Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finally decided

After thinking about it long and hard I have decided not to take the classes this time around due to some reasons mainly the fact that I will be missing quite a few classes and I will be overseas for work which doesn't leave me with much time to study. Emailed the college to inform them that I will be dropping the subject this time around and I got back a reply saying that I had to pay admnistration fee of RM 200, what a load of crap the last time during the briefing they did not mention anything about it and now suddenly asking to pay. Grrrrr will need to go and check what's going on

6th Jan - Exam
10th Jan - PMD post inten
12th Jan - MKT pre inten start
12th Jan - Post new year party
15th Jan - PMD Assignment due
19th Jan - MKT pre inten
28th Jan - Company trip leave KLIA
2nd Feb - Reach back KL
11th Feb - Leave KLIA
15th Feb - Reach KLIA

So my trip to China is confirmed and will be leaving this Sunday. It's below 0 now and lingering somewhere around -10 or so. Apparently it's the worst time of the year to visit Beijing hahahaha I'm going to freeze my butt off. Hope I can get a digicam also to take some pictures la. Looking forward to the trip, it's been a while I've been out of the country. Haven't even started packing, haven't changed money, haven't collected my passport, haven't know the details of the flight, I don't even have a freaking idea what time I'm suppose to be in the airport hahahahah .. die standing

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