Sunday, January 14, 2007

I heart Starbucks !!!

Was at home doing my assignment the whole day yesterday and got bored and decided to head out for a drink. Got a SMS from Ah Wai asking to meet for dinner at Centrepoint so with nothing to do I went there to join Ah Wai and Joey for dinner. I forgot which shop we went to it was behind Pizza Uno, I ordered the curry mee and it's totally not what I expected. Totally not hot/spicy and I had to add in lotsa chilli to get it to taste. Later we were joined by Estee and her friend ermmm .. Audrey I think. Cody and Ricky came much later.

After having dinner Audrey had to go back and Estee decided to join us for a drink at the mamak in centrepoint. After a while sitting there and having a drink the guys were busy with watching football and since I haven't had a chance to get online the whole day thanks to the wonderful service that streamyx is providing I decided to head over to Starbucks to have a cuppa and surf the net.

Estee decided to join me because her pc at home is also not working and before I knew it she kidnapped my notebook and was busy chatting online while I resorted to reading a book I brought along. The sofa in Starbucks can be quite comfy also .. hahahahah ... somebody suddenly felt hungry and the mention of the blueberry cheese cake and suddenly it appeared on our table .. hahahaha and it was awesome !!! Left Starbucks around 2m and sent Estee back .. I was in Centrepoint from 8pm till 2am .. that's like almost going to work .. hahahahahaha