Monday, January 15, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

This is old news for some but I just wanted to post about it because the pictures are so awesome :D 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year and in conjuction with that there's an Eye on Malaysia which basically is a large ferris wheel similiar to the London Eye held in Tasik Titiwangsa throughout the whole year. I tried visiting the official website to get more information and I was presented with a blank page with a Coming Soon tag. They should at least have some basic information up on the site even though it might not be the most beautiful site at least an image or two would have done some justice. Here's an article in The Star about the event. Even wikipedia has an entry about it.

I haven't seen the London Eye in real life and our very own Eye on Malaysia provides us a similiar feeling overseeing the beautiful landscape of KL. Apparently during the launch of the event there was spectacular fireworks that lasted for a week. Definately would love to go there and have a look and ride the eye !!! But RM 15 per ride .. hmmmmmmm

BTW I got the pictures from an email so kudos to whoever the photographers were. The place looks awesome !!

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