Saturday, January 13, 2007

Attitudes of some people

Was in the government office the whole day trying to ensure that everything works before the team flies off on Sunday for the implementation overseas. It's so frustrating working with them. They don't seem to have the sense of urgency and don't want to take responsibility for any of their action.

We had some issues on our side in the morning and was resolved in less than an hour and everything was working from our side. Then it was up to their database person to ensure that all the data appears in their system but they had some problems with the replication process and needed some time to find the fault.

So here I was sitting around just waiting for them to resolve the issue and because it was Friday and we have a longer lunch break I was afraid that they might not be able to resolve the issue before lunch so I went to look for the person in charge and they we still trying to fix the problem. As it reached their lunch time they just got up and with a happy face smile to me and said lunch time, going to eat first hungry. I was like WTF there was a problem that requires your immediate attention, why can't you resolve it and make sure it works before thinking of food !!!!!

So went for lunch and head back to office to clear up some stuff. Went back to the site later in the evening to join a colleague of mine who I have asked to go there earlier to ensure that they work on their part and not just laze around the office after lunch. Lucky when I got there most of the work was done or else I think I would have started screaming at someone.

Finally after much effort from our side to ensure that they themselves talk to each other between department, we concluded our testing at 7pm and I had classes today at 7pm. I truly wasn't happy with the whole event today. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... our "Tidak Apa" attitude at it's best !!!!!

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