Friday, January 26, 2007

Free hugs - sometimes a hug is all we need

Was feeling a bit bored today in the office and went youtubing looking for anything interesting and stumbled across this video and immediately wanted to post about it ... makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside just watching it .. how much does a hug cost anyway ? Get your free hugs hereeeeeeeeeeeeee ... *hugggiessssssssssssssss*

This video shows the story of Juan Mann who wanted to share the joy of hugging and turn frowns into smiles. The music is by SickPuppies titled All The Same which is freaking awesome and definately made a different in the free hugs campaign video.

I wan my huggiessssssssssssssssssssssss also ......


lilxcute said...

*nudge* *nudge*
*poke* *poke*
I m missing you =(
When u gonna come back and let me pokeyyyyyyyyy T_T

changeiam said...

I'm back I'm back ... weeeeeeeeee ... *pokiesssssssssss and hugggiesssssss* :D

Janice said...

finally!its about time
i'm reafy for hospital tmn bahagia soon if u din come back =P

changeiam said...

no need so extreme kua .. but not to fret i'm back now :D