Sunday, August 17, 2008

Enrich your Image

It was a whole day workshop and even though I had an early Friday night (thank god) I woke up feeling rather tired. It was an interesting workshop where one gets to know what color type are they and learn to dress according to the color suitable for them. What was interesting about the whole thing was the two session by Elaine Daly and another guest speaker. Elaine talked about herself and how she has gotten to where she is today and how even she faced challenges that we "normal" people face. I say normal because one would never imagine someone as confident as Elaine having issues with speaking in front of a crowd but suprisingly she does. She still has butterflies whenever she speaks in front of a crowd but she manages to pull herself together and take up the challenge and come out a better person. Though I don't know much about her but listening to her speak about herself and her life made me realise that those who dare to take up the seemingly "impossible" challenges are the type that sets us apart from the crowd.

There was an author who wrote a book about Stallone and Rambo also present. It's amazing how his passion towards the character Rambo and how he drew a connection between Stallone and Rambo and how he took the lessons and quotes from the movie and relates it to Stallone and his own life. His dream which began 10 years ago when he started writing the book and to the point where he finally get to meet his idol Stallone was just an inspiration. Goes to show that when you do something you're passionate about you don't expect things to happen and when it does actually happen you're just left amazed and mesmerised.

The other speaker talked about internal happiness and how confidence and happiness are projected from within and no amount of makeover or makeup can change the person who we are within. To be truly happy we need to be happy within and he helped us to do a few exercises to see what are the things in life that makes us truly happy. Suffice to say I was pretty surprised with my list and I realise that my happy things are not exactly found in the job I'm currently in. Hmmm how am I suppose to enjoy myself at work if it's not alligned with my internal happiness ?? Obviously that's something I need to start working on. This workshop definitely left me with a lot of questions and I definitely need to start finding answers to them soon to ensure that I truly enjoy whatever time I have left in this "vessel".