Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No Black Tie - Rachel Guerzo

Yesterday out of the blue Cynthia suddenly asked if I wanted to go No Black Tie to watch Rachel Guerzo perform that night and since I had no plans for the night I decided to join her there and that was about 7:30pm. Finished off whatever work I had and manage to reach No Black Tie slightly before 9pm and since I was early I decided to head in and get a drink first before Cynthia arrives.

The place was quite empty and even by 10pm there was only a handfull of us and I manage to meet Rachel, Fly who plays the bass and and John Thomas on the drum. It was a truly amazing night and I felt like I had my own little concert playing just for me. I admit that I'm not a very big fan of the local jazz scene and I have no idea who is who but seeing that this is the second time I'm going to No Black Tie and I'm already hooked. Rachel definately knows her way around the piano and has a lovely voice to go along her awesome personality. If only everyone was as passionate and committed as she was we would definately have an awesome jazz scene locally.

As I sat there sipping my wine and enjoying her performances. Not to forget Fly who plays the bass who had his moments to shine as he showed the crowd his skills. John Thomas on the drums was almost another amazement. Being so young and talented he definately added his character into the music.

Before long the night was over and it was time to say goodbye but not before we went to have some beef noodles. Myself, Cynthia and Rachel made our way there while Rachel's brother was already there waiting for us. Supper was awesome and I got to hear a bit of Rachel's lovely chilhood and how her brother used to take care of her .. hahahahahah.. . It was a fun night out and I got to meet a truly talented singer and Rachel still owes me a song !!!! hahahah