Friday, February 09, 2007

Hp Interactions - 5 countries 1 night 1 event

Got an invite to attend the event and since I had nothing else to do and was suppose to meet Tyler and gang in Maison later I decided I had nothing to loose plus they did promise free flow drinks. Arrived around 8pm and the media briefing just ended so I was one of the first ones in and immediately the kind waiter approached me with a tray of drinks. My new favourite drink vodka lime. Hahhahaha I think I had .. wait a minute I lost count how many I had ... LOL The new notebook from HP is also awesome with loads of features .. how I wish I could have one ..

Tyler arrived slightly later and since he didn't have dinner yet and the actual event of broadcasing live to 4 other coutries was starting only at 9pm. Went to have dinner and when we got back the place was already pack and suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by alot of technical people .. haahahahah and some of them were really funny .. :D

We were suppose to go live around 9pm but Taiwan was having some difficulties with the line and the live broadcast was delayed. DJ Kentaro performing in Singapore was awesome ... though it sounded more like drum and bass compared to hip hop .. Too Phat were also there to represent Malaysia. By the time the event was over most of the people that were actually there for the HP event were gone and the Maison crowd starting pouring in and before midnight the place was packed once more.

Left the place slightly earlier compared to before since I had a meeting today. It's amazing what technology allows us to do nowdays even though we were oceans apart. Too bad I didn't have a camera to take some pics. Will try getting some from those who were around.