Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some updates

So finally I managed to finish my assignment and hand it in yesterday. Reached college earlier as well because it was raining and I needed to go through the slides for the presentation to the lecturer. Was so damn worried about what he was going to ask and what we are suppose to present cause no one in the group had any idea. The only tip we got from the other group was to think of a reason why we choose that topic and why we choose that company. Ok we got that covered. The presentation went through without much issues and I guess he's quite satisfied with our work. Hope it goes well.

Went for my classes on Friday as well and got a new schedule from the lecturer. So now I have to rethink if I should go for this module or give it a miss hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

6th Jan - Exam
10th Jan - PMD post inten
12th Jan - MKT pre inten start
12th Jan - Post new year party
15th Jan - PMD Assignment due
19th Jan - MKT pre inten
21st Jan
- MKT inten
23rd Jan - MKT inten
25th Jan - MKT inten
27th Jan - MKT inten
28th Jan - Company trip leave KLIA
28th Jan - MKT inten
30th Jan - MKT inten
2nd Feb - Reach back KL
5th Feb - MKT inten
12th Feb - MKT inten
22nd Feb - MKT inten
26th Feb - MKT inten
11th Feb - Leave KLIA
15th Feb - Reach KLIA

With the schedule I would only be missing 2 classes instead of 3 but because the subject is totally new to me it's going to require quite a bit of effort on my part to ensure that I understand what is going on. Plus the lecturer already scared us on the first day of class saying that she can differentiate between a 48 hrs, 72hrs or 3 weeks old assignment. Plus there's a in class test as well for this module which requires even more time to study for it.

  • Will be able to sit for my RMP in November
  • Will have more breaks between modules giving me more time to think about my desertation
  • Only one module left if I sit for RMP in November
  • Will be behind by two modules compared to those who started at the same time as me
  • RMP only can be done somewhere in the middle of 2008
  • Two modules left if I sit for RMP in November
Will think about it more before coming up with a decision ..........