Monday, March 12, 2007

shit happens

Just when you thought your day couldn't get any worst and shit happens. Decided to take the bus to work today and as usual took the bus from the normal location but he dropped me off somewhere further and I had to walk to the office which was like a 10 mins walk.

So when it was time to go back I waited in the same place I usually do but I was a bit late because it suddenly started raining so I missed the 6pm bus. Waited for the 7pm one and everyone's else bus came except mine. Something definately is not right so I walked to the main station which was like a 15-20mins walk which didn't really bother me since it was nice and cooling under the setting sun. When I reached there only do I notice an A4 paper stating the bus that I usually sit has changed routes. Common sense would be to paste this notices in the places that the bus is no longer going so that people like me wouldn't have to wait there like a bloody moron .. dumbasses !!

Lucky for me all this while I had my trusty GPRS connection to keep me entertained while waiting or else I think I would have died in boredom. Also to add salt to the wound someone who was suppose to come to KL soon had delayed the flight and will only arrive early April .. booohoooo .. SHIT HAPPENS !!!


lilxcute said...

Awwh...dun worry..u managed to bully me rite XD so its not that bad!

changeiam said...

hahahah still not satisfied yet .. :P

bevE said...

what about me then!?