Monday, March 05, 2007

Feeling appreciated ?? NOT !!

Had our anual company dinner last Saturday night and it was different from the previously held dinners due to the fact that this time around we had our very own performance from each team where the best performance get some prizes and glory for him team/house. Apart from that they also had a Mr and Miss award where the winner will also win some voucher but the funny thing was the lady winner gets a tiara from Habib Jewel as well unlike the guy who if I remember correctly only gets a RM 150 voucher. How come like that one ???

Anyway the theme for the night and overall programme was not too bad. At least this time around the host did a good job of keeping the crowd entertained though some of his jokes a bit the dumb lor .. the performance from the guest artist also was good and she made the effort to come down and greet each and everyone of us .. amazing thing was she can still post and take pictures and sing at the same time .. hahahaha awesomes ..

But the most dissapointing thing of the night is not that I didn't win any prizes though the main prize which was a trip to Gold Coast was very much welcome but it's due to the fact that some of us were suppose to be recognised for their loyalty and service from the company and were suppose to be given some kind of token of appreciation but instead all we got was 30 secs of fame while our name was being projected on the screen. That's it !!!! After working here and sweating blood and tears for more than 5 years and that's all we deserve ?? What's even more dissapointing is one of my manager's name didn't even appear in the list !!! OMG if it was me I would be crushed and hurt .. tremendously !!!

Just wait ... after I finish my studies the first thing I'm gonna do is start applying for a better job that recognises my efforts and makes me feel appreciated ... there comes a point in your life when the appreciation for your hard work is equally as important as getting cash rewards !!! IDIOTSSSS !!!! roarssssssssssssssss

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