Monday, March 19, 2007

The Myth of You and Me

I finally got around to finish reading this book after a few months. The Myth of You and Me is basically a story about a special friendship shared between Cameron and Sonia and how they became good friends at the tender age of fourteen. They were practically almost always together and shared many firsts together like best friends do. Everything seems perfect and they had a special relationship that only few are lucky enough to own.

So what could possibly happen until Cameron hates Sonia so much until years later even after receiving a letter from Sonia informing of her marriage she refuses to reply. Oliver Doucet a famous historian for whom Cameron was working for had secretly been corresponding with Sonia and had to force Cameron to take on a final task to hand deliver a gift to Sonia as stated in his will when he passed away.

So begins the adventures of Cameron in her quest to find Sonia and deliver the present to her. What draws me into the characters is how they are never honest with themselves and how incidents around them have changed them for better or worst. It also potrays how Sonia and Cameron are able to hide their flaw from the rest of the world except each other in fear of people not accepting or liking them.

Those who have lost a close friend either by drifting slowly apart or a sudden break caused by some incident will definately be able to relate to both the characters in this book but what caught me offguard was how the author decided to end this book. There definately isn't a fairy tale ending waiting to tell you that everything will be okay and that life goes on but the funny thing while I was reading this book was the amount of questions I was asked by my female colleagues as to why I was reading this book when it was about the friendship between to females and who asked me to read it. Hahahahah


Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my book blog. We are starting our discussion of The Myth of You and Me today (I will be posting two questions a day for the next few days). Stop on by and join us.

changeiam said...

Thanks for dropping by. I will definately be dropping by shortly to join the discussion. Absolutely loved the book

bulat said...

i wanna borrow the book bongok!!!!

i knowwwwlarh you gonna covercharge me right!? what bout me wrapping the book for you: D

changeiam said...

you want borrow the book and then you call me bongok .. damn smart rite .. bugger you .. so how much you want to pay for covercharge ?? muahahahahha