Monday, March 05, 2007

Ghost Rider

After seeing the trailer and then hearing big names like Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes I was certainly excited to watch this movie and made it one of the must see shows for 2007. Even though I've been getting mixed reviews from friends on the show I decided to see it anyway.

Those who were into the comics said the show pretty much sucked and didn't really follow the proper storyline but heck just watch only la. The effects for the movie were pretty awesome especially when Johnny Blaze first transforms into Ghostrider and how the bike also evolves. I never knew how Ghostrider got his chain which can be seen wrapped around him and I don't know if what the movie potrays is true or not but at least it made sense at that moment.

The sad part about the movie for me was if Blackheart was so damn powerfull and all knowing wouldn't he know that if he consumed the souls Ghostrider could just use the Penance Stare and kill him ? A bit the dumb la and also the Caretaker .. what the heck he transforms just to ride along side Ghostrider ? I thought least can see him in action but noooooo ..

Overall it was an okay show with great effects and mediocre performance from award winning cast who weren't able to really showcase their talent.