Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No Black Tie

Made my way to No Black Tie last night to once again listen to Rachel and her trio bring the place alive with some of my favourite jazz tunes. Somehow I managed to get Eelyn and Estee to come along as well since they said they wanted to go there for quite some time. As I got out of my car when I reached the parking I was suprised when I saw a familiar face and even more suprised to see Tyler coming out of the car as well. He was heading to Palate Palette for dinner with some friends. Since he was early invited him to join us in NBT while waiting.

We got a place while waiting for Cynthia to arrive. When she arrived and after all the introductions, she left me and went for dinner ... mana boleh !!!! Rachel had some salad with little small fried soft shell crabs. When I meant little it really was little no bigger than my thumb. hahahahahaha ... Tyler soon left as well and Rachel got ready for her performance.

It still amazes me the way she sings and how different she talks. Estee even asked where is all the voice coming from .. hahahaha. Sometimes I wonder as well. Rachel even let Eelyn pick a few song .. hey where got fair .. my last request also haven't play yet ... pfftttttttttt

Cynthia came over with some friends and joined us during the 3rd set and before long it was time to say goodbye but not before Rachel sang her last song from Ol' Blue Eyes. Rachel said she will be playing next month with her dad who plays the sax. Definately will not be missing it. Have to mark it on my calendar just in case .. hahahaa :D


lakeside girl said...

Looks like a quaint and cozy place. Does it cost a bomb?

lilxcute said...

yoganess *blinkz* *hint hint*

changeiam said...

hey thanks for dropping by :) It's a lovely place with limited sitting so sometimes have to book in advance. The cover charge is only RM 20-30 depending on whose playing

yes janice dearie .. don't blink so much .. your eyes feeling dry ?? here's some eyemo :P hahahha

Janice said...

T_T you didn't get my hint! Rawr! Thanks for the eyemo..sapusss

changeiam said...

hahahaha you come back first then we talk ok :P