Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Birthday

Rushed to the birthday and as usual I was late but this was because I already had a full day. In fact I had doubts about heading out after the long day but seeing as to how it was a birthday and I promised I would be there so I went despite feeling tired and all. What surprised me is I saw similar faces there !! What a small world we truly live in. I was busy chatting up with old friends and trying to make sure that the birthday gal was being taken care off with enough "drinks" !! hahahaha it truly was an enjoyable moment especially after the numerous "flamboghinis". She kept giving us the finger after that ... hahahahah

As the night progressed people started leaving and the crowd grew much smaller. I got introduced to the "other" side of the room and even got my ass pinched !!!! hahahah now that's a first :D There's this certain someone that caught my attention and I wanted to talk to her since I got there but since she was busy with her friends so I didn't intrude :D I'm glad I did finally go up and say hi though not in the conventional way ahahahahha it's funny getting introduced by your ass !!! suffice to say it was an interesting night and we exchanged numbers though I don't know if it's voluntarily or because of the people around us .. these guys are evil !!! What I don't understand is why do people think I'm gay ?!?! BLOODY HELL !!! No wonder la I'm still single and no woman is interested in me hahahahah but overall I had an awesome time and I'm glad that I went :) and for the record I'm not gay and I love my women thank you very much !!!