go roaming around town looking for lion dancers to take picture of ....