Friday, August 22, 2008

The dinner

It's been ages since all 4 of us gathered and it was great fun. Ms Tham,myelf, Mr and Mrs Sim met up for dinner before my overseas trip. I had things to do on Friday and even the weekend. We had dinner at the seafood restaurant in Kayu Ara and this would make it my second time that I'm there for dinner. We had a variety of dishes with crabs being one of the main dish. It was my treat this time and when dinner was over we just sat there talking about stuff and though we were suppose to meet at 7:30pm it was more like 8pm by the time all of us were there and we left slightly before 12am !! We practically just talked the night away and as usual we had our usual lame jokes challenge and Ms. Tham was totally not prepared so we owned the ladies !!! hahahah There's something about Ms Tham that just doesn't seem right but oh well as long is everyone is having fun no harm done I guess.