Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Juggler

Here I am sitting in college waiting for class to start as usual on a Sunday morning but the difference today is that there is no class.... DOOOOHHHHHHHHH ... I remember waking up this morning to check what time is the class cause I didn't want to come early like last time and wait for class to start but at the same time I didn't check the date of the class ... damn bodoh rite ... damnnnnnnnn ... must have lost a few brain cells recently .... hahahhaahah ... will figure out what to do with my day after this post ..

Anways last week was the 15th day prayer after my grandmother passed away and we finally did the last rituals to send her off to a better place .. I was on leave on Thursday and Friday to recover from the lack of sleep. On the 15th day prayer we had 3 prayers one about 8pm .. one at 12am and another at 3am and then drove down to Morib at 4am to continue prayers and finally send her remains into the ocean back to mother earth and finally reaching back at my uncles place at 9am ... tired and hungry we took a shower and rushed out again to the temple to do the final prayers ... had lunch and went home and knocked out until the next morning on Firday which luckily I took the day off.

Metup with Andre and Tyler for lunch in Uptown and I had this nasi lemak special with kambing,sotong,udang and ayam. This was to make up for the two weeks of being vegetarian. OMG the food was awesome either that or my taste buds finally could work again .. After lunch I head over to Kepong to get my monitor replaced and now I have a spanking new 21" flat screen CRT monitor running at 1600x1200 @ 100hz .. MUAHAHAHHAHA ..everything looks soooooooo big or so small depending how you look at it !!!! Initially wanted to get a 22" LCD widescreen but didn't want to spend too much on a monitor as I wanted to get some other stuff as well ..

Went for class on Friday night and then to Zouk to celeberate their anniversary .. more on that later and stayed out the whole night and morning only to go back and shower before going back to class again at 2pm .. hahahahahhaha .. can't blame me for forgetting some stuff here and there with my hectic schedule now can you .... :P I farking hate statistics ... arggghhhhh lucky it's not going to come out in the exam and will only be contributing to the assignment cause I don't think I can cram all those damn formula's into my head ... and hope to remember them when the time comes ..

So that's what I've been up to these past few days and the reason for the lack of updates ... I was busy being the juggler and I think I need more practise at it ... hhahahaha after all practise makes perfect rite :D


lilxcute said...

I remember talking to you before you went for class lolz..... Blur case betul someone here =P

changeiam said...

Hahahahah yes lor a bit the blur all thanks to you :P