Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Yesterday was a very emotional day as I and my family members spent almost the whole day in the hospital awaiting news about my grandma's condition. She was admitted on Monday because she suffered a stroke and got worst on Tuesday. I took half day from work to join my relatives who were already there since early morning. By the time I got there she was already in a coma and the doctor is waiting for her to stabilise before drawing any conclusions but from what he has described it definately doesn't look good as her brain has already suffered a lot of damage and seeing that this is not her first attack.

Here I am in the office now waiting to attend a meeting and will take the rest of the day off in the hospital hoping and praying. It just all seems so sudden and not getting to see her with her eyes open one last time really saddens me.


lilxcute said...

Sorry to hear about d news yoganess. Huggies..

bevE said...

my condolences yoganess. *Hugs* we're here if ever you just wanna chat

changeiam said...

no worries thanks for the concern your highness and her royal concubine :)