Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Night after New Year

Obviously woke up late yesterday and tried to do some reading because exams are approaching. Manage to get online and before I knew it plans were made to watch Sinking of Japan at night. Estee who is in charge of getting the tickets ended up getting us couple seats because the cinema was packed. Joey, myself, Estee and Sze Mei will be watching the show. After what happened during New Year Eve I'm suprised that Sze Mei agreed to come out in the first place .. hahahah

The plan was to go collect the tickets and go have dinner after that. Initially was suppose to go steamboat but Joey doesn't like steamboat so we planned to go eat crab and once again Joey doesn't eat crab ... WTH !!! So we decided to go have dinner without Joey and then around 6pm got a call from Estee saying change of plans ... huh .. again ?? Apparently Estee and Sze Mei were in SS2 and they decided to go pasar malam ... aduiiii ... women .. bahhhhh ...

So I stayed at home catching up on some work and decided to leave the house aroun 9pm because we had to collect the ticket before 10:30pm since the movie was at 11:20pm. As I was leaving the house got another SMS from Estee saying Cody want's to join us for the movie also .. I was like alamak .. how go there see got ticket or not la then ... and also since I was already on the way and needed to pick the ticket up <-- how I ended with this task also I don't know because Joey stays in BU and is the nearest to Cineleisure where else I had to pick Estee and Sze Mei up before going to collect the tickets. Weirdness ...

So reached Cineleisure around 10pm and collected our tickets, the only avalaible seat as 2nd row from the screen and Cody said he will try his luck later when the reserved seats were released. Since we had nothing to do and I haven't had dinner we ended up in Dome where I ordered some food and the girls had a drink. Joey and Cody joined us for a while and left to go see if they could get extra ticket for Cody so I finished up dinner and we joined them at the cinema few mins before the show started.

Sinking of Japan ... speechless .. more on that later ... We went to Centrepoint after that for mamak and we left around 3+am and I dropped the ladies back at Estee's place and headed back home to sleeeepzzzz ... could hear my bed calling me .. hahahaha

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