Thursday, January 04, 2007

The year just started but then ...

The year has just begun and somehow I'm finding myself swamped with work and deadlines .. really going to die this time ...

6th Jan - Exam
10th Jan - PMD post inten
12th Jan - MKT pre inten start
12th Jan - Post new year party
15th Jan - PMD Assignment due
19th Jan - MKT pre inten
27th Jan - MKT inten
28th Jan - MKT Inten
28th Jan - Company trip leave KLIA
30th Jan - MKT Inten
31st Jan - MKT Inten
1st Feb - MKT Inten
2nd Feb - Reach back KL
3rd Feb - MKT Inten
4th Feb - MKT Inten
11th Feb - Leave KLIA
15th Feb - Reach KLIA

I've no idea if I should sign up for the next module because I would be missing almost half of the course but if I don't take the module then I can start on my thesis by end of this year which will cause me to only finish everything up in 2008 but that wasn't the plan as I wanted to finish all the classes by this year and start on my thesis by end of the year ... DAMNIT !!!!!

To top it all off my car was giving problems yesterday so I had to leave it at the mechanic and lucky he borrowed me a car to use first. 2007 ..... so far it's the same shit .. different year ...