Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The lovely weekend

Weekend came and went in such a hurry that I didn't even feel it. It's good to go out and hang out with friends after such a long hiatus.

Went to Zouk on Friday night for Seb Fontaine and met up with the usual people. Finally metup with Perry and El after not seing him for ages. The music was awesome and Seb Fontaine definately kept the crowd moving with his mixes. The drinks were flowing and people were dancing and having a good time.

Was practically sleeping the whole day and I woken up with a very disturbing phone call. Somebody's mom called me asking who I was. It was damn confusing .. and me still groggy and half asleep just could grunt and be polite coz I had no idea who was that and what she wanted and the best part was she was talking in Malay .. oh oh... bahhhhhhhhh .. whatever !!!

So anyways it was Sheryl's birthday party today and Maison and I decided to go and was joined by Ah Wai and Kelvin. First time being in Maison and the place doesn't look too bad. In fact it's my first time seeing Heritage Row and it seems to be more happening than Jln P Ramlee. Must go explore there more next time.

The music there was totally out. I mean it's not really my type, either that or I'm starting to get old. OMG shiverssssssssssss .. nevahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sheryl was celebrating the birthday with another guy friend of hers and by the time I got there he was already a bit out. Must have had one too many hahahahah.

Was suppose to meetup Estee, Daniel and Sylvia at Time Square but somehow the plan changed to meeting up in KLCC because Estee was meeting with Eelyn and Mitch for lunch in California Pizza. They were suppose to meet around 2+ but Estee arrived around 3+pm and I arrived around 4+pm. Had lunch there and it was raining quite heavily outside, when we were done Daniel and Sylvia joined us while Eelyn and Mitch went shopping. With nothing to do we somehow ended up at the cinema and watched Pathfinder.

Sent some to the lrt station and some home and Estee wanted to go to Eelyns place to collect her digicam and at the same time have a look at Eelyn's dogs. Reached home around 12am and immediately fell asleep. It's been a long and tiring weeekend and it came and went without a warning. Looking forward to the next one :D