Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Guardian - Movie HOORAAAHHHH !!!

The second movie I watched for the year and what more it was free :D Cynthia called me yesterday saying she had preview tickets for The Guardian and I jumped at the opportunity to watch yet another movie after watching Sinking of Japan which left me sinking in disappointment.

*Spoiler alerts*

The movie had the likes of Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher starring in it and I had high hopes for it. Kevin Costner plays Ben Randall an aging USCG Senior Chief. After an unfortunate incident with his rescue team he was forced to teach at the academy where he meets the young hot blooded Hoorah !! Jake Fischer who is a former high school swimming champion who is out to proove he's the best of best.

The show that immediately got me comparing The Guardian to was Men of Honor. The film potrays the classic mentor/student movie where the trainer in this case Ben Randall coming in to the training camp with his tough methods and failing students right on the first day of training and Jake Fischer being the cocky rescue trainee wants to be better than Randall and break every record Randall has ever set in the camp which he does eventually.

I was hoping for a lot more rescue action especially after watching the trailer but the film focusses more on building the two character up and how both Randall and Fischer learnt from each other and bonded and in how the Fischer had to come to Randall rescue during a rescue mission.

What's a movie without a love story and in The Guardian, Fiscsher gets involved with school teacher Emily Thomas played by Melissa Sagemiller who definately stole the spotlight whenever she appeared on screen. Both of them meet at a bar and from there began their "casual" relationship knowing very well that Randall will only be at the training camp for a limited time only.

The show has many funny moments that left me laughing hysterically and a few touchy moments but not enough to move me to tears like how Men of Honor could. I like how Fischer kept asking how many people has Randall rescued so far and Randall replied 22. 22 is the amount of people Randall failed to rescue and it's the only number he has ever kept track off.

Overall I enjoy the show until the last 10-15 mins of it because it has a fairy tale ending that left me rolling my eyes and no wonder they can come up with a line like There is a legend of a man under the sea. A fisher of men. He is called the Guardian especially with such an ending.

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