Saturday, January 06, 2007

I have survived !!!!

Finally it's over. Now I can relax a bit, well at least for tonight as I have an assignment due next week that has not even been started yet. Need to put some pressure on my other group members to do their part as well.

This morning I was doing some last minute revision and as it got closer to 12pm I started panicking and getting butterflies and I could feel my heart skipping a beat every once in a while. I haven't sat for exam in such a long time and it somehow feels strange cramming info into my already aging brains. Definately not fun.

Reached college before 1pm but not before grabbing some lunch so I don't faint or die out of hunger in the exam hall. The exam was suppose to start at 2pm but there was some delay and we only got into the hall around 2:10pm. Was given 10 mins to read the questions and exam started at 2:20pm and ended at 4:20pm. Manage to answer most of the questions and hopefully it's good enough to get me through the module. Will just have to wait and see.

Also thanks to Beverly,Cody,Cynthia and Estee for their support and best wishes for my exams. You all made a difference. At least you all made sure I didn't panic and leave my brains at home !!! hahahhhaa

The view from the top of the college

Waiting for exams to begin

More waiting

Two hours of my life spent here today